Scandal is a American dramaseries (also a political thriller) from 2012 by ABC. The story revolves around Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and her team. They try the public image of the (political) elite in Washington and beyond to protect and together they make sure that all those secrets and scandals not see the light of day. Olivia worked formerly as ' Communications Director ' for the President, but is after its election office started its own ' Crisis Management ', that they ' Olivia Pope and Associates ' has baptized. She tries to get rid of her past, but this is easier said than done.

Olivia's team consists of Harrison Wright (Columbus Short), a cunning lawyer; Abby Whelan (Darby Stanchfield), a detective; Huck Finn (Guillermo Diaz), a hacker with a (dark) past at a secret military organization (called ' B6-13 ') and novice Quinn Perkins (Katie Lowes), a rookie in the box-but with a big secret.

The series runs In Netherlands since 23 december 2013 at JUST 5 and in Flanders from 28 January 2014 on FIVE. In Wallonia, the series has long seen on RTL TVI.

Season 4 begins on september 25, 2014 in the United States.


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The story[Edit]Edit

Read warning: text below contains details about the content and/or the end of the story.

After being the President of the United States has helped to power successful, decision Olivia Pope its own crisis management agency. She hires to do some smart partners in that should help. As she takes in the first episode Quinn Perkins on in its team of ' Gladiators in suits ' (= the name that give its employees themselves).

In the first season running the scandal around Amanda Tanner: a trainee who claims she spent the night with the President and now is pregnant. She demands money from the President, otherwise they are going to tell her story to the media. The president asks Olivia to help her, but it soon becomes clear that nothing is as it seems: Olivia reveals itself ever to have had an affair with the President and Quinn turns out to carry a dark secret with him.

In the second season soon becomes clear that the presidential elections not quite pure have expired and that Olivia (and several others) have falsified the elections to help the President in power. This scandal is likely to be made public and it is up to Olivia and her team to prevent this. In the meantime there are all kinds of complications and scandals that the case more difficult and more complicated yet, making a web of lies, betrayal and scandals occur.

In the third season is the scandal around the President's affair with Olivia further. In addition, it appears the military service of the President not quite kosher to be expired and must also be kept from a scandal here.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Olivia & Team[Edit]Edit

Actor Role Character description
Kerry Washington Olivia Pope Olivia is a lawyer and crisis manager. She is widely regarded as the best in its box. She is very devoted to her work and the people she helps. Its staff is very faithful to her because she has each of them ' saved ' in their past. Cyrus was her mentor and she participated in the presidential election campaign. Start an affair with Fitz. Although she still has feelings for him, Olivia know that their love is impossible. After his appointment, she starts her own crisis management agency. At the beginning of season 2, it is revealed that Olivia has something to do with Quinn's past. It is part of Defiance, the group that President Fitzgerald (fraudulent) to power has helped.
Columbus Short Harrison Wright Harrison is Olivia's very loyal employee. He worked in Takoma Park before he went to work for Adnan Salif, whereby he was very rich. Salif his way of working was not always kosher, and when Harrison Gets the blame, defends Olivia him in court, leaving him there with a slight penalty comes from.Regards Quinn Harrison as his protégé.
Darby Stanchfield Abby Whelan Abby works as a detective for Olivia. She was once married to Charles Putney (the son of a Governor) and Olivia helped her in their divorce. She is very true to Olivia, but gets angry as Olivia not rational responds. Starts an affair with David Rosen.
Guillermo Diaz Huck Finn Huck is a hacker and has a past as a mercenary for a secret military organization called ' B6-13 '. He is very loyal to Olivia and does everything she asks. He was once homeless and addicted to drink, to Olivia helped him recover. Find a partner in Quinn in the second season.
Katie Lowes Quinn Perkins Quinn is a young lawyer who in the first episode is hired by Olivia and her team. It soon turns out there is more to it, because Quinn is a pseudonym: her real name is Lindsay Dwyer and she is wanted by the FBI because they would have killed her friend and six others. It soon becomes apparent that Quinn's past also linked to Defiance.
Henry Ian Cusick Stephen Finch Stephen is an attorney who works for Olivia, but after his engagement to Georgia leaves office and a new life begins (Stephen plays only in the first season of the series).

The White House[Edit]Edit

Actor Role Character description
Tony Goldwyn Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III (Fitz) Fitz is the President of the United States. He is a Republican and (unhappy) married to Gunther. He is in love with Olivia and wants to divorce his wife in order to be with her. He began his affair with Olivia during his campaign, but their relationship is almost impossible by its function. He also wants to separate from Mellie, but again this is impossible. Also has an affair with intern Amanda Tanner and asks Olivia to help him to cover it up. In the second season trying someone to shoot him, and the perpetrator tries to blame after sliding into the shoes of Huck. While he is in hospital, takes the role of President Sally Langston where. His relationship with Karen, Olivia, Verna, Hollis and Cyrus is severely tested when he comes to know theDefiance conspiracy.
Bellamy Young Karen Grant The First Lady of the United States and wife of Fitz. Is part of Defiance. The Affairs of her husband sit her high and trying to make this descent. Get a baby in the course of the second season.
Jeff Perry Cyrus Rutherford Beene The White House Chief of staff. He is a quiet man, but ambitious and extremely loyal to the President. He was Olivia Pope's mentor and is a good friend of hers. Cyrus collaborated on Fitz's campaign and brought Olivia in the game after they lost the primaries in Iowa . He is shocked when he hears about the affair between Olivia and Fitz. Cyrus is gay and married to James Novak, a journalist. Cyrus is part of Defiance, and is prepared to the Max to Defiance to protect.
Kate Burton Sally Langston The very conservative Vice President of the United States. Takes on the role of the President for a while about when he is in hospital. Olivia has her own agenda and can not stand.
Matt Letscher Billy Chambers Former White House Chief of staff and former campaign manager of Sally Langston. Was very disappointed when they lost and wanted to take revenge on Fitz by a spicy movie of Fitz and Olivia to leak to the media, but kept this behind when Sally was asked by Fitz to be Vicepresidente. Still want to take revenge in the second season.

Other characters[Edit]Edit

Actor Role Character description
Joshua Malina David Rosen David is the public prosecutor for the State. Try the scandals that Olivia and her partners trying to cover up in public (similarly Defiance), but time and time again the lid on the nose. Hit than lose his job by Olivia, but when his life in jeopardy, Olivia helps him (at the urging of Abby, with whom he had a flasher relationship).
Brenda Song Alissa Assistant to David.
Gregg Henry Hollis Doyle Hollis is a rich, shrewd businessman and supporter of the President. Is part of Defiance and want to leave some things have.
Dan Bucatinsky James Novak The man of Cyrus and journalist in the White House for a newspaper. Discovered the fraudulent elections around the President and this comes into conflict with his man Cyrus. In order to appease him and divert his attention in the second season he and Cyrus adopt a baby.
Scott Foley Jake Ballard marine who Fitz Olivia should spy on. Begins an affair with her.
Norm Lewis Senator Edison Davis Senator and former boyfriend of Olivia and also leader of the Senate group to the Republicans.
Debra Mooney Verna Thornton Chief Justice of the United States, is also part of Defiance group. She suffers from cancer and no longer has to live long. (In the second season) is murdered in the hospital by Fitz.
Khandi Alexander Maya Lewis Olivia's mother, of whom she thought she was dead.
Joe Morton Rowan Pope Olivia's father and leader of the secret military organization B6-13, an organisation where both Jake as Huck have worked for.



See list of episodes of Scandal for the main article on this topic.


The dvd of the entire first season is available in the Benelux. The second season is that yet.

DVD Reg. 1 Number Of Episodes
Season 1 05 april2012 to 17 may2012 7
Season 2 27 september16 may2012 to 2013 22
Season 3 3 October17 april2013 to 2014 18
Season 4 25 september2014 22

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