Savate French boxing, also known as, is a European martial arts based on different types of kick techniques. The name of the sport is derived from a type of heavy footwear was worn in early nineteenth century. Savate is a mixture of kicking techniques from the Taekwondo (Tae Kwon Do) and the karate and battle techniques from the Englishboxing.

The sport was originally started by French sailors during travel on the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea, around the year 1800. Because the sailors needed to hold their hands on deck, they had only their legs at your disposal in order to do a kind of kick game. That game later grew to Savate.

Michael Casseux began In 1803 the first Savate-school in Paris. Around 1820 introduced Charles Lai beat-boxing-also from the English as a permitted technique within the sport, but only with the open hand. On the Olympic Games of 1924 was on stage for the first time Savate present, albeit as demonstration sport.

Due to the many deaths in the Firstand Second World War disappeared from the map, Savate almost until the count Pierre Baruzy in the second half of the twentieth century grootma act again. In 1965 it became Committee National de Boxe Française was established. Early 21st century Savate is practiced in more than forty countries spread over four continents. The sport is often taught together with La Canne, a self-defense sport with sticks.


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Savate in competition[Edit]Edit

Competition-savate can be played in three different ways, namely in the Forms precombat assaut, and combat. In the first form focuses on technique. The intention is to hit your opponent, but not too hard. There are even full Precombat is fighting penalties., but with a helmet and Shin guards. Combat is in full, without protection.

Savate in a season is divided into eight age categories. Namely:

  • Pré-poussin (e) -(7-8-9 years)
  • Poussin (e) -(10-11 years)
  • Benjamin (e) -(12-13 years)
  • Minime -(14-15 years)
  • Cadet (to) -(16-17 years)
  • Junior (e) -(18-19-20 years)
  • Senior (e) -(21 à 34 years)
  • Vétéran (te) -(35 years and older).

Adult males are then divided into the classes:

  • Feather weight -56 kg
  • Light weight -56 kg – 60 kg
  • Super light -60 kg – 65 kg
  • Light middle -65 kg-70 kg
  • Super middle -70 kg – 76 kg
  • Middle -76 kg – 82 kg
  • Light Heavy -82 kg – 89 kg
  • Heavy -89 kg

Adult women fight in the classes:

  • Mouse -48 kg
  • Bantam -48 kg – 52 kg
  • Feather weight -52 kg – 56 kg
  • Light weight -56 kg – 60 kg
  • Super light -60 kg – 65 kg
  • Light middle -65 kg-70 kg
  • Super middle -70 kg – 76 kg
  • Middle -76 kg

The skill degree of a savateur is indicated by the color of his gloves. Those colors are ascending from beginner to exceptional: colorless, blue, green, red, white, yellow, silver, gold.

Savate in Netherlands[Edit]Edit

In Netherlands are given lessons in Savate at the following places:

Savate in the media[Edit]Edit

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