Samuel Sosa Montero (San Pedro de Macorís12 november 1968) is a Dominican baseball player who plays in the Major League Baseball.

Sosa played for the first time in the Major League in 1989, with the Texas Rangers. In 1990 and 1991 he played for the Chicago White Sox. Afterwards, he joined theChicago Cubs play. He continued to play there until the club broke with him, after he had left a game early and here publicly about lye. He had then been no good name more in 2003 during a match, because he was caught with a baseball bat which was tampered with. In 2005, Sosa by the Chicago Cubs traded to the Baltimore Orioles, in Exchange for some of their players. In 2007 he returned to the Texas Rangers, his first team. There, he hit his 600th homerun.

He is the fifth man in history to more than 600 home runs to his name.

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