Rules of Engagement is a American sitcom that aired for the first time of 3 February 2007 to 20 may 2013 (one hundred episodes). The series was nominated forPrimetime Emmy Awards in 2007 (for the cinematography), 2010 (for the art direction) and 2011 (both for cinematography and art direction).


[hide]*1 Story


Five friends all have a different role in the world of love and relationships. Jeff and Audrey Bingham are a married couple for years that their marriage exciting trying to keep. Adam Rhodes and Jennifer Morgan engaged with each other and discover new sides of the other. Russell Dunbar is a Bachelor and womanizer. The five friends are all in their own way against the topic relationships and share their experiences and thoughts with each other regularly.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Role Note
Patrick Warburton Jeff Bingham Husband of Audrey Bingham
Megyn Price Audrey Bingham Wife of Jeff Bingham
Oliver Hudson Adam Rhodes Fiance of Jennifer Morgan
Bianca Kajlich Jennifer Morgan Fiancee of Adam Rhodes
David Spade Russell Dunbar Single friend of the couples
Adhir Kalyan Timmy Assistant and friend of Russell Dunbar (recurring in season 3; regular cast in season 4)


Season Come True Number of episodes
Season 1 March 2011 7 episodes
Season 2 February 2012 15 episodes
Season 3 september 2012 13 episodes
Season 4 March 2013 13 episodes
Season 5  ? 26 episodes
Season 6  ? 13 episodes
Season 7  ? 13 episodes

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