Rose Arianna McGowan (FlorenceItaly5 september 1973) is an American actress. In 2008 she was nominated for a Saturn Award for best supporting actress for her performance in the film Grindhouse double display (in Netherlands and Belgium released as two separate films entitled Planet Terror and Death Proof ).

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Biography[Edit]== ===Youth[Edit]=Edit

McGowan was born as the second of six children of the French-American writer Terri and the coming American artist Daniel McGowan from Ireland . [1McGowan grew up in an environment in which the Children of God sect was central. Although her mother left the cult in 1978 , it continued to play a large role in her life.

Because her father had contacts with the Italian fashion world, McGowan was on 3-year-old age a model for the magazine Vogue Bambini. [2after her father left his wife for a nanny, took her mother bringing up the children about. However, in a later interview that they told McGowan was the one who took responsibility for its smaller siblings. [3her parents divorced when McGowan was nine years old. Not much later, the family moved to the United States and was a life built up in Oregon.

When McGowan was 14 years old, her mother convinced her that a then partner McGowan was addicted to drugs. In 1989 , she was sent to rehab. [2hereinafter referred to as McGowan himself alienated from her family and she was homeless for a year. She stepped to the right and emancipeerde successfully from her mother. After this, she moved to Seattle to join her aunt to withdraw it. [4Later, she lived with her father inMontreal and she visited an art school. [5]

Career & breakthrough[Edit]Edit

McGowan travelled to Los Angeles in 1990 and got here a guest role in the television series True Colors. Two years later, her film debut with a small role in the teen film Encino Man (1992). Her big break came with the lead role in the cult film The Doom Generation (1995), in which McGowan a nomination. McGowan said she was offered the role when she through friends came into contact with Director Gregg Araki. [6]

Four months before the shooting of the film were completed, McGowans then boyfriend came to death. McGowan had a lot of trouble with the processing of his death and told in an interview that she is fully collapsed on the best possible rendition of her character in The Doom Generation. [7the film premiered in January 1995 premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. McGowan studied at that time still to beautician , but later moved to Los Angeles in 1995 to make a career as an actress. [6]

After small appearances in the films Bio-Dome and Kiss & Tell (both 1996), McGowan reached a larger audience with the role of Tatum Riley in Wes Cravens Scream horror film (1996). Next, she played mainly in small-scale movies that were released.

Relationship with Marilyn Manson[Edit]Edit

McGowan grew up in this period into a sex symbol and was a recurring model for the brand Bebe. [8she was chosen for the role of sex symbol Clara Bow, but the project was soon taken off the job. [9In 1997 , she was a guest of honor at the Sundance Film Festival, but McGowan left the meeting when her best friend committed suicide . She told later that many loved ones have died and that this has made her stronger. [9]

McGowan met In the autumn of 1997 the shock rocker Marilyn Manson at the premiere of Gummo. McGowan then had a relationship with another man but ended this for a future with Manson. They fell in love and moved in together after their meeting for some days.[10during this period, McGowan played mainly malicious characters in films, such as the cut-throat Debbie Beach in Devil in the Flesh (1998) and the mean Courtney Alice Shayne in Jawbreaker (1999). For her role in Jawbreaker , she was nominated for a MTV Movie Award. They shocked the world when they show up here with Manson in a all revealing dress. [11]McGowan stated that they Themselves did this as an ode to sex symbol Mae West. [12]

On 12 February 1999 , it was announced that McGowan had engaged to Manson. [10hereinafter referred to as she made some movies pretty much all flopten. McGowan explained that she was aware that most movies were not good, but that they needed the money and for that reason the roles accepted. [13In January 2001 , it was confirmed that Manson and McGowan apart are gone. They were already two years engaged, but had still no wedding plans. McGowan said that the two had different lifestyles and they could not deal with his drug use. [14]

===Renewed success[Edit]=== [1]McGowan at the premiere ofGrindhouse in March 2007

In the fall of 2001 McGowan got her first regular role in a television series. She got the role of Paige Matthews in the successful series Charmed. McGowan served as replacement for Shannen Doherty, who walked out the previous season. Although initially it was thought that actresses like Jennifer Love HewittJennie GarthFairuza Balk,Eliza DushkuVanessa Marcil and Lacey Chabert Doherty would replace, it was confirmed that fulfill this role McGowan went. [15]

McGowan played five seasons the youngest sister of Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano. Despite the long work days, McGowan continued to play in various movies. So she the redhead actress/singer Ann-Margret in the miniseries Elvis (2005) and she had a small role in Brian De Palma's The Black Dahlia (2006). In the last season the producers offered her up to be executive producer of the series. Because her no extra salary paid would be, be McGowan this off. [16]

McGowan met Director Robert Rodriguez on the Cannes Film Festival of 2005. [17he was impressed by her and offered her an audition for his upcoming film Planet Terror(2007). [18filming took place when McGowan had obligations to Charmedanother two months. She flew back and forth to take part to both Planet Terror as a contact to avoid breakage with Charmed . She told in an interview that she was suffering from exhaustion during this period and as a result huge in weight fall to the ground. [19in addition to playing in Planet Terror, McGowan also received a supporting role in Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof counterpart (2007).


The films were released together under the title Grindhouse. Although the film is not well hit the public, McGowan got more fame. Her character was a style icon, due to the fact that they had a weapon as leg. For the film was released already arose speculation that McGowan would have an affair with Rodriguez, who at the time was married for 16 years and a family was started. At first they denied all the rumors, but in May 2007 , it was announced that she had a relationship. [20an engagement followed In October 2007. [21]

After the release of Grindhouse it was observed that McGowans face was changed. She admitted that she had undergone plastic surgery , but explained that they had to do this from medical reasons. In 2007 she was involved in a car accident, with the result that a piece of glass got stuck in her eye. [22In november 2007 McGowan got cast as the female lead in the independent film Fifty Dead Men Walking (2008), which premiered in september 2008 at the Toronto Film Festival. [23]

[2]McGowan a promotion of Red Sonjain July 2008

After her relationship with Rodriguez was made known, they began to collaborate on making some action movies. Just after the release of Grindhouse , it was announced that Rodriguez had given her the title role in the remake of Barbarella, a 1968 film with Jane Fonda in the lead role. [24in addition, in June 2008 confirmed that they will play the lead role in Red Sonja (2009), which is also a remake is. [25to prepare for the role, McGowan did three hours a day to fitness and she learned professional sword fighting.They insisted on her own to do stunts and no stunt woman having to use. [26in May 2008 , they made Also plans to work on a television project with the working title Women in Chains. [27]

McGowan in september 2008 caused a controversy by telling that they most likely had supported the Provisional Irish Republican Army if they had lived in Ireland during that period. [28she was criticized for her comments and her statements were considered offensive by many conceived, including several politicians. [29several days after her comments, it was announced that McGowan actress Katee Sackhoff will replace in the series Nip/Tuck. [30McGowan will appear in four episodes in 2009. And in 2013, she played a young Cora in the series Once Upon a Time.

Delayed projects[Edit]Edit

Rumors went around that since 2006 McGowan will play the role of Ava Lord in Sin City 2. This would they actresses Rachel Weisz and Angelina Jolie replaced. [31[32]however, it was never confirmed that McGowan was chosen and the production is already with years delayed. In addition they told Jolie in 2008 that would like to participate in the sequel to Sin City (2005). [33another delayed project where McGowan to linked, the biographical film Black Oasis (2009). In 2007 it was announced that she will play actress Susan Cabot in the film, but there are however no plans to actually make the movie. [34]

McGowan would Porn actress Linda Lovelace in the biographic film Inferno. This she defeated Angelina Jolie and Meg Ryan, two other actresses who were in negotiations to play the role. [35The film is never made, just like almost all of the film and television projects where McGowan was connected to. The actress explained that the credit crisis was difficult to get the financing and therefore it was not possible to make the movies. This was true for Black OasisInferno and Woman in Chains. [36]

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