Ronald Jaarsma (February 6, 1977) is a Dutch baseball player and baseball coach.

Jaarsma played for HCAW, the club at which he began at the age of fourteen with baseball. He made his debut for this team in the League, however, until on 30 april 1999. In a match against Tilburg , he was deployed as rightfielder.

Jaarsma made his debut in the Dutch Big League for Neptunus and not the Rotterdam in the Dutch Big League for the Bussum- club. After the 1992 season he asked to transfer to Neptunus, where he in the years 1993 and 1994 for the training team of the Tridents, Neptunus, played. In 1995 he returned for one year to HCAW, Neptunus again a season later to move to. There, he played until the 1999 season in the League, before he returned on the ' old ' Bussum nest where he held until the 2009 season for would come true.

Before Jaarsma was selected for the Dutch team he also already part of Jong Oranje. Until 2007 he came for the team. In 2009 he ended his professional sports career and became assistant coach at its association HCAW. In 2010 , he was third base coach for the first team. On 11 June 2010 , he made a temporary comeback as a batter during the match against DOOR Neptunus then by a crash on the A1 a part of both selections arrived too late.

Since 2010, Jaarsma became assistent coach of the Dutch women's baseball team also

Since 2009 was Jaarsma assistant coach by the main force of HCAW. On 1 June 2011 , he became head coach after the resignation of Bill Froberg what he remained up to the end of the season. In 2013, he assistentcoach by Sidney de Jong and Rob Cordemans at L & D Amsterdam Pirates.

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