Rock 'n' Roll High School is an American music film, teen movie, partly from 1979 concert film and comedy, directed by Allan Arkush with the rock group The Ramones in the lead role.


Because the Vince Lombardi High School suffers from their own problems with their students keep more of that rock 'n' roll than studying adopted a new Director. She is ultra strict and decision the toughest rebel of the school, Riff Randall, punish by her tickets to the Ramones-concert to take off. For Randall, this is a disaster, seen them as die-hard fan wanted to see the Group live and Joey Ramone a self-written songs text tones.Through a radio contest know they still needed tickets to get rid. All pupils living secretly the Ramones-concert at and join the group off to the next day to come to their school. If the Executive Board on that day a big pile of rock plates fires come the students in revolt. They occupy the school and let The Ramones occur. If the police forces them to evacuate the building, the students decide to surrender. But not before they explode the entire school...!

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