Robert Ludlum (New York25 may 1927 – Naples (Florida)12 March 2001) was an American author of twenty-three thrillers and espionage novels. There are more than 210 million of his books printed, and these are translated into 32 different languages. Ludlum was once a theatre actor and producer. In the beginning of career wrote under the pseudonyms Jonathan Ludlum Ryder and Michael Shepherd.


[hide]*1 Biography


The author grew up in New Jersey. After the death of his father his mother sent him to a boarding school in Connecticut. On the Cheshire Academy he became acquainted with stage productions. Just before finishing his studies at Wesleyan University, Middletown, he married in 1951 with Mary Ryducha, an actress. Robert and Mary had three children.

Robert Ludlum started his career as an actor and theatre producer. He starred in several Broadway productions and worked as an actor and producer to 200 television programs.

In 1971 he released his first book, The Scarlatti inheritance. Many would follow and best sellers are. Several of those books have been made into a film in the meantime.

After his death in 2001, there were still several books under his name (and this will continue to happen for the time being). Several writers work further to his books, Eric Van Lustbader , among others, and Gayle Lynds. The latter has worked with Ludlum for the "Covert-One" series. Eric of Lust bathers best-known book is "the Bourne legacy" (The Bourne Legacy). This author further continued the work of Ludlum Jason Bourne in the popular series about the character.


In most of the stories comes back that the theme of the loner (ultimately successfully) fights against abuses and corruption of large corporations or Governments. The hero is usually an American, but Ludlum does not expire in the extreme American patriotism of for example Tom Clancy.


  • 1971- The Scarlatti Inheritance (The Scarlatti inheritance)
  • 1972- The Osterman Weekend (The Osterman weekend)
  • 1973- The Matlock Paper (The Matlock Paper)
  • 1973- Trevayne (The Trevayne Betrayal) (written under the pen name Jonathan Ryder)
  • 1974- The Cry of the Halidon (The Halidon Conspiracy) (written under the pen name Jonathan Ryder)
  • 1974- The Rhinemann Exchange (The Rhinemann Game)
  • 1976- The Gemini Contenders (The Fontini Fighters)
  • 1977- The Chancellor manuscript (The Hoover Archives)
  • 1978- The Holcroft Covenant (The Holcroft pact)
  • 1982- The Parsifal Mosaic (The Parsifal Mosaic)
  • 1984- The Aquitaine Progression (The Aquitaine Conspiracy)
  • 1988- The Icarus Agenda (the Icarus Intrigue)
  • 1993- The Scorpio Illusion (The Scorpio Obsession)
  • 1995- The Apocalypse Watch (the Daedalus Threat)
  • 2000- The Prometheus Deception (the Prometheus Project)

Books published after the death of Ludlum[Edit]Edit

  • 2001- The Sigma Protocol (The Sigma Protocol)
  • 2003- The Janson Directive (The Janson Dilemma)
  • 2004- The Tristan Betrayal (the Tristan Strategy )
  • 2005- The Ambler Warning (The Ambler Alarm)
  • 2006- The Bancroft Strategy (The Bancroft Strategy)


  • 1975- The Road to Gandolfo (Shepherd Command) (written under the pen name Michael Shepherd)
  • 1992- The Road to Omaha (Omaha conflict)


  • 1979- The Matarese Circle (The Matarese Mystery)
  • 1997- The Matarese Countdown (The Matarese Final)


  • 1980- The Bourne Identity (The Bourne Deception)
  • 1986- The Bourne Supremacy (The Jason double play)
  • 1990- The Bourne Ultimatum (The Medusa Ultimatum)
  • 2003- The Bourne Trilogy (omnibus)

(books written by Eric Van Lustbader)

  • 2004- The Bourne Legacy (the Bourne legacy) (by Eric Van Lustbader)
  • 2007- The Bourne Betrayal (The Bourne Betrayal) (by Eric Van Lustbader)
  • 2008- The Bourne Sanction (the Bourne Sanction) (by Eric Van Lustbader)
  • 2009- The Bourne Deception (the Bourne Deception) (by Eric Van Lustbader)
  • 2010- The Bourne Objective (the Bourne Mission) (by Eric Van Lustbader)
  • 2011- The Bourne Dominion (the Bourne Promise) (by Eric Van Lustbader)
  • 2012- The Bourne Imperative (The Bourne command) (by Eric Van Lustbader)
  • 2013- The Bourne Retribution (by Eric Van Lustbader)

Covert-One series[Edit]Edit

  • 2000- The Hades Factor (The Hades Factor) (with Gayle Lynds)
  • 2001- The Cassandra Compact (the Cassandra Covenant) (with Philip Shelby)
  • 2002- The Paris Option (the Armageddon Machine) (with Gayle Lynds)
  • 2003- The Altman Code (The Altman Code ) (with Gayle Lynds)
  • 2004- The Lazarus Vendetta (The Lazarus Vendetta) (with Patrick Larkin)
  • 2006- The Moscow Vector (The Moscow Vector) (with Patrick Larkin)
  • 2007- The Arctic Event (the Arctic Conflict) (with James Cobb)
  • 2008- The Vulcan Possession (The Vulcanus obsession) (with James Cobb)
  • 2011- The Ares Decision (The Ares Agreement) (with Kyle Mills)
  • 2012- The Janus Reprisal (the Janus Conspiracy) (with Jamie Freveletti)
  • 2013- The Utopia Experiment (The Utopia Experiment) (with Kyle Mills)


  • 2002- The Janson Directive (The Janson Dilemma)
  • 2012- The Janson Command (The Janson Command) (by Paul Garrison)


Over the years, many novels of Robert Ludlum filmed as mini series for television or cinema film.

  • 1977- The Rhinemann Exchange — miniseries — Stephen Collins as David Spaulding, Lauren Hutton as Leslie Jenner Hawkewood
  • 1983- The Osterman Weekend — film — Rutger Hauer as John Tanner
  • 1985- The Holfcroft Covenant — film — Michael Caine as Noel Holcroft
  • 1988- The Bourne Identity — miniseries — Richard Chamberlain as Jason Bourne, Jaclyn Smith as Marie St. Jacques
  • 1997- The Apocalypse Watch — miniseries — Patrick Bergin as Drew Latham
  • 2002- The Bourne Identity — film — Matt Damon as Jason Bourne
  • 2004- The Bourne Supremacy — film — Matt Damon as Jason Bourne
  • 2006- The Hades Factor — miniseries — Stephen Dorff as Jon Smith
  • 2007- The Bourne Ultimatum — film — Matt Damon as Jason Bourne
  • 2012- The Bourne Legacy -movie- Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross

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