Richard Adams (Newbury (Berkshire), 9 may 1920) is a British writer. His best-known book is undoubtedly [source? ]Watership Down, the story of a small group of rabbits who after a vision of one of them rushed flee their colony and after much wandering the perfect location for a new colony found on Watership down (Watership Down), also the title of the book in Dutch. [source?]


Richard Adams was born in Newbury, England, the son of a rural doctor. He studied modern history in Oxford (Worcester College). [source? ]During the second world war he was an officer in the British 1st Airborne Division where his war experiences was a source of inspiration for his books. [source? ]Then he was for long time official. [source? ]Later in life he decided a story, that he gave his children during a long car ride to a Shakespeare-presentation had begun to tell, to put in writing. [source? ]The book, Watership down, was a success and that the end of his Government job and heralded the beginning of a successful writing career in.[source?]


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