Repossessed is a 1990 American film directed by Bob Logan, who both wrote and directed the movie. The film is a parody on the horror film The Exorcist. Linda Blair plays, as well as in the film which is ridiculous is created, the lead role.


Nancy Aglet (Blair) is a perfectly normal house mother who one day starts to curse like a sailor and pea soup in a radius of meters around her starts to vomit. The demon who took possession of her in her childhood, has returned. Father Jebedaiah Mayii (Leslie Nielsen) arrive there again as the driver, which does a nice job by the cent to about wants to keep live on a commercial television station will be done. Mayii is first assigned a help of tv evangelist Ernest Weller (Ned Beatty), after which a whole procession of clergy also want to interfere.


  • Except if Aglet, Blair appears as a secondary character in the film. When Father Mayii to talk, she sits in front of the class is disguised with other clothes and hair style on the first row as a pupil.
  • Beatty also played in the first sequel to the original horror production, Exorcist II: The Heretic.

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