Rachel Karen Green (5 May 1970) is a character from the popular television series and American sitcom Friends (1994-2004), played by Jennifer Aniston.


Rachel appears in the pilot episode of Friends, while Central Perk in rent in a wet wedding dress, searching for her old friend Monica Geller, with whom she had since high school had had little or no more contact. Rachel, unlike Monica, was popular in high school and has always been someone who had a lot of boyfriends. This is in a comic way repeatedly made clear by the series back up to the last few seasons. Rachel was getting away from her wedding with Barry Farber when she found out she more longed for one of her trouwkado's than that they longed for Barry. Rachel was at that time a mature woman, who emotionally was not ready for the adults.

Rachel had never had a job and had until that time still lived by the money from her father. Monica and the rest of the Friends ensure that Rachel begins a new life in New York. She was a spoiled, typical Daddy's child, but later in the series she becomes less spoiled and independent. Rachels parents are rich and accept her life in the city mainly off. Her mother, played by Marlo Thomas, is exaggerated snobbistich. Her father, Dr. Green, is a rigid and intimidating man who is very dim view Ross fielded when Rachel and Ross went out with each other. Compared to her sisters, however, by far the most developed is Rachel Green-daughter. Her sister Amy (played by Christina Applegate) is rude, while younger sister Jill (played by Reese Witherspoon) is spoiled.

Rachels flasher relationship with Ross will in the long run for the birth of baby Emma. Rachels pregnancy is the second in the group after Phoebe, that the children of her brother and his wife had worn.

Rachels first job is at Central Perk, the local pub where Friends is also set. In the third season stops them and find them a job serving in the fashion world. This eventually led to personal assistant at Bloomingdale 's. Later they buyer for Ralph Lauren.


Apartment Episodes
Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6-episode 6 Season 6 starting from episode 6 From season 6 episode 18 Season 7 From season 8 episode 14 Season 9 from episode 14 Season 10
With Monica Geller. Moves because Chandler and Monica want to live together
With Monica Geller. Moves to apartment Joey & Chandler because of a bet.
With Phoebe Buffay. Moves because their apartment fire damage
With Joey Tribbiani. Moves the first time because Rachel is pregnant and Ross feels that he is missing much of this pregnancy.
With Ross Geller. Moves back to Joey because cohabitation is not working.


  • Rachels favourite film is Weekend at Bernie's .
  • Rachels surname is spelled as Greene repeatedly.
  • The fiancée of Rachel in the beginning of the show, Barry, has different surnames: the one time Finkel, then Farber.
  • Rachels sisters are Amy Green (played by Christina Applegate) and Jill Green (played by Reese Witherspoon)
  • Rachels zodiac sign is Taurus, they's birthday on May 5.
  • Rachel has with 34 different men slept in the entire 10 seasons.
  • Her hair style was widely copied and became known as ' The Rachel '
  • Rachel always brings presents back to the store
  • Rachel has with all male Friends kissing. With Chandler when he was at University, when she had a relationship with Joey and with Ross about every season.
  • She has with a girl kissing when she was at University.
  • She has with Monica kissing to their apartment to get back after the loss of the bet

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