Rachel Berry is a fictional character from the American television series Glee by Fox Broadcasting Company, played by Lea Michele. She is one of the members of the choir and the actual fictional Glee Cast.


Rachel Berry is raised by a gaycouple as an only child and from a young age, is already looking for ways to get into the spotlight. She is a huge fan of musicals and has also participated in many singing contests. Also she has on her Myspace-page lots of movies of himself posted in which she sings. She is however pretty ridiculed by the cheerleaders and other students of McKinley High.

When the Spanish teacher Will Schuester decides to set up a chorus again as usual, it is one of the first to Rachel who logs on and it blows away. Rachel is pretty self-centered when it comes to sharing the spotlight and would, therefore, prefer number one when it comes to solo performances, to the chagrin of the other choir members.Especially with the quite fashion conscious homosexual Kurt Hummel is they are often in the clinch. Gradually they learn to know each other better and do they even put together some duets.

From the beginning has been keeping an eye on footballquarterback Rachel Finn Hudson. He seems to like her, but has also called at that time a relationship with cheerleader Quinn Fabray. If it becomes clear that Quinn is pregnant and claims that Finn is the father, threatens to be Finns girlfriend dream to Rachels ever damper.Finn and Rachel grow well together and share intimate moments, even though he has officially still a relationship with Quinn. As Rachel discovered that Quinn is lying about the father of her child, makes them move to the Finn to tell.

Despite their mutual problems are the duets together with Finn very intimate and joyful, and then the great between the two. They get loosely a relationship, but Finn is still not quite impressed with their relationship and does it matter, much to the chagrin of Rachel.

Rachel learns the lead singer Jesse St. James of their competitors know if they are looking for a number for Vocal Adrenaline their vocals command. The two soon fall for each other and Jesse decide to join New Directions to be with her. And just at that time they still the true decision for him is that Finn and he wants to win her back for itself.

Jesse, however, has a secret agenda. He has been ordered to his coach Shelby Corcoran's with Rachel to be ' friends '. Shelby turns out to be the biological mother of Rachel. Shelby has served as a surrogate mother for the fathers of Rachel in Exchange for money in order to be able to fulfil her dream as an artist. However, this dream was failed. They would like to be reunited with her daughter, but she is allowed no contact with Rachel have to those 18 years of age, unless Rachel herself takes the initiative to do so.

Rachel gives to Jesse that they sometimes quite a mother missing and curious about her. Jesse proposes (commissioned by Shelby) to go diving in her past and while they browse old stuff, he lets a strap with a message of Shelby in one of the boxes fall. Rachel finds everything not be confrontational and want to listen to the tape. Finally Jesse to get her. Shelby sings on the strap the Les Misérables number ' I Dreamed a Dream '. It grabs Rachel very much.

Later in the season, when Rachel and some choir members spying at the rehearsal of Vocal Adrenaline, sees Rachel how Shelby the Group coaches. As Shelby the number ' Funny Girl ' by Barbra Streisand sings, Rachel realizes that she is her mother and confronts her with this Shelby. Both of them do not know what they have now and the high expectations that were there are gone. Shelby realizes she has missed much and decides to keep Rachel at distance. Understanding but also sad Rachel accepts this decision.

Meanwhile, the relationship with Jesse. Jesse has done its job for Shelby and does not feel accepted by the choir. He goes back to Vocal Adrenaline and breaks up with Rachel. Later he makes Rachel also ridiculous by her with a ruse to lure into the parking lot, where they enjoyed by its choir and also by Jesse is pelted with eggs.

If New Directions on the ' Regionals ' loses, she is pretty devastated. But she realizes that friendship can't break anything can get. The choir gets another year to prepare for Regionals and the ' to win '. Her relationship with Finn is being revived, but ends up in the second season drastically as she finds out Finn is not a Virgin anymore, as he claimed. At the end of the second season trying to reclaim for itself, Finn Rachel but that is very difficult. Rachel and the rest of the choir travel to New York to put together to take part in the ' Nationals '. Rachel realizes by her trip to New York that they want only one thing in life and that is stand on Broadway . Unfortunately she realizes that that will never succeed if they would be together with Finn. During the performance on the ' Nationals ' Coast Finn Rachel on the mouth and watching everyone with big eyes with it. At the end of the second season decided Rachel finally still for Finn to choose.

During the third season is the relationship between Kurt and Rachel ever closer. Together they try to get in NYADA within. NYADA is a stern, conservative but especially famous theatrical and dance school. In addition, Finn Rachel also added a marriage proposal. Against the advice of her parents in this proposal they accept. At the end of the third season Finn realizes that he will have to let go Rachel, because otherwise they can never achieve her dream and he decides to not with Rachel getting married.

In the fourth season is Rachel no longer on McKinley High but in New York together with Kurt. Kurt was not allowed and now runs by NYADA internship at During this season is especially difficult to see how Rachel's school has, how much they Finn fog and how they get it time and time again to stick with her very strict dance teacher, played by Kate Hudson.

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