R & B Style (better known as the contemporary r & b) is a music genre, which consists of a combination of the musical elements of hip hopsoul and funk. The genre is derived from the traditional rhythm and blues, which focuses more on jazzgospel and blues. [6] that came on after the Disco era of the 80 's.

Contemporary r & b style has a distinctive production style, which are mainly prominent drum computers , frequently supplemented by acoustic guitars and wind instruments. The vocal arrangement usually has a smooth, lush style. Electronic influences emerging in recent years, as well as the use of hip hopor dance beats. R & b style-vocalists are often known by multiple use of melisma, popularized by artists such as Michael JacksonStevie Wonder[1]Whitney Houston[1][2][3and Mariah Carey[2][4][5.


[hide]*1 history and development

History and development[Edit]Edit

1980s: rise[Edit]Edit

As the Disco era was nearing its end, began a new generation music producers with the implementation of synthesizers and drum machine beats to African American music. Michael Jackson and Prince were among the first post-disco musicians who crossed to the new mainstream audience. The genre In its early years was very pop-oriented. Notable artists include Luther VandrossMtume, the SOS BandDeBargeFreddie JacksonLoose Ends and Stephanie Mills.

Tina Turner made her comeback during the second half of the 1980s, while Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson go broke. These three women have a significant contribution to r & b style. According to Richard j. Ripani has especially Janet Jackson's third studio album, Control (1986), a large contribution to the development of the music genre, especially on rhythmic area. The music producers of the album, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, "manufactured a new sound, which was created by a sensory combination of funk and disco, in collaboration with the use of synthesizers, percussion, sound effects and rap". [6]

Ripani stated that the success of Control led to the implementation of rap in the stylistic characteristics of the genre. During the same period, Teddy Riley began with the production of numerous contemporary r & b numbers, in which he processed this new style. [6the combination of r & b style and hip hop influences was swing beat , and was applied to artists such as Bobby BrownKeith SweatGuyJodeci and Bell Biv DeVoe.

90 's: Popularization[Edit]Edit

Starting from the 1990s came accelerated the development of r & b style. Thanks in part to a series of successful label owners, including Sean Combs (Diddy), subgenres developed rapidly. Combs began to focus a lot on East Coast-hip hop, making him the hip hop soul-genre developed; a genre that descended from swing beat, but is distinguished by its rougher sound and the frequent use of samples. This style was less popular at the end of the 90 's, but then knew a revival.

During the mid-1990s were the artists like Michael Jacksonr. KellyJanet JacksonMariah CareyAaliyahTLC and Boyz II Men became so mainstream r & b style. Janet Jackson's fifth Studio album, Janet, for example, sold 20 million units worldwide. [7[8Carey, Boyz II Men and TLC several number-one hits and albums. By the end of the 90 's came the emerging neo-soul music genre. In neo-soul with hiphop influences the soul-combines. Some notable artists of this genre, D'AngeloErykah Baduare, Lauryn Hill and Maxwell.

Starting from 2000 swept the group projects a bit away from the genre. Solo careers especially had the upper hand, which to date is still the case. The following list gives an overview of a selection of the prominent contemporary r & b-artists of nowadays.

[1][2]Usher is a prominent r & b style-artist*Chris Brown

Some artists have the traditional rhythm and blues combined with elements from the contemporary r & b genre, including poppop rockdance-pop and electropop. Artists who have made this step include:

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