Quiz Show is a 1994 American drama film , directed by Robert Redford. The production was nominated for four Academy Awards and four Golden Globes. The film is based on a true history and won for the scenario actually a BAFTA Award.


[1][2]Charles van Doren (right) in the television quiz Twenty One

The film describes the true scandal of the American TV quiz Twenty One in the 50 's. The answers to the questions were given in this winning players already hear prior to the start of the quiz. This to popular candidates in the program to keep and thus good viewing figures to score.

At Charles Van Doren (Ralph Fiennes), American professor at the University of New York and son of poet and critic Mark van Doren, was this a large number of weeks sustained. Herbie Stamp (John Turturro) put before him also a set down, but was obliged to give a wrong answer to Van Doren to win, in Exchange for a job with another television program. That job came there only never of and therefore wants to stamp out satisfaction demonstrate not pure is played. He stands alone and is not taken seriously by anyone because of his obsessive behaviors. That changes when Dick Goodwin (Rob Morrow) research into ' 21 ' is going to do and former candidate Snodgrass (Douglas McGrath) finds. This got the answers ever days before the broadcast and did that then click the post to itself. By the dating of that shipping can he provide evidence of the fact that Goodwin glass hard he already got the answers in advance.

The message of the film is that television, despite that the allegations be confirmed eventually, amper is punished for the scandal.


In 1995 got the movie multiple Oscar nominations:

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

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