Quadrophenia is a 1979musicalfilm from, based on the rock opera "Quadrophenia", which in 1973 by the British rock band The Who published. The film was the directorial debut of Franc Roddam. The film revolves around the main character Jimmy, a mod, played by Phil Daniels. Other actors from the film are: Mark Wingett, Toyah Willcox, John Altman, Leslie Ash, Ray Winstone, Michael Elphick and Sting.

In 2004 the magazine Total Film named the film "Quadrophenia" to the 35th greatest British Film of all time.


[hide]*1 Cast


Actor Character
Leading Roles
Phil Daniels Michael James ' Jimmy ' Cooper
Leslie Aash Steph
Philip Davis Chalky
Mark Wingett Dave
Kate Williams Jimmy's mother
Sting Ace Face

Story Line[Edit]Edit

It's 1964 in London and Jimmy is a member of a Mod-movement (well-dressed young men who Lambretta'son Vespa and mopeds drive). The Mods are the counterparts of the Rockers, with which they are always in the clinch. The Rockers go dressed in black leather and riding on motorcycles. Disillusioned by his parents and a dead-end job on a advertising agency, finds Jimmy only an outlet for his teenage angst at its mod-friends Dave, Chalky and Spider. A three-day holiday gives both gangs to take each other in an excuse to the sea lying to Brighton. The film is a reflection of the proto-for-Thatcherige punkyUnited Kingdom. It lets good it with amphetamine -filled narcissism of youth see from the 1960s . A central motif in the film is the idea of two gangs (Mods vs. Rockers) at that time, that finally escalates to a bloody fight at a Beach in Brighton. This event was based on a really happened fight.

The end[Edit]Edit

In the famous end of "Quadrophenia" it seems that Jimmy himself from a Cliff let drift off as a form of suicide. Although Jimmy does not really see in this scene, we see the scooter fly through the air and free climbing on the rocks . This event has quite a debate whether or not this los do crack or Jimmy would be dead. The average answer is that Jimmy by his scooter should have jumped, right before he death could fall. Several cast members have said that the opening scene of the film is equal to the end. To see that Jimmy is unharmed (and without scooter) runs away from the cliff. The hubbub about the final scene of the movie is largely misplaced, because the main character clearly in an instant on the top of the cliff to see is (completely unharmed), while the scooter floats through the air. The opening scene is indeed Jimmy that wraps to the overhang from the cliff top. Symbolically, he has put the modcultuur at the coarse dirt (and in doing so the scooter of the Ace Face). In addition, he found out that the Ace Face not what he turns out to be. Jimmy realizes in this way that the whole mod-are based on fragile foundations.


The film was received quite negative by the critics and was rejected because of large amounts of sexviolencedrug abuse, and bad mouth because that was unusual at that time. "Quadrophenia" also got a name because there were many children who attended to see the movie, while they were young. Nevertheless, today the film is considered a cult classic and as a realistic reflection of youth culture in the 1960s. Many have praised Phil Daniels ' now therefore occur.

The film had a large influence on the short mod-revival (revival of the mods) in the music and fashion world. This revival paved the way for a career for bands as: Secret AffairThe Chords and The Lambrettas, who used the popularity of The JamSting's appearance in the movie also gave his band The Police a positive turn in the back, while their total music does not conform me the traditional mod-taste.


  1. The Who - I Am the Sea
  2. The Who- The Real Me
  3. The Who- I'm One
  4. The Who- 5: 15
  5. The Who- Love Reign O'er Me
  6. The Who- Bell Boy
  7. The Who- I've Had Enough
  8. The Who- Helpless Dancer
  9. The Who- Doctor Jimmy
  10. High Numbers- Zoot Suit
  11. Cross Section- Hi Heel Sneakers
  12. The Who- Get Out and Stay Out
  13. The Who- Four Faces
  14. The Who- Joker James
  15. The Who- The Punk And the Godfather
  16. James Brown - Night Train
  17. The Kingsmen - Louie Louie
  18. Booker t. & the mg's - Green Onions
  19. The Cascades - Rhythm of the Rain
  20. The Chiffons - he's so fine
  21. The Ronettes - Be My Baby
  22. The Crystals - Da Doo Ron Ron
  23. High Numbers - I'm the Face

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