Prue Halliwell is a fictional character on the WB television series Charmed. She was portrayed by Shannen Doherty.


Prue was one of the original three sisters who together form the Charmed Ones. She was the oldest and the responsible sister of the three. Ever since the death of her mother, she has as the oldest established and supported about her sisters, and she moved her own pleasure and dreams to the side.

Prue is strong, proud, independent, artistic and diligent, but she has separation anxiety by the early loss of both her father and mother. As a result, they bother with the confidence and keeping a person.

As Phoebe the spell from the "Book of Shadows", and thus unleashes the forces of the three sisters, Prue comes soon discover that they can move objects with her mind.Here, the three took advantage of in their eternal battle against the demons from the underworld.

In her second year as a witch Prue gets busier and busier with her work, and would like them only too happy to be in two places at the same time. This is magically to stand; She is able to project her spirit in a different place. Her actual body then let them temporarily in her astral form temporarily behind, and she has no magical powers.

In the beginning of the series has Prue an extremely rough relationship with Phoebe, but by each other's dependence on the fight against evil they come close to each other and they begin really to keep a lot from each other. Prue accepts its birth right soon, but demands of her sisters that they point to deal with their gifts.

The great love of Prue is the detective Andy Trudeau (T.W. King), with whom she has been dating when she was in high school. Andy presents itself surprised many of his girlfriend against the emergency on Prue and eventually makes it out because they don't want to share him with her big secret. He and his colleague Darryl Morris come soon discover the many times that the sisters are witnesses in bizarre murder cases, and Prue sees no other solution than to inform him about her gifts. It will never work out between them, because Andy wanted to have a quiet life. He eventually dies at the end of the first season, with the attack of a demon that the on the sisters had coined.

Prue has a long time worked in Bucklands Auction House, where she worked as an art appraiser. There she was a true kei in its box, and they often worked through. She is soon obsessed if they cannot fix something behind an auction piece, and often comes in strange situations involved. Once the self so much that she and her sisters hit solved in a magical castle of a murderous witch, who has put the House filled with deadly traps. When Bucklands was acquired and in more money than Prues eyes to the art went, she resigned and went they work as a photographer, at the 415 Magazine.

Her biggest fear is drowning, since her mother died in this way.

Prue died after three years in the series, after the attack of the tornado demon Saeed. Initially they managed, Piper and Phoebe have this demon to kill, but they were seen by journalists. So came to light that they were witches. This had so many implications that they were forced to make a deal with the source to the time back to make it run. The source agreed, but took the opportunity to try to destroy the Charmed Ones. By the time the roll back of Saeed came back to life, and Phoebe came this time not by the Source on time to Piper and Prue help. Piper was cured just in time by Leo, but Prue died of her injuries.

In the comic series revealed that Patty Halliwell Prue is reborn in a new body so she can continue her fate. Later it turns out that Prue missing and Patty asks Cole (which is now a kind of spirit is) to her to go searching.

With the help of a fortune teller find Cole Prue back. She is now called Patience and lives in Salem where they opened a shop and a mentor for young witches. Cole confronts Prue/Solitaire with the truth; Solitaire revealed that she indeed Prue Halliwell is. She told how she was reunited with her family after her death and her great love, Andy. She felt, however, still connected to her sisters making them lost themselves felt. She hoped that by Paige to find, the "Charmed Ones" could be continued but the prophecy of the "Charmed Ones" was only meant for the three oldest Sisters (Prue, Piper and Phoebe) and it was never intended that Paige would continue the prophecy with Phoebe and Piper.

Prue feared she stopped her sisters to be powerful witches and chose to return back to Earth in order to continue her own destiny. They took the body of a comateuse Witch and took the name "Patience" to. She decided to stay away from her sisters because Melinda Warren no "power of four" predicted and if they ever her sisters would encounter, the consequences could be very serious. She then asks to Cole for its return to keep secret for her sisters but by a chance meeting with Paige, all four sisters suddenly get an enormous amount of power (Piper freezes the whole city, Phoebe flies in the air), and also get their kids like Chris Waytt suddenly much force. Paige trust Prue not quite and decides to take her to the other sisters. There also Prue's soul and recognize Piper Phoebe recognize Prue in her new guise.

Prue feels again at home with her sisters and they along with Leo and the magical school saves them from the hands of Rennek. Because the forces of the sisters have become too large and forms a threat to others, decides to take away her powers Prue. Prue find that it is now up to Paige is to fight evil along with Piper and Phoebe. She says goodbye to her sisters and leaves along with Cole again to Salem where they want to help young witches together.

Months later lose all magical creatures, for unknown reasons, their forces while all the people in the world suddenly get magical powers. Prue has also again forces and is regarded as the most powerful witch of the world. Despite that her sisters in trouble, let her hear Prue's has. Later it turns out that Prue actually hiding held together with Cole in order to find a way to defeat Rennek. She is her sisters in their last fight with Rennek and his army of evil creatures. Prue accidentally absorbs the Nexus (the source of all magic) making them the guardian of the Nexus is. She and Cole stay behind to protect the Nexus.


  • Telekinesis: Prue has been around since the beginning of the series in State objects/people to move with her mind. First channel they always with her eyes, she can later that too with her hands.
  • Astral Projection (astral projection): her second strength is her soul out of her body and on a temporary project elsewhere. This force she gets into season 2. her own body is temporarily on hold, and her astral-itself has no decision to her telekinesis.

In her previous life had Prue control over ice, but this power is taken away from her by abuse. [source? ]In the comic series gives them her powers on because the forces of her and her sisters have become too large and a danger to others. Months later again forces by unknown reasons, Prue, gets along with all the other people in the world. By a magic spell is Prue, at the end of the ninth season, the guardian of the Nexus: the source of all magic.

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