Pretty Woman is an American feature film from 1990 , directed by Garry Marshall.


[hide]*1 Story


The wealthy businessman Edward (Richard Gere) takes the prostitute Vivian (Julia Roberts) to his hotel. He is so enamored of her that he is her for his entire stay at hiresLos Angeles . They learn a lot from each other. Edward how he should be a better person and Vivian how they should behave like a lady. They fall in love with each other, but a relationship between them seems impossible.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit


  • Julia Roberts was nominated for aAcademy Award for Best Actress ", but not the price eventually won.


  • In 1964, Roy Orbison had a hit with the same title;
  • "Not so fidgeting", is a common pronunciation of businessman Edward against Vivian;
  • Roberts and Gere played together again in the film Runaway Bride .

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