Pointless is a popular game show produced by Endemol UK for the BBC that since 24 August 2009 is broadcast on BBC Two and from 2011 on BBC One.


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The show[Edit]Edit

The purpose of the show is to be in the final to win the jackpot . The jackpot starts with £ 1,000 and if it is not won, the next show £ 1,000 added to the jackpot.

For the show are asked a series of questions to 100 people. Each question is noted how many people could give the correct answer and this number determines the score from the right answer. If none of the 100 people know an answer to a question, is the score of this answer so zero, or a pointless answer.

The presenter Alexander Armstrong presents the quiz show since the first episode and is assisted by his assistant and old fellow student Richard Osman, who sits at a desk behind a laptop. The show begins with four panels of any two people. Alexander Armstrong, the panels a number of questions, to which each panel a question figure out the right answer in their opinion the least of which will be known. The lower the score, the more likely to go to the next round. As a pointless answer is guessed, the jackpot is £ 250 when added together. On each iteration of this response delivers Richard Osman, also known as Alexander's Pointless friend called, commentary and often tells an obscure fact about the right answer.

The show has four rounds:

  1. The first round
  2. The second round
  3. The third round: the Head to Head
  4. The fourth round: the Final

After each round there is one panel off and when the finalists in the final a pointless answer guess they win the jackpot. The highest jackpot won was £ 24.750 on 8 March2013.

On one day, four episodes filmed.

Other countries[Edit]Edit

Country Name Translation Presenter Television Channel Premiere


Tog nitko nije sjetio se No one thought to there Antonija Blaće RTL 29 april 2013


Personne n'y avait pensé! No one thought to there Cyril Féraud France 3 16 July 2011 to december 31 2011


Null gewinnt[1] Zero WINS Dieter Nuhr, Ralph Caspers ARD Summer 2012


Unknown Unknown Unknown Sitel 2014


Tylko Ty[2[3] Only you Tomasz Kammel, Radosław Kalsakau TVP2 27 February 2014


Toga se niko nije setio[4] No one thought to there Tamara Grujić, Dragan Ilić Prva 5 april 2014


Weniger ist mehr[5] less is more Patrick Hässig SRF1 20 August 2012

Books and games based on Pointless[Edit]Edit

  • Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman gave two books from within the framework of the Pointless show:
    1. The 100 Most Pointless Things in the World;
    2. The 100 Most Pointless Arguments in the World.
  • There are also two Board games on the market:
    1. Pointless: The Board Game; [6]
    2. Pointless: The Travel Game. [7]

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