Pauley Perrette (New OrleansMarch 27, 1969) is an American actress.

Perrette had to regularly move as a little girl. After she graduated from high school, she studied sociology and psychology in Atlanta. In the field of Criminology , she obtained a master's degree. After her studies, she moved to New York. She wanted to be actress , but only at the beginning of her acting career got small roles incommercials and video clips.

Perrette later won several rolls in series and movies and plays the role of Sabri Sabri since 2003 in the crime series NCIS.

Perrette married on 20 October 2000 with Coyote Shivers, but the marriage ended after four years. She was a friend of singer/bass player Bianca Halstead of the bandBetty Blowtorch, which in 2001 was killed in a car crash. Perrettes mother died a year later and her friend Glenn Quinn.

Perrette is apart from actress also film producer. So they produced the film The American Shame .



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