Paula Julie Abdul (San Fernando, California19 June 1962) is an American dancerchoreographersinger and television personality.


[hide]*1 Biography


Abduls mother is a Canadian-Jewish with French and Eastern European roots and her father is of Syrian origin a Sephardic Jew who grew up in Brazil.

When she as a small child the movie classic Singin' in the Rain with Gene Kelly saw, she decided to become a dancer. She began at the age of 8 with dance lessons and turned out to be a natural talent. She attended Van Nuys High School where she played cheerleader on the flute and was in the band.

Abdul then went to California State University-Northridge, but departed there again when her dance career was on the rise.

Abdul was married to Emilio Estevez from 1992 to 1994. In 1996 she married clothing manufacturer Brad Beckerman, from whom they separated again in 1999 . She has no children.

Abdul on March 24, 2005 was sentenced to two years probation for driving after a collision in Encino. Abdul claimed not to have noticed, that they with her Mercedes had hit another vehicle.

Choreography and dance career[Edit]Edit

Her first appearance was as a choreographer for the live tour by The Jacksons, and her big break came when she the choreography for the video clips of Janet Jackson in the 1980s. They also made choreographies for music videos from the likes of Duran DuranPrinceThe JacksonsJermaine JacksonKool & the GangThe Pointer SistersSteve WinwoodLuther VandrossINXSDebbie GibsonZZ TopGeorge Michael andDolly Parton. At the same time they choreographed and appeared in the videos of Toto Till The End and Michael Jackson Liberian Girl.

Abdul also choreographed the stage performances by Suzanne Somers and Toni Basil.

Abdul also provided the choreography in the films Coming to AmericaAmerican Beauty and Jerry Maguire.

Abdul received two Emmy Awards for choreography: in 1989 for her work in The Tracey Ullman Show and in 1990 for The 17th Annual American Music Awards .

In a commercial for Diet Coke in 1990 Abdul danced, through images of the classic film Anchors Aweigh with her childhood inspiration-Gene Kelly.

Singing Career[Edit]Edit

After long time working behind the scenes and to have made choreographies for big stars like Janet Jackson, she thought ' I can do that, too all '. So she began working on her first album. As she did to a kind of barter: in Exchange for choreographing a video of Prince, she asked him to write a song, ' you '. He was not the only one who went in on this question.

Her first song, ' Knocked Out ', was not a great success. The writers/producers of the song also told her that they probably wouldn't make too strong because they have no voice. Abdul did not give up and they decided by not long after the first single, a second song to bring out, ' (it's Just) The Way That You Love Me '. This number also hit back from. They gave or not much later ' Straight Up ' from. This number reached unexpectedly soon the top of the Billboard 100.

In 1988 Abdul brought her debut album Forever Your Girl out, and immediately became a big star. the album contained several major hits, including: Forever Your Girl and Opposites Attract and of course the top 5 hitStraight Up. There was also a remix album released under the name Shut Up And Dance. The video for Opposites Attract contained an animation of a cat named MC Skat Kat. This cat brought due to the large success of an album later that year itself Abdul.

Her second album, Spellbound from 1991 is often concealed, because everyone assumed a second album after her first major success though less successful should be. However, the album contained some big hits, including Rush, Rush and Vibeology. The single Rush, Rush surprised many fans and critics not only because of the austere production and texts, but also because of the fact that it was a ballad. Many critics regarded Abdul as a dance artist with limited vocal abilities, that it only had to have her beautiful video clips with visually appealing choreographies. Although the album Spellbound also some danceable numbers, there are also a number of songs (including Rush, Rush and Alright Tonight on, which show that Abdul had grown, both as artist and as a singer. Also interesting is the funky song "you" written by Prince.

In this time was Abdul with her weight. She suffered from bulimia and took some time rest.

In 1995 she released her fourth album from Head Over Heels . This album brought some modest hits on, including My Love Is For Real. This single is unique because the mix of rhythm and blues and traditional Middle Eastern instruments and the accompanying music video, inspired by the film Lawrence of Arabia had all facets of a hit. However, it was a modest success. In the video clip of the successor Crazy Cool she is more sexually forward by riding a mechanical bull and by pouring beer over her t-shirt and breasts. The album spent a lot less on than previous albums, and it seemed especially to lie to her new image. But it came might also be by the relatively long break of four years there was between Spellbound and Head Over Heels.

Abdul has never had a real career as an actress. In 1978 she appeared as Sherri in a low-budget musical movie entitled Junior High School. In an attempt to revive her acting career, she took some roles, first in the TV movie Touched by Evil in 1997. In a genre that is little appreciated, was its action, as a victim of a rape by her friend, rejected by both fans and critics. An action in another television film, The Waiting Game(1988), was also not admired.

In 2000 was a compilation album released under the title Greatest Hits . There were especially hit singles from her previous three albums on, as well as some other tracks. Bend Time Back Round the number was only previously released on the soundtrack album to the TV series Beverly Hills, 90210 in 1993.

Abdul wrote the song Spinning Around for Kylie Minogue in 2000.

In 2005 Abdul worked on her album, entitled Paula Ticks Of Love.

American Idol (2002-present)[Edit]Edit

In 2002 Abdul was one of the three judges of American Idol, the American version of Idols. It is her task to get out of a large group of amateur singers eventually choose a new talent, the "Idol". Abdul was rated as a sympathetic and moved juror, especially compared to Simon Cowell, Member of the jury which often bone is in his wording direction performances of the participants. Abdul was then more commonly seen in award shows and got a job with the television program Entertainment Tonight.

Abdul and Cowell[Edit]Edit

Abdul has ever considered to stop with the show when they realized that Cowells harsh criticism not good at arrived at the candidates. The major differences between Abdul and Cowell make for often for vigorous debate during the show between the two. Still says that he has played a large role in Cowell convincing Abdul not to stop. The first season and part of the second season could Abdul and Cowell really not stand each other. Cowell Later realized that Abdul an important part of the show and he sees her since then as a girlfriend. They have very different opinions, but still visibly better with each other and there is often asked about their love/hate relationship in interviews. Abdul says that it is one of the strangest relationships is that they ever had. In 2011, Simon Cowell asked her for the best talents show in America: X factor USA. Paula was a member of the jury along with Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole L.A. Reid and Nicole Sherzinger during the first season of the talent show. She was mentor of the groups category. Cowell took aim on 20 million viewers, but got there only 12. As a result, the show was seen as a partial failure and two jurors were dismissed, including Abdul. Cowell told later in interviews that he still sees her as a girlfriend and, if it were up to him lay, that he wanted to keep her as a jury member.

In the finale of the second season of American Idol they have even included a skit, in which they explain the love each other and seal with a kiss this also. The skit ends with Cowell who wakes up and was pleased that this was just a nightmare. It is often said that the interaction between the judges and host Ryan Seacrest is an important part of the great attraction of American Idol.

Cowell has invited as a guest judge Abdul in 2006 along with him, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh the third season of the British X-Factor judge to come in the audition rounds. She was present at the audition ofLeona Lewis, the winner of the X Factor. Cowell also has a minuscule role in the video clip of Abduls Dance like there's no tomorrow, what he, in his own words, 7 years ago never would have done.

Second song incident[Edit]Edit

On 29 april 2008 in trouble again by Abdul came during a live show of Idol to give her opinion about the performance of the participant Jason Castro's second song, while he had only sung once. It later became clear that she was talking about Castro's dress rehearsal, which she had previously had seen and by each other.

Comeback in the music (2008-present)[Edit]Edit

Abdul and Randy Jackson are now working 7 years together at American Idol and were often about a new single for Abdul. Jackson, himself a record producer, had found a song at the beginning of this year that he found at Abdul fit: Dance like there's no tomorrowFox, the transmitter of American Idol, made on 14 January 2008 that for the Super Bowl Abduls new single Dance like there's no tomorrow would be broadcast.There is a video for this single included also in the cast of American Idol, where it appears. Jackson is to see with a guitar during the clip, and Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest come together with Abdul and Jackson in the picture at the end. This video clip was first officially aired during the live show of American Idol on 21 February 2008. The opinions about her comeback are different, but the single Abdul has for the first time in 12 years brought again in the Billboard's Hot 100 .


Album (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Album Top 100

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Forever Your Girl 1988 1-4-1989 23 36
Shut Up And Dance 1990 19-5-1990 31 9
Spellbound 1991 1-6-1991 42 19
Head Over Heels 1995 1-7-1995 49 9
Greatest Hits 2000
Abdulmatic 2008
Single (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Top 40

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Knocked Out 1988
(It's just) The Way That You Love Me 1988
Straight Up 1988 11-3-1989 3 12
Forever Your Girl 1989 20-5-1989 13 7
Cold Hearted 1989
Opposites Attract 1989 17-2-1990 4 10 with Wild Pair
Rush Rush 1991 22-6-1991 9 10
The Promise Of A New Day 1991 7-9-1991 tip
Blowing Kisses In The Wind 1992
Vibeology 1992 18-1-1992 13 5
Will You Marry Me? 1992
My Love Is For Real 1995 24-6-1995 tip with Ofra Haza
Crazy Cool 1995

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