Pat and Mat (originally Pat a Mat) is a Czechoslovakian puppet animation series by Lubomír Beneš about two clumsy but resourceful handymen. Between 1976 and 2011 there are 86 episodes made. Dutch version appeared from 2006 on dvd.

First the series by the NCRV without accompanying voices on the tube under the title the two stuntels. Later, Pat & Mat as Pat and mat broadcast by the VPRO in various children's programmes, including At Nieuwegein right and Villa Achterwerk. The vote on this English version are provided by Kees Prins and Siem van Leeuwen.

In each episode, but this is often both neighbouring men jobs in a funny way perfectly in the fog. When, for example, they want to fix a small hole in the roof, this hole is getting bigger. Fortunately, they know in the end usually to find a solution to their problem, after which they excited "A je to!" (Czech for "and that's it!") call. In the Dutch translation remained this cry maintained, also known as: "like the Czechs say: A je to!" Sometimes they think that something is successful, but does not succeed. Sometimes at the end of an episode, including Hung and the key, the problem still unresolved.

In the Dutch version talk the two neighbouring men, this is not the case in other countries.


[hide]*1 the characters

The characters[Edit]Edit

The men In the Dutch are unnamed. In other languages is called the neighbor with the yellow Jersey Pat, and that with the Red Jersey Mat. These names stand on their doors in the episode the door. They both have a bald head with a hat. In episode 1 they look different: they have no hat and eyebrows. In all other episodes they have a hat and no eyebrows.

Lost episodes[Edit]Edit

In early 2009, thirteen lost episodes went on from the archives of the Czech puppet animation series. These episodes have since appeared on dvd.

Since February 2011 there will be regular episodes broadcast by the VPRO. These are broadcast in the morning children's block of ZappZappelin.

New episodes[Edit]Edit

In the Czech Republic In 2009 and 2011 there are 8 new episodes of Pat and mat produced. These are in the spring of 2013 pronunciation by Kees Prins and Siem van Leeuwen, and the first broadcast of these episodes was on 9 June 2013 at the VPRO.


Tom Idland and Knut Arne Lindelander In 2004 made the episode Data intended as tribute to the two good neighbors (To gode naboer). The episode turned out to be the winning entry for The Gathering. [1]


In 2013, it was announced that there will be a movie made about Pat and mat. The Dutch film producer Lemming Film , the film, which should come out in 2015, are going to make. [2]

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