Paige Matthews (San FranciscoAugust 2, 1977) is a character in the television series Charmed and is portrayed by the American actress Rose McGowan. The character of Paige was in the fourth season of the series written after the departure of the actress Shannen Doherty who is perhaps best known for the role of Prue Halliwell . Paige exhibits properties as adventurous, independent, with a strong will of its own.


[hide]*1 Background


Paige is the fourth and youngest child of Patricia Halliwell, a good witch who lived in San Francisco . Unlike her three previous daughters PruePiper and Phoebe from her relationship with Victor Bennett is the father of Paige, Patty's Whitelighter , Sam Wilder.


After the birth of Patty and Sam have Paige Paige ceded to Agnes in the local church a non. For fear of possible penalties and sanctions if the forbidden relationship between a witch and a Whitelighter would be known at the Elsewhere. They had only one request and that is that the name of the child with a P would start as all other women of the Halliwell clan.

The baby was named Paige Matthews and adopted by the family.


Paige was a very difficult child during her adolescence. She was rebellious, remained nights long gone, was brutal against her adoptive parents, was often absent at school and had a drinking problem.

The behavior of Paige changed when her adoptive parents killed in a car accident. Ignorant of her magical powers has bailed out of the car, by off the wagon to orben. Not being able to understand what happened and how they can survive the accident, has had a great effect on Paige. She stopped drinking and was a good student at school.

Career Pre-Charmed[Edit]Edit

After that Paige was graduated, she began working at South Bay Social Services as a social worker. Where they are the poor, people with disabilities, elders, and ex-criminals as good as possible helped.


A few years later, Paige went looking for her biological parents, and came up behind the name and location of the Church where she was issued. She went and got a suspect they had a family band with the sisters Halliwell. They dared not to contact the [25], because their mother had died a very long time ago already. Paige was a regular visitor to the club P3 because the owner was Piper Halliwell , and because she felt that she [25] in some way at the heard. A year later, when Prue Halliwell died, she felt magically attracted to Prue's funeral. When she shook the hand of condole Phoebe Halliwell (her older sister), where Phoebe got a vision in which the demon Saeed, the murderer of Prue, Paige to killing is.

Discovery of her Charmed One destiny[Edit]Edit

When Paige there using some magic (a newspaper with the obituaries falls out of nowhere for Paige her feet by a "To call a lost witch spell of Piper) realised that Prue died, she lives at the funeral ceremony. At the funeral of the hand shake Paige Phoebe Halliwell and Phoebe Gets a vision of Paige who is being attacked by the demon Saeed. After the funeral Paige and her boyfriend Shane themselves to the roof of her apartment, to caressing they are attacked by the demon Saeed. Phoebe and her boyfriend Cole Turner are witnesses of the fight and by the fact that Paige from orbde to a fear response to the attack of Saeed to escape. Her magical powers are stirred up again after the death of Prue. Unfortunately, Shane not so lucky and gets hurt. Phoebe and Cole go into battle with Saeed Saeed and Paige, but putting it on a flights. After that is going to visit her boyfriend in the hospital Paige and they had made a statement to the police, she goes to the Victorian home of the [25], there makes them acquainted with the book of shadows and with both of her sisters for the first time, and promised along with Piper and Phoebe a spell that the power of three recovered. The reunion was disturbed by the demon Saeed, and Piper, Phoebe Paige convinced that they had to cancel a spell together to destroy Saeed. A total of her touring, by unbelief about what they saw and experienced flight Paige from the Halliwell House. She goes to the nun Agnes to know who or what her biological parents were, the non answer they descended from angels, because the parents in a bundle White slightly to her appeared. Phoebe and Piper find Paige in the Church and tell her that she is about magic gifts has. Paige learns that she can teleport objects by calling its name. Still not convinced of the fact that Phoebe and Piper, they have good intentions with her flight with her boyfriend Shane.

Paige her choice[Edit]Edit

The Source of all evil takes hold of Shane his body in the hope that he can seduce her forces to use Paige on a man accused of child abuse. After all in the magical world has 24-hour smoking, that is, one in which time is there decide whether the force will be a good or an evil force depending on where the power used for this. The Source of all evil he trusts that Paige can corruptieren, there the band of the sisters not yet very strong and can destroy finally the power of three . Later on her work, she is Paige the man killing his heart to call up, Phoebe and Piper could stop her just yet. Orbde Leo Paige to the Halliwell House, where Paige was really angry and unmanageable. Angry to that intervention, the Source of all evil in the House of the [25] where he once again tried to Paige to be Bad to entice. Paige eventually chooses the side of her sisters, after the Source of all evil launches an attack to Phoebe. Angry to Paige her decision leaves the Source the House, need to kill Cole . PiperPhoebeLeo and Paige find Cole almost dead, and together with Leo Paige Cole heals his wounds. Paige finally accepts her sisters and her new existence, after she has been given the guarantee that they with saving Well 'Cole was. Paige, however, has less luck with Shane who has no memories of the time he was possessed by the Source and breaks up with her. Once back in Halliwell House, evoking the girls the spirit of P , so that mother and daughter finally can meet each other.


Just like Prue , Paige has the power of telekinesis but it works in a different way by her Whitelighter side. They hold her arm out and calls for the object which then orbt in her hand.

  • Telekinetic orben (remote orbing)
  • Glamouring
  • Cure
  • Telepathic connection with pupils
  • Radar feel
  • Orbing
  • Enhanced strength through her Charmed are.
  • Paige is not quite accurate still correct in the words they used, for example to corrosive acid saliva of a demon of orben calls them her way Icky Stuff (dirty stuff) they also orbde a Athame away from Phoebe with the wording of Weapon ....Thingy! (weapon .... thingy!)
  • They can also to persons to call by the name orben,
  • Paige is the first known person in the good magic that this power has
  • Paige shows an increase in power by the series when they are the subject of Excalibur to the attic to speak without command orbt in the sixth season.
  • They can move people by simply giving the command to the location.
  • Paige can over time in season eight orben objects and persons that then seemingly disappear, as they are a member of the Triad right a fireball orbt that by another Member of the Triad was thrown.
  • Throughout the series there have been declared that Paige can heal itself, not by the fact that she is a hybrid (half-witch/half-whitelighter) but after they start working for the Elsewhere is as a whitelighter, it is plausible that thereby her powers have grown as a Whitelighter.
  • Paige can also make spells and pronouncing as a witch
  • Commute with a Crystal
  • Make magic potions.

The Charmed One are[Edit]Edit

Growing Pains[Edit]Edit

  • Paige worked as an Assistant, and had to do with pestende colleagues, Paige turned to magic to improve the situation. She borrowed the book of shadows but that turned out to be more difficult than thought to the book check. They cured a colleague of his acne by means of a spell, after that was successful she did other minor spells, groping a colleague when they cursed with a spell for unwanted attention from women, a side effect on, Paige started her breasts to be immeasurably large, making them also victim was unwanted attention. The effects of the spell Phoebe could still undo just in time for both to help those victims, to Piper meanwhile had changed in a Fury.
  • Paige then followed then but a witch training. She learned the basis for making potions under the leadership and guidance of her sister Piper. During her practice and learning sessions makes them accidentally swapped a BREW that her soul with the soul of Phoebe. In an attempt to keep this secret for Piper, they come to him, and the Evil Yenlo against combat in limbo, after they have recovered the souls back.
  • Paige helps a young woman to obtain the guardian Carolyn right about her son, after she had been an abusive relationship. Paige used magic to help Carolyn , which gave her a promotion for the good result they had achieved in the case of Carolyn. Paige took the promotion not to for fear of repercussion, as they have magic could be used for personal gain.

Full-time Witch[Edit]Edit

Throughout the series is the witch are as something natural for Paige.

  • She resigns from her job as Assistant, and focuses entirely on the witch are. Determined to the collected knowledge of Wicca by her more adept sisters to match.
  • Paige was briefly transformed into a super heroine by another witch who has the strength to make his drawings to life, in the super heroine status had Paige super hearing, super speed, she could repel bullets fired.
  • Paige has at some point felt sorry and sympathy for her enemy Cole, when that is crazed by the demon Barabas
  • While Piper is the best in brewing potions, Phoebe is in making the best spells is Paige very handy with Moon crystals. She calls crystals ... ring and the crystals form directly a shield to the demon who catch them, Paige can also disconnect from a moon that shield Crystal to her to orben.
  • The Elsewhere decide that it is time that Paige her first pupil gets far pointed out as a Whitelighter, her pupil turns out to be her natural father Sam Wilder
  • When Paige Cole Turner tries to destroy to Phoebe ended up they rest in the waters of San Francisco and becomes a cold, making them is sneezing, every time she sneezes orbt Paige. Cole desperate for the love of Phoebe changes the reality, and Paige ended up also by her sneezing in Cole its changed reality. Paige was able to reunite her sisters and Cole to destroy for good this time. Allowing Paige returned to her own reality and they notified the sisters by the fact that Cole is destroyed for good.
  • When the Victorian house of the residue remains of destroyed [25] plagued by evil, the sisters decide to invoke the help of a witch doctor; around the House to clean magical residue. However, the witch doctor finds that the girls a great danger for the smooth and together with his Council decision through a voodoo spell, the girls to make obsessively, hoping that the obsession is deadly for the sisters. Paige becomes obsessed with the idea of her former boyfriend Glenn to marry. She goes so far that they the bride leaves her in the underworld, kidnaps and so Paige, for the upcoming may proceed.
  • Paige also helped her nephew and son of Piper Halliwell: Wyatt Matthew Halliwell on the world. The second name is a derivative of her last name after that they allowed us to save her nephew size effort of demons.
  • Paige was also the goddess of war after Leo the for to fight the Titans .
  • Paige also formed a strong bond with her cousin Chris Halliwell from the future who tries to protect older brother Wyattzijn so that it is not cancerous in the future.
  • Paige and her sisters were forced to hide in the underworld, turned their backs on them after the magical community, by a spell by Billieand Christy . Paige had intended to meditate for personal enlightenment on the Golden Gate Bridge a Leprocorn begged for her help, but they orbde him in the San Francisco Bay. Afterwards everything changed back into his normal are.

Professional life as a Charmed One[Edit]Edit

Interim Daily[Edit]Edit

  • Paige eventually decided to stop full-time witch are and started to do temporary work. In this temporary works she comes always innocents against those her magic need help. At one of her jobs is Paige seized upon when her boss Larry is killed by demons. Her sisters try to convince her that can save every innocent, but Paige is convinced that she has failed to save someone, that it was destined that they would help him. On the proposal by Richard, her friend, she calls the soul of Larry on.

Larry explains that he has concluded a Faustus contract with a demon that Zahn is called. (Larry has his soul sold to Zahn in Exchange for financial success.) Larry Paige the heart to send him back to the demon, so the demon his wife isn't going to hurt, but Paige is determined to save Larry . By the lack of support of her sisters for this company, she turns to Richard who encourages her to follow her instincts. Paige calls Zahn on and allows him a proposal for: in Exchange for the soul of Paige selling release so that Larry 's soul to the afterlife can. Even before Zahn can sell her soul Paige on his market, Richard light Piper and Phoebe in what Paige has done. They ring, and Piper destroys Faustian Contracts which Zhan are all souls that he be released, is also the soul of Paige.

Director of Magic School[Edit]Edit

Come to the conclusion that there is not much excitement in her life, and that the Magic School was about to close, to use her time and energy decision Paige in saving the magic school and to teach the students in the value and responsibility of magic. Because they did decided to make her the Board Elsewhere of the school. In this period had Paige a romantic interest in the FBI agent Kyle Brody. She has him allowed her to share knowledge of the magical world with him, in Exchange for his knowledge about the Avatars Agent Brody was killed but Paige found out that he had become a Whitelighter , when he returned to meet her again briefly to say goodbye. Paige later took resigned as Director and Leo took her place.


In the seventh season of Charmed , Paige Began regular Whitelighter tasks to do. Although it is not very much was given a slight antipathy to the Paige Elsewhere after what they're left with Piper and Leo have done over the years. Paige was note that Elsewhere found that she was ready to Whitelighter tasks, by a means of Paige heard a relentless drill sound like if she was at the dentist. Eventually after talking to the ElderSandra, the friendliest goes Paige agree that they want to work for the Elsewhere If They get a Commission from the Whitelighter Elder Sandra in a building is her pupil who would need her help, she needs to take the elevator, Paige and four other people. Paige do not know who exactly her Whitelighter-needs help, and the elevator gets stuck. A couple that always quarrel makes, a young man with macho behavior, and a little girl with asthma. As time passes, people are afraid. Paige tries to soothe the people, however without much result, the young man is electrocuted and the little girl gets an asthma attack. Paige takes the lead In panic and ensures that the wife of the couple the asthmatic girl soothes sing by her, while Paige geëlektrocuteerde toedoend first aid to the man. The elevator is recovering and the couple leaves the elevator, back in love with each other, the young man is further taken care of by the emergency services, but Paige Gets the assurance that she has saved his life, and the girl escapes to a serious asthma attack. What Paige to the Elder Sandra, later explains that did it right to respond to her Whitelighter-calling, and makes them the question to the Elder who is precisely needed rescue, and whether a future witch in the elevator that her rescue was needed? When the Elder replied, there was no witch in the elevator just a very promising Whitelighter that needed a boost in her confidence ....(Paige).

Love Life[Edit]Edit

  • Paige has a brief romantic interest in Richard Montana cherished a male witch who comes from a family with a centuries-old feud. the relationship ended just before they knew each other a year.
  • Paige has her own Prince charming and true love ever created to help her relax. Unknown to her was that when she calls the true an evil clone of her dream Prince Vincent appears. He used female demonic heroines (demo natrix) to renovate its act together, with the Charmed Ones their magic potions. After the Prince charming really made was, (mortal) and Vincent was destroyed, names the Prince charming and Paige said goodbye to each other, so that the Prince could live in the real world.
  • Paige also had a serious relationship with the FBI agent Kyle Brody, so seriously that they even dropped her sisters for a moment for him. The relationship ended when Kyle was killed by the Avatar Betá. The Kyle a Whitelighter made Elsewhere for his courage and fight against the Avatars and gave their permission to say goodbye to Paige. After parting if the couple each other never look back. In San Francisco if Kyle would remained mortals know he was saved after his death.
  • A year later, when Paige tried to protect a future Whitelighter , she met Henry Mitchell, the jail supervisor of a pupil. Paige used her Whitelighter powers to him (for the first time only) to heal and to save a gunshot wound. Paige eventually told Henry that she is a witch with magical powers. Henry Paige accepted for what it is with the forces there, and asked Paige to marry. Paige accepted the proposal. A witch named Sir Simon Marks stated that Paige is destined to marry him, Paige refused and stated that she is in love with Henry. Simon and Henry fought for Paige, Henry won. Paige and Henry were married shortly thereafter.Paige is mother of twins (daughters) and one son, called Henry, Jr. (in the comic series shows that Henry Jr. actually adopted by Paige and Henry and so will have no magical powers).

Number of times Paige dies[Edit]Edit

During the course of the series and her life as a Charmed One Paige dies 8 times.

Season/episode number Episode name Cause Of Death back alive by
4 x 15 Merry Go Round Phoebes is murdered by a demon during wedding with Cole She is rescued by Leo.
5x03 Happily Ever After takes a bite from a poisoned Apple, as snow white Piper destroys the wicked witch as little Red Riding Hood, using the magic drink that is made byGrams .
5x08 A witch In Time killed by a fireball thrown by the demon Baracca Piper with the help of Leo, went back in time to save her
6x07 Soul Salesa She showed a demon instead of her innocent court her soul take After Piper and Phoebe destroyed the demon and the contracts were destroyed was restored her soul
6 x 08 Sword And The City killed by a bolt of lightning thrown by a demon Leo healed her for her soul to the afterlife left
6 x 15 I Dream of Phoebe An evil spirit bottle wished her dead Richard wished the Charmed Ones back alive
7x05 Styx Feet Under By a change in event she was killed by a demon Phoebe closed an agreement with the Angel of death to the soul of Paige to trade for a half demons soul
8 x 21 Kill Billie vol. 2. [25] after the House killed the exploded Piper with the help of Leo, went back in time to save her.

Outstanding Events[Edit]Edit

  • Paige was a vampire during a power struggle between Cole and the Queen of the vampires. While they had a vampire was Paige the standard powers of a vampire: she had claws, enlarged canines, an enlarged force, could linger on the ceiling and could transform into a giant bat, could fly, had an increased hearing ability and could feel and determining the location of her prey at large distances. Paige was also vulnerable to sunlight and dedicated water. Cole was able to kill the vampire Queen for Paige was transformed completely and forever.
  • Paige was transported to the years 1960 through the GoGo Boots of its natural grandmother Penelope Halliwell she could meet her grandmother in a young age along with her natural grandfather Allen Halliwell
  • Paige was turned into a nymph by two wood nymphs.
  • Paige and Phoebe traveled to the parallel universe to retrieve their Chris and Leo, until they met their evil duplicates. They added their forces together to destroy in the Gideon either side of the universe.
  • Paige meets her older sister Prue in the comic series.

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