One Tree Hill (2003-2012) is a American drama series. The show was created by Mark Schwahn and was in America known as the counterpart of the now discontinued series The O.C.. In April, 2012, the last episode of the series aired in America. As a result, there are a total of 9 seasons aired, with a total of 187 episodes. Sophia Bush (Brooke), and Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley) are the only actresses who each episode came in action. The last season (season 9) counted 13 episodes.


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Season 1 (2003-2004)[Edit]Edit

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The television series explains at the beginning from that Tree Hill, a small town in North Carolina, a known basketball team, The Ravens has. The series focuses on his half-brother Lucas Scott and Nathan Scott.They grow up in the same city, but have no contact with each other. Nathan is the star player of The Ravens and Lucas plays as an amateur basketball with his friends. They have the same father, Than Scott, but both have a different mother. Lucas is the son of Karen Roe, while Deb Scott N mother is. Than once had a relationship with Karen, but left her and her unborn son when he himself got a scholarship (for basketball).During his studies he met Deb and not long after he made her pregnant. However, he left her and married the woman. They lived since then in the higher class. He grabbed the opportunity to never to have influence in the life of Lucas. Lucas was raised by Karen and got help from Dance beloved brother Keith Scott. Keith is the father figure in his life.

As the coach of The RavensWhitey Durham, a new player will search for his team, recommends Keith Lucas to. Lucas fills in this place, but this is only the beginning of a series of problems. He gets a lot of arguing with his arrogant and selfish brother, who recommend him, his father, life after acid makes joined the team. Nathans hatred for Lucas is only reinforced if it turns out that Lucas is in love with cheerleader Peyton Sawyer, N girlfriend. Not much later, when Peyton dumps Nathan they are attitude to her sat is. She is also angry with him as Nathan Lucas's best friend, Haley James, used to make Lucas angry. Nathan finds out that he seriously in love with turns out to be on Haley. Haley also discovers that she has the same feelings for Nathan. They start a relationship, despite that this has a negative effect on the friendship between Lucas and Haley.

Peyton doesn't seem to be interested in Lucas, then gave up a relationship with Peyton's best friend and riotous cheerleader Brooke Davis. However, he appears to have feelings for Peyton. If they now also seems to show interest in him, they go odd with each other. As Brooke Lucas, upon learning they want neither with nor here with Peyton more something to do. As Brooke later discovered that she might be pregnant, Lucas wants to be there for her not to be like his father. Brooke confession later on that this was a lie, because they wanted to punish him for cheating with Peyton. Meanwhile, Peyton an intimate relationship with the teen father Jake Jagielski. This however, as the mother of Jakes daughter Jenny shows up. Her name is Nicki and tries to get custody of her daughter. Jake trusts her to Jenny and flight. Peyton remains broken behind in Tree Hill.

As Karen her dreams and go to Italy for a few weeks, they trust her son to Keith. Drink too much, he gets something like Keith, along with Lucas, a car accident. Keith is unharmed but badly with Lucas. Karen is wildly on Keith, whereby he sees his chance at a relationship with her. Around that time also want Deb divorce her husband. Then let this not happen, leaving several embarrassing secrets above water are extracted. As Nathan discovered that way that Deb ever had an affair, he wants nothing more to do with his parents and he is going to live by itself. In order not to get depressed, try Deb to build a successful career and goes into business with Karen. However, things go bad for Keith, if he must sell his car case than to the account in order to pay for the costs of medical treatment of Lucas. Keith does a marriage proposal, but Karen designates him off. Next, he moves to Charleston.

If the big game of the year approaches, the coach must undergo an eye surgery. Then take the team over. Lucas and Nathan are upset about and eventually lose the match. However, Lucas makes it well with Nathan and they become friends. Lucas then goes also to Charleston to attend at Keith. Meanwhile, Nathan and Haley want to love and Then caught his wife with Keith. He scares and gets a heart attackmoments later.Brooke makes it good with Peyton and if Nicki comes back to ask where Jake is, they send her to Seattle (he is actually in Savannah). If Lucas discovered that Haley is not a Virgin anymore, he confronts her. Indeed, she believed that they would have no sex before marriage. She tells him that they, as a result of an impulsive action, on the beach are married.

Season 2 (2004-2005)[Edit]Edit

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If it is discovered that Lucas and Keith Then had a heart attack, they return to Tree Hill. Then it tries to better his life and wants a relationship with Lucas. If this is permitted by his father, he tells Lucas about the fact that he has HCM, the genetic disease that ensured that than a heart attack. Now then know this, he goes with him that Lucas makes living in the exchange for the payment of accounts for the disease. He will also tell no one. He also promises not to interfere with Keiths relationship with Jules. Keith does not know that Than Jules has hired to entice him to Keith then back to drop. What Then doesn't know is that Jules really what begins to feel for Keith.

Nathan and Haley's marriage is put to the test as Chris Keller, a musician, arrives in Tree Hill. He discovers that Haley has to coax her singing talents and try to go along on tour. The marriage is on the rocks and Haley along with Chris goes on tour. They kiss and Chris is a famous star. Nathan is broken left behind. The club Meanwhile Peyton TRIC on. She takes the wrong people and begins to use drugs . She is going through a difficult period, but this changes when Jake returns. They get a relationship. Jake, however, must leave again if Nicki Jenny kidnaps and disappears.

Brooke Gets a physical relationship with Felix Taggaro, but dumps him if they discovered a completely new inner strength and to discover that he would be accused there of Peyton that she is a lesbian. She wants to be president and school takes it up against the hypocritical Erica Marsh. If Brookes parents move, she pulls in at Lucas. To do this, Lucas had a relationship with Anna Taggaro, the sister of Felix. If Lucas discovers that he still has feelings for Brooke, he makes it out. Anna and Felix were first on another school, but there they discovered that Anna was a lesbian. Anna said this gossip were and that they could not stand. Anna wanted that the family was going to move and because of this they came right in Tree Hill. Due to a misunderstanding they Kiss Peyton. If they want to come out of the closet, Anna itself back to her old boarding school. She wants to no longer run away for themselves.

Deb Gets a serious addiction to painkillers, partly because she feels that her son has left her. She sees that they must in rehabilitation. Karen goes back to school and get a relationship with her much younger professor Andy Hargrove. Andy is a great enemy of later then. As Andy discovers that his mother is seriously ill, he leaves for New Zealand to help her. As Deb has healed, she discovers that Dan intentionally guilt has put on Nathan for her addiction. She is wildly off on him and wants to go with Nathan. Meanwhile, Lucas found out that Than is involved in illegal practices and hand over the evidence to Deb.

Peyton get loads of a stalker over the internet that calls itself WATCHMEWATCHU and thinks this is the mysterious reporter Ellie Harp . As she tells her mother that she is, is Peyton not pleasantly surprised.Meanwhile is then poisoned by a mysterious person, which also fires his case, just before Than it unconscious. He is saved just in time by Lucas, Lucas wanted to kill him but then thinks.

Season 3 (2005-2006)[Edit]Edit

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Brooke wants a committed relationship with Lucas, but says she doesn't want to go exclusive and now Haley is homeless, she pulls in at Brooke. Haley does everything to Nathan to get back, but he can not trust her.Yet he wants Haley happy and pays Chris Keller to help her with her music. Now Chris is in Tree Hill, he goes to bed with Brooke, making him the relationship of Brooke and Lucas almost ruined. If he leaves Tree Hill, Brooke and Lucas as both Haley and Nathan back together. Peyton, meanwhile, has problems with her mother, who has a drug addiction and cancer . They bring together an album out, but Ellie dies before it is released.

Whitey tells that this will be his last season as coach and Lucas is trying to keep his mother and HCM the coach. Now the fire has survived, he swears to take revenge on those who tried to kill him. He gets flashbacks and recognize the face of Lucas in here. He thinks he is the killer, but Then finds out that Lucas has saved correctly. Dance marriage with Deb is lousy and they do everything to make each other's life miserable. If then candidate as Mayor, Karen is his opponent. Deb supports Karen. If he wins, tells Lucas to Deb that know she was the one who then tried to kill him. This flight they out of town. Keith comes back into town and finally gets a relationship with Karen. She leaves even. He still getting problems again as Dan thinks Keith the killer is. He starts to plan his revenge on his brother.

Brooke gets her problems as a newcomer Rachel Gatina makes life difficult. She becomes the new head cheerleader and manipulates everyone, including Brookes good friend Marvin "Mouth" McFadden. Mouth is even in love with Rachel. Rachel sees him only as a close friend and goes out with Nathans older Uncle Cooper Lee. Rachel also makes the time capsule (from season 2) publicly making all the secrets of all students above water are extracted. This causes many problems. So told Jimmy Edwards that he hates everyone and has since become even more depressed. He loses his self-control and starts a shooting at school. He includes Nathan, Haley, Rachel and Mouth taken hostage in a local. Peyton is shot in the leg by him, can no longer walk and now resides with a lot of pain in the library. If Lucas hear that all his loved ones within are also inside, he goes and hides at Peyton. They passionately kisses him, despite the fact that he now has a happy relationship with Brooke. As Keith the building comes in to Jimmy to talk, shoot Jimmy himself to death. At the same time Then arrives and shoots his brother's death with Jimmy's weapon. He then tells to everyone that Jimmy was the killer. No one came to the accident further.

The bloody day affects everyone. Nathan does a second marriage proposal and picks up again in at Haley. Peyton Gets a brief relationship with Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy before going to Jake goes. Lucas tells Karen, who gave the debt to Lucas for the death of Keith and since then depressed, that he has HCM and then get loads of guilt and is being stalked by Keith in visions. Peyton does a proposal at Jake, but he discovers she has feelings for Lucas and encourages her to go back to Tree Hill.

As Peyton to Brooke says she still has feelings for Lucas, a day before the wedding of Nathan and Haley, Brooke is furious and beats her. She tells that the friendship between the two finally is over. But Peyton has her yet told about the kiss in the library during the shooting. Brooke is quite upset and her "true" love Lucas wants to know what is going on. Brooke tells him of Peyton and Lucas thinks they already know about the kiss and tells her that the kiss meant nothing. Brooke, however, knew of nothing and walk away frustrated. Lucas wants her explain everything, but Brooke doesn't listen and they get in a fight. At the end of the wedding, everything seems to be back in working order between the two lovers.

The derailed Deb comes back to Tree Hill and tells him not to, but that they Then tried to kill Keith. Karen finds out that she is pregnant and tells this to then. He promises to be there for her. If then after the ceremony goes home, he sees that the Murderer (murderer) text on his wall is painted. As a result, he knows that anyone knows that he killed Keith. Rachel is broken after the break between her and Cooper and escape into the limousine by Nathan and Haley. Cooper takes the wheel about and wants her calm down. However, she is aggressive and seizes the send fixed whereby Cooper there has no control over. At the same time also to Nathan and Haley come in a car in the opposite direction. If Cooper can see this, is he afraid of an accident and the car tries to dodge making him of the bridge driving down and ends up in the water. No one is above water, making Nathan in the water jumps to save them, as Nathan also no longer above water comes, take Lucas & Karen, Haley crying to. As a result, Lucas, Nathan chase again jumps into the water.

Season 4 (2006-2007)[Edit]Edit

Nathan, Rachel and Cooper all survive the car accident. After leaving to have located in a coma, Cooper the city, after he has said to be responsible for the car accident. He did this so that Rachel would not have in the prison. However, Nathan has no idea how he has saved and Rachel and Cooper gets flashbacks in which he sees Keith. Later it turns out that a vision of Keith gave him the power to save the two victims.

Brooke breaks up with Lucas and Peyton finds a letter from her mother stating that Peyton has a brother named Derek. Peyton's online stalker, WATCHMEWATCHU, imitates itself as Peyton's brother to get in touch with her. When he tries to rape her, Lucas and Peyton is saved by her real brother. The stalker flight, making Peyton of fear remains. Derek gives Peyton Peyton a self-defense course, which will allow both physically and mentally stronger. If the Ravens win the State Championship, Lucas Kiss Peyton. Later they become a couple.

Then feels guilty for the murder of Keith and tries to make up for this by Karen to help with her pregnancy. First trust they won't, but later learns that Karen were the intentions of than good. While Then realizes that Karen is the true, touch Deb again addicted to pills. Eventually she tries to commit suicide via an overdose.

Because the friendship between Brooke and Peyton is over, pulls in at Rachel and Brooke, they are good friends. Rachel Brooke suspects that she is pregnant and make this publicly. However, the gene appears to be that Haley is pregnant. Since then Rachel stopped doing Nathan trying to tempt. Meanwhile, Nathan financial problems, need help with Daunte, a man who gives illegal loans. He then blackmails Nathan and he gives him the order to lose the State Championship.

Skills Taylor is a member of the Ravens and Whitey Lucas gives permission to participate in contests, if it has no more than 15 minutes per game is. As the two find out that Nathan the contest want to lose on purpose, they are Livid. As Nathan to hear just before the match that his child will be a boy, he becomes inspired and he plays exceptionally well. Daunte wants revenge and tries to drive him. He drives himself to before he gets a collision, however, Haley. Nathan is furious and his anger off reacts on an unconscious Daunte. Then arrives in the meantime and wants to take on the debt of Dauntes death, so that Nathan prison not in need. Later shows that Daunte was already dead before Nathan touched him even with one hand. Find a hit if Lucas Haley, he gets a cardiac arrest. Keith visits him In his coma. He takes him to the spot where he was murdered. He told that Jimmy killed him, but Lucas still don't know who did. Lucas Gets the choice to live or to die, but he chooses to live, if he wants to tell to Peyton that he loves her.

As Rachel discovered that Brooke drops for algebra, she steals the trial work so Brooke this can learn. If caught, they tell around the late period to go to school for the meeting at Clean Toe, a group in which students swear to remain a Virgin until marriage. In the end, Rachel forced to admit that she has stolen the test paper, so that Brooke doesn't need to bags. They shall be suspended and leaves Tree Hill to join her parents to live in the Italian Riviera . Brooke gets at Clean Toe a crush on Chase Adams. They get a relationship, even if Chase there to discover that Brooke never wanted to become a member of the meeting. If there is a sex tape publicly is made of three years ago in which Brooke has sex with Nathan (who then had a relationship with Peyton), makes Chase it out with Brooke. Peyton is in the meantime evil that Brooke has made her the always difficult because they had a relationship with Lucas Lucas kissed while Brooke while Brooke have had sex with Nathan while he had a relationship with Peyton. Meanwhile, Haley also disappointed in Nathan.

After GiGi Omar it matters with Mouth, he gets a relationship with Clean Teen Shelly Simon. If he loses his virginity to her, makes out with him so they Member Shelly may continue the Clean Teen.

As Peyton is about to go to the prom, she is surprised by her stalker. She is locked in the cellar where he has the time of his life with her. Brooke relies not, need Peyton on, after which they themselves also tied up is.When they eventually overpower the stalker, they are best friends again. As Nathan and Haley Brooke and Peyton, draw even at Deb live together in in the apartment.

Then discovers that Abby Brown, a student who was present during the school shooting, the dealership threatened him via a mobile. Just when he wants to confront her, he sees that Lucas at her on the doorstep.Abby pretending to know nothing, and on the advice of traumatised by her mother. However, they can no longer keep secret and confesses that the truth Than Keith has been murdered. Lucas is furious and steals Debs gun with the intent to take revenge. When he confronts Karen, sees this and she breaks down.

When the media it is discovered that Nathan had planned the score to miss during the State Championship, he is not every University accepted. Haley supports him. In the season finale Karen Haley and get a child.Karen was equally in coma and in it she meets Keith. Together they short the time with each other. Then goes to to the police, because he had killed his brother. Nathan and Haley are proud parents of a boy, called James Lucas Scott. Deb shines in her role as grandmother to have finally found happiness. Rachel comes back in One Tree Hill. Chase and Brooke try to restore their relationship. Nathan and Lucas want to never see again. Karen got a little daughter named Lily Roe Scott. After the awakening of the coma at Karen, Karen went once more to Than in prison. It was an emotional conversation between the two. And Lucas is the godfather of the child of Nathan and Brooke is the meter. In one of the final scenes then tries to commit suicide, but this fails.

The final scene shows everyone back where it all began, they are all together at "The River Court". Nathan asks Lucas a Repechage (Nathan and Lucas in season 1 had a one-against-eenmatch). Lucas takes the challenge, but this time they are friends.

Season 5 (2008)[Edit]Edit

The series takes place four years after season 4. Nathan and Haley live together with their 4-year-old son Jamie in Tree Hill. Haley starts her career as a teacher at Tree Hill High. A few months back was Nathan on the point to break through in his career, when he was selected for the NBA. The evening that this is celebrated, however, he gets involved in a brawl in which he is thrown out the window. A piece of glass ended up in his back, leaving him temporarily paralyzed touches on his legs. Because he will never more professional basketball, he begins to drink heavily. Not only is he depressed, but it will also bring cracks in his marriage to Haley. There they find it difficult to combine motherhood with her job she takes a baby-sitting in service, called Carrie.

Peyton is after her school diploma moved to Los Angeles hoping to break through in the music. After four years, she has come a long way, however, not yet. Disappointed in the commercial mentality of the company where she works, she returns to Tree Hill, as this claims to be the only place is where they truly happy is. Brooke is now a well known singer, who has great success in New York City. She is accompanied by her mother Victoria, a cold and unsympathetic businesswoman who only interfered with her daughters life when she became successful. Although Brooke in a material sense have everything her heart can covet, she feels very lonely. After a phone call from Peyton she moved immediately to Tree Hill, where they open a new location of its fashion line. Lucas is a well known author, his first book was a nice success but as soon as there is a second book is going to appear he has no inspiration and returns to Tree Hill. He is also the coach of the Ravens. Mouth is still single and living in an apartment with Skills. Skills is the Assistant coach of the Ravens.

The fifth season focuses on the love triangle between Lucas, Peyton and Lindsey Strauss. Lindsey is an editor that has edited Lucas ' book. They are already been a happy couple, but here is about to change following the arrival of Peyton. She is initially returned to reclaim for itself and Lucas still clearly has chemistry with him. Yet their band no longer as before, because Lucas just after his school-leaving qualifications a marriage proposal has done, that Peyton has postponed, because they first wanted to make career. Lucas summed up that as a rejection, then the two lost contact with each other. Lindsey feels threatened by the arrival of Peyton, but tries to draw friendly. However, it soon becomes apparent that the two don't get along, what can one evening results in a big hassle. At one point passionately kisses Lucas with Peyton. He wants to stay true to Lindsey and does the same evening, a marriage proposal. Lindsey was initially going to give him that night to leave, because she noticed how much he still felt for Peyton, but she accepts his proposal.However, they let him stand at the altar, with an explanation that she thinks Peyton the only true to him. He tries to win her back, but has no success.

Nathan feels inspired by his son to try to walk. As he notes that Haley is about to leave him by his tantrums, he changes his ways his life. He tries Quentin Fields, an arrogant player from the team of Lucas, to teach a thing or two about basketball and is often confronted with his lost glory. He gets a good band with Carrie, who is in love with him. He makes its clear that they never can be together, but her flirted far. One evening she jumps at him in the shower. He sends her away, but is caught by Haley before Carrie can go away. Haley put it immediately from home and asks for a divorce, despite his attempts at explanation. Next, they Deb on as the new babysitter. Eventually they go into therapy and saved their marriage. The therapist encourages Nathan to weather basketball and Haley to resume her music career.

Haley follows her advice and takes a second album on at Peyton's own record company, which is subsidised by Brooke. Peyton had previously helped with Mia Catalano singer her big break. Meanwhile, Brooke by her friends encouraged to her business relationship with Victoria to break, because they mercilessly and Brookes confidence down. Brooke would not do this initially, because they never had a band earlier in her life with her mother and is happy that they finally gives attention to her. If it becomes clear that Victoria only with the company deals and still no value attaches to its personal relationship with Brooke, she dismisses her own mother. She is determined to be a good mother to myself and adopts a girl with a weak heart, Angie called. After a successful surgery should they again with much sadness to say goodbye to the child, who returns to her biological parents.

Another story line focuses on then, who, despite protest from Lucas and Nathan is released from prison. He tries to rebuild his life, but no one would like to have something to do with him. An exception is Jamie. He was initially scared of him, but then sees as a hero after he saved him from the hands of Carrie, Lucas and Lindsey's wedding he had kidnapped. Haley tries to prevent Jamie gets to know his grandfather, but notice that they always alienates more of him. For that reason, she finally admitted to his desire to get to know Then. Not much later, Than to the discovery that he has heart problems. If he does not, he will get about six months heart transplant death. No one seems to grieve for his news and Lucas suspects that he's lying. Meanwhile, Lucas ended up in a depression after he was told that Lindsey has a new partner. He reacts during a game on a player from the competitive team, which the injured Quentin wants to disable. As a result, he is suspended. It joined the drink and tells Peyton he drunk that hate her.

A final story line is about Mouth, who also has little success in his career as a news reporter. His chilly bazin Alice wants him no chance. He decides to confront her, in which she passionately kisses him. They get a physical relationship, but soon loses interest in her Mouth. He falls in love with Millicent Huxtable, Brooke's Assistant. They get in a relationship and pulling together soon. At the end of the season does Lucas by phone a marriage proposal. For the Viewer it is not clear if he does this to Peyton, Brooke or Lindsey.

Season 6 (2008-2009)[Edit]Edit

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Lucas finally choose anyway for Peyton. Brookes store is robbed and she is beaten up by an unknown. (Brooke suspects her own mother, Victoria). Nathan and Haley get horrible news to hear; Quentin is dead. Then is kidnapped by nanny Carrie who thinks a good plan to have. And Skills and Deb have ' something ' with each other in secret. Brooke takes a hard task in itself. She takes a little orphaned teen, Samantha, in house and the teen makes the hair is anything but easy, but they grow anyway together. Lucas his first book is made into a film, the producer, Julian, show the ex-boyfriend of Peyton during her four-year stay in Los Angeles. While Lucas along with Peyton receives Julian in Los Angeles to hear that she is pregnant and call them directly to the good news by Lucas. Nathan Gets a chance to professionally play basketball. Due to some misunderstandings comes Sam go to a murderer. Brooke goes and finds Sam. They also discovered that he was the robber is of her shop and the killer of Quentin. Lucas and Peyton Later experience some complications in pregnancy. Because Peyton has a disease, they can die if they the baby likes. Lucas and Peyton decide to keep the baby anyway. Meanwhile, Deb broke up with Skills, because she feels that he deserves someone better. Julian and Brooke grows closer and she tells this to Peyton and asks her approval. Peyton doesn't mind and Julian and Brooke get a relationship. The heart transplant of Than runs every time out wrong and he thinks it's too late. Due to circumstances not Lucas film can continue. He is really upset. Now there is no more reason for Julian to stay. He asks Sam and Brooke to join him to go, but after long doubt Brooke says no. Departure only Julian and Brooke stays behind. Haley gets fired by the new Director because they had posted an essay in the school newspaper, while it was not allowed. Sam and Jack, Sams boyfriend, find this unjustified and let this also to the Director with the whole class brands. Then it tells to Jamie that he killed Keith. Jamie is upset but he forgive him anyway. Along with Lucas and Nathan digs Jamie in the past to see how Keith was also at Lucas and leave this trace. On a day Peyton is hit by a car. She comes with the scare free and with the baby is also everything is in order, but Lucas tells Brooke what ails. He tells her about the disease and that Peyton and the baby may die. Brooke is completely upset and soon know Haley, Nathan and all the rest it too. Everyone is trying to help them as much as possible. Meanwhile, Brooke a letter found by the real mother of Sam and that tells them too. Moreover, Victoria is returned and they can get along well with Sam. Sam speaks more and more with her real mother, this very much against the meaning of Brooke. Meanwhile, Then disappeared and no one knows where he is. Skills has fallen in love with Lauren, the teacher of Jamie. Nathan Gets an offer to play basketball in Europe, but he refuses it.Mia and Chase (Brooke's ex-boyfriend in middle school) are now a couple. He inspires her for new lyrics for her songs. Peyton makes a box with all kinds of stuff for her baby to her might remember if she would die.Lucas is not happy about it and let this also notice. He gets all kinds of memories together with Jamie on Peyton's car while she works that total was broken after the crash. Peyton would like to marry as soon as possible before it is too late. Lucas in doubt, but after Haley tells him that he and Peyton belong together he agrees to get married. Also between Mouth and Millicent goes the weather better. She is returned to him.On the marriage of Lucas and Peyton come back but also Julian Brooke plays it hard and brings another date with it, Nick Lachey, a famous singer that works with Mia and Haley. Lucas wait at home after the marriage a terrible discovery. Peyton is unconscious in blood on the ground and tells Brooke that Julian he madly in love with her.

Lucas brings Peyton straight to the Hospital where she will undergo a cesarean section. He calls everyone on. after 4 days she can out of her sleep and wakes up Peyton finally her daughter, Sawyer Brooke Scott, finally see. Karen Lucas and Peyton turns up and there are happy with it. Also Then shows up and Whitey is reflected. Then goes to Whitey and tells him that he is actually already dead should be. But that hasn't happened yet. Whitey forgives Dan and gives him courage again. Meanwhile, Nathan called up to play as ' point guard ' at the Bobcats. At last his dream become a reality. Haley and Jamie are ecstatic. Millicent may remain in Tree Hill Brooke's so that they can stay together and Mouth. Meanwhile, Brooke Chase Julian travels and she tells him that she also likes him. Victoria returns to New York and she tells Brooke that she is proud of her and that she likes. Lucas and Peyton, Sawyer at the end leave Tree Hill in The Comet.

Season 7 (2009-2010)[Edit]Edit

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During a birthday party of Jamie comes Quinn, sister of Haley, suddenly show up. She talks about her failed marriage with David. Nathan meets a woman who wants on the picture with him. Later revealed to be a wrong decision, however, this. She blackmails him, and claims to be expecting a child from him. Clay, the agent of Nathan, trying to do everything to cover this. Haley also get doubts about the possible relationship of her husband. Then presents together with Rachel a show about honesty.

Brooke and Victoria launch a campaign for the clothing line. They want Alex Dupree as the face for the advertising campaign. When Julian meets Alex, she is in love. This is, however, opposed to the meaning of Brooke. Still trying to decorate Alex Julian. When this fails she does a suicide attempt. Julian knows her just in time to save, and is friends with Alex. They decide to make a movie together, with Alex as lead actress and writer of the script. This removes the need for the 2 work together regularly, which Brooke not very like.

Brooke sees in Millie a model. She asks her for the new line. However, this is too heavy for her and she gets deeper and deeper into the drug world. Mouth and Millie put an end to their relationship after he discovers that Millicent drugs used.

Clay and Quinn are a couple which is not to the liking of her ex David is. Victoria starts a relationship with the much younger Alexander, who also designed for Clothes Over Bros. the mother of Haley, Quinn and Taylor comes back but she has cancer, and she comes to say goodbye to her daughters. If the 3 sisters having settled she dies. Haley gets to do with a heavy depression. Clay and Quinn are bothered by Katie, who has set her sights on Clay and even threatens to commit suicide. In the last episode everyone goes to Utah to the premiere of the film by Julian to go check it out. Slowly but surely hit Haley on top of her depression, and everything is going well with the filming of Julian. Julian is so happy he also decides to old to be with Brooke. They are getting married. Everyone is well and truly at home. Haley tells Nathan that she is pregnant again. But if Quin to the bedroom goes, hear Clay a gunshot and rushes to the bedroom where he and Katie Quinn on the ground see see for him. Katie shoots Clay mercilessly down.

The CW has decided to make a season 8 that has now begun. There is also now a season 9.


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recurring character

Lucas Scott Chad Michael Murray 2003-2009, 2012 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 9
Nathan Scott James Lafferty 2003-present 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Peyton Sawyer Hilarie Burton 2003-2009 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Haley James Bethany Joy Galeotti 2003-present 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Brooke Davis Sophia Bush 2003-present 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Then Scott Paul Johansson 2003-2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 8
Karen Roe Moira Kelly 2003-2007, 2008, 2009 1, 2, 3, 4 5, 6
Whitey Durham Barry Corbin 2003-2007, 2008, 2009 1, 2, 3, 4 5, 6
Keith Scott Craig Sheffer 2003-2006, 2007 1, 2, 3 4.9
Deb Scott Barbara Alyn Woods 2003-2007, 2008-2009, 2012 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 1, 5, 9
Mouth McFadden Lee Norris 2003-present 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 1, 2
Skills Taylor Antwon Tanner 2003-present 4, 5, 6, 7 1, 2, 3, 8, 9
Rachel Gatina Danneel Harris 2005-2007, 2008, 2009 4 3, 5, 7
James Lucas Scott Jackson Brundage 2008-present 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Millicent Huxtable Lisa Goldstein 2008-present 6, 7, 8, 9 5
Julian Baker Austin Nichols 2008-present 7, 8, 9 6
Quinn James Shantel VanSanten 2009-present 7, 8, 9
Clay Evans Robert Buckley 2009-present 7, 8, 9
Alex Dupre Jana Kramer 2009-2012 7, 8, 9 7
Chase Adams Stephen Colletti 2007-present 8, 9 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Chris Keller Tyler Hilton 2004-2007, 2012 9 2, 3, 4

Recurring characters[Edit]Edit

The following list is classified in chronological order.

Character Actor Year (s) Season (s)
Jake Jagielski Bryan Greenberg 2003-2006 1-3
Tim Smith Brett Claywell 2003-2008 1-5
Larry Sawyer Thomas Ian Griffith

Kevin Kilner

2004, 2005-2006 1, 3
Erica Marsh Katherine Bailess 2004-2005 2
Bevin Mirskey Bevin Prince 2004-2008 1-5, 9
Nicki Emmanuelle Vaugier 2004-2005 1-2
Anna Taggaro Daniella Alonso 2004-2005 2
Felix Taggaro Michael Copon 2004-2005 2
Andy Hargrove Kieren Hutchison 2004-2005, 2008 2, 5
Jules Maria Menounos 2004-2005 2
Chris Keller Tyler Hilton 2004-2007 2-3-4-9
Taylor James Lindsey McKeon 2005 2, 7
Cooper Lee Michael Trucco 2005-2006 2-4
Ellie Harp Sheryl Lee 2005-2006 2-3
Gigi Omar Kelsey Chow 2005-2007, 2008-2009 3-4, 6
Glenda Farrell Amber Wallace 2006-2007 3-4
Derek Matt Barr 2006-2007 4
Shelly Simon Elisabeth Harnois 2006-2007 4
Lindsey Strauss Michaela McManus 2008 5-6
Carrie Torrey DeVitto 2008 5-6
Victoria Davis Daphne Zuniga 2008-present 5-9
Quentin Fields Robbie Jones 2008 5-6
Mia Catalano Kate Voegele 2008-present 5-8
Owen Morello Joe Manganiello 2008-2009 5-6
Samantha Walker Ashley Rickards 2008-2009 6
Lauren Allison Munn 2009 6-7
Paul Norris Gregory Harrison 2009 6-7
Renee Richardson Kate French 2009-present 7
Alex Dupre Jana Kramer 2009-present 7-8
Chase Stephen colletti 2009-present 4-6-7-present
Tim Van Dyk Rik T 2009-present 7



See list of episodes of One Tree Hill for the main article on this topic.


It was the intention of creator Mark Schwahn to One Tree Hill 's to make a film with the title Ravens. The title is inspired by the One Tree Hill song by U2. In the name of the State in which the place, Tree Hill, is inspired by U2 's The Joshua Tree. After The WB recommended a series out of it, they wanted to not that the series would, Ravens because it would imply to sports, while the emphasis on the drama is. As the seriesRavens would welcome, it would be less of a lure audiences.



The series puts a huge emphasis on the music in the series. There are already three albums released by One Tree Hill. The music is in punk rockemorock-and-genre. Among other things Gavin DeGrawSheryl CrowThe WreckersJimmy Eat WorldLa RoccaFall Out BoyNada SurfJack's MannequinMichelle Featherstone and Lupe Fiasco have worked on music for the television series. Also Snow PatrolColdplay,Angels & AirwavesLed Zeppelin and The Cure performed in the series.

The series brought the albums One Tree Hill Volume 1One Tree Hill Volume 2 and One Tree Hill Volume 3 from. The money is delivered by Volume 2 goes to a Cancer Foundation. There was also a released The Road Mix , in which a number of songs be made together. The Road Mix comes back in episode 17 of season 4, when Peyton this Setup. Here are The ConstantinesDashboard ConfessionalThe Kooks and Mother Love Bone to hear.

Also, all the titles of the episodes of One Tree Hill inspired by titles of songs.


One Tree Hill Volume 1[Edit]Edit

One Tree Hill Volume 1 is a compilation album in which songs were composed in the series can be heard. The album was released in the United States on 25 January 2005. To hear the songs that are on there:

  1. Gavin DeGraw -"I Don't Want to Be" (live)
  2. The Wreckers -"The Good Child"
  3. Jimmy Eat World -"Kill"
  4. Travis -"Re-Offender"
  5. The Get Up Kids -"Overdue"
  6. Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers -"Funny Little Feeling"
  7. Tyler Hilton -"smooth" (acoustic)
  8. 22-20s -"Shoot Your Gun"
  9. Story of the Year -"Sidewalks"
  10. Tyler Hilton & Bethany Joy Lenz -"When the Stars Go Blue"
  11. "Everybody's Changing"- Keane
  12. Butch Walker -"Mixtape"
  13. Sheryl Crow -"The First Cut is The Deepest" (acoustic)
  14. Trespassers William -"Lie in the Sound"

One Tree Hill Volume 2[Edit]Edit

One Tree Hill Volume 2 is an album that was released in the United States on 25 February 2006. The money it brought, went to a Breast Cancer Foundation. The songs that can be heard is a composition of songs that can be heard in the television series.

  1. Feeder -"Feeling a Moment"
  2. Jack's Mannequin -"The Mixed Tape"
  3. Audioslave -"Be Yourself"
  4. Nada Surf -"Always Love"
  5. Gavin DeGraw -"Jealous Guy"
  6. Citizen Cope -"son's Gonna Rise"
  7. Hot Hot Heat – "Middle of Nowhere"
  8. Tyler Hilton -"Missing You"
  9. MoZella -"Light Years Away"
  10. Shout Out Louds -"Please Please Please"
  11. Fall Out Boy -"I've Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song)"
  12. Jimmy Eat World -"23"
  13. Haley James Scott -"Halo"
  14. Michelle Featherstone -"Coffee & Cigarettes"
  15. Strays Don't Sleep -"For Blue Skies"

One Tree Hill Volume 3[Edit]Edit

One Tree Hill Volume 3 is a compilation album in which songs were composed in the series can be heard. The album was released in the United States on april 3, 2007. To hear the songs that are on there:

  1. Dashboard Confessional -"Don't Wait"
  2. The Honorary Title -"Stay Away"
  3. Kooks -"Naive"
  4. Band of Horses -"The Funeral"
  5. José Gonzales -"Heartbeats"
  6. Tyler Hilton -"You Ask for Me"
  7. Lupe Fiasco -"I Gotcha"
  8. Gym Class Heroes -"Good Vibrations"
  9. The Wreckers -"Lay Me Down"
  10. The Constantines -"Soon Enough"
  11. Calexico/Iron & Wine -"He Lays in the Reins"
  12. Lucero -"Tell Me What It Takes"
  13. Songs: Ohia -"Just Be Simple"
  14. The Weepies -"World Spins Madly On"
  15. La Rocca -"Non-Believer"
  16. Mother Love Bone -"Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns"


In 2005 in the United Kingdom there is a paperback book by One Tree Hill released, under the title One Tree Hill: The Beginning. The story describes the beginning of the series. The book contains 208 pages.


Cingular is a big sponsor of the television series. They gave the fans of the series the ability to make choices for the series, including:

  • Or would go to bed with Taylor James Nathan. The fans chose that they would do.
  • What Nathan and Haley's song would be on their second marriage. The fans chose "More Than Anyone" by Gavin DeGraw.
  • Who would perform at the prom in season 4. The fans chose Within Reason.

Viewing Figures[Edit]Edit

The ratings per season of The WB and The CW:

Season Release (Us) Release (NL) Playing Time Extras (NL)
1 25 January2005 13 February


903 minutes
  • Not previously aired scenes
  • Short film: developing a successful team: How One Tree Hill made
  • 3 documentaries on the set
  • Comments on 4 episodes by the cast and staff
  • Music video "Oh Chariot" by Gavin DeGraw
  • Christmas Elf Gag
2 13 september


17 may2006 996 minutes
  • Not previously aired scenes
  • The Music of One Tree Hill, One Tree Hill a look behind the Concert Tour
  • Diaries from the set: Charity Football Match and Get On the Bus
  • Comments on 3 episodes
  • Change is good: the 2 new characters
3 26 september


7 February2007 900 minutes
  • With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds Audio commentary, Tired Souls, We slept and The Show Must Go On
  • Bloopers
  • Anatomy of an Episode
  • Omitted scenes
4 18 december


19 december


840 minutes
  • Bloopers
  • Comments on 3 episodes of the series by creator Mark Schwahn and the main actors and staff
  • James Lafferty short film One Tree Hill Fourth Annual Charity Basketball
  • Short film: One Tree Hill in your residence
  • Not previously aired scenes
  • One Tree Hill Time capsule
5 26 August2008 10 december


720 minutes
  • Comment on 2 episodes by creator of the series, Mark Schwahn, Cast and Crew bloopers
  • Music video by Kate Voegele
  • Not previously aired scenes
6 25 August2009 2 december2009 1080 minutes
  • Not previously aired scenes
  • OTH goes back in time: the 1940s revived in We Three (My EchoMy Shadow and Me)
  • OTH scores high: the latest sports hype: Slambal
  • OTH star soundtrack: musical guests talk about their contribution, in particular the USO appearance in Episode 10.
  • OTH -the debut of the Director: Chad Michael Murray, the novice Director talents follow Bethany Joy Galeotti and James Lafferty
  • Comment on 2 episodes by Mark Schahn, creator of the series, and by the top of the cast and crew.
  • Bloopers
Season Premiere Final Tv season Rank Viewers (per million in us)
1 23 september


11 may2004 2003-2004 # 173 3.5
2 21 september


24 may2005 2004-2005 # 117 4.3
3 5 October2005 3 may2006 2005-2006 # 139 2.8
4 27 september


13 June2007 2006-2007 # 136 2.9
5 8 January2008 19 may2008 2008 # 184 2.9
6 1 september2008 18 may2009 2008-2009 # 107 2.8
7 14 september


17 may2010 2009-2010 # 118 2.3
8 14 september


17 may2011 2010-2011 N/A N/A

During the third season changed the uitzendingdatum from Tuesday to Wednesday, which was a cause for the lower ratings. Also, the separation between Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray a cause.

The episode "With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept" where to see were 2 deaths, in season 3 was also the highest viewing figures of season 3. In that episode looked around 2.4 to 2.5 million viewers.And the season finale of season 3 they took 2.3 to 2.4 million viewers. The seizoenspremière of season 4 they took 2.4 to 2.5 million viewers and so she immediately got the highest viewing figures which was at the seizoenspremière publish with One tree hill. The ninth episode of season 4 "Some You Give Away" where Keith showed up, they had 4.5 million viewers. That was the highest viewing figures ever to see was at One tree hill since the 2nd season.

When the "The WB" and "UPN" together "The CW" would be and only the most successful series of the two networks broadcast would be, yet there were rumors that One Tree Hill would be stopped. "The WB" was behind the series, making them still exists.

In Netherlands , the series was already after the broadcast of season 2 of the tube taken out due to low viewing figures. All the season boxes are still released in Netherlands. Later is JUST 5 yet One tree hill go again, currently broadcasting on Saturday. In Belgium is One Tree Hill right from the beginning, by channel 2, broadcast and be arranged will be shown the repeat broadcasts. VT4 also has the series aired a while but is stopped. In 2009 began broadcasting season 6 on 2BE. The series begins now on Saturday between around 18.30. Also the repeated episodes from season 4 during the week to 16.50. In Belgium have the ratings always around 70000 and 100000 located, which is quite good for a series in the early evening.


International broadcasts[Edit]Edit





Channel At




Fox and SBT ' Lances da Vida '


BNT Channel 1 Самотно хълма на дърво (lonely tree on the mountain)


CH, NTV and Fox44 Les Frères Scott (The Brothers Scott)






ETC, Star World and RPN


SubTV Tunteet Pelissä (feelings in the game)


TF1 and TF6 8 september2004 Les Frères Scott (The Brothers Scott)


STAR Πάντα Φίλοι για (friends for life)

Hong Kong

Star World and Now Broadband TV


RTL Klub Tuti Gimi ("Cool High School")






Star World




YES Stars and Channel 10 (Migrash Beyti) מגרש ביתי ("Home Court")


Rai Due 6 June2005


Kenya Television Network


Star World


8TV and Star World


FOX LA Hermanos Rebeldes (Rebellious Brothers)



New Zealand





Orbit Network


TVMax Hermanos Rebeldes (Rebellious Brothers)


TVN Siedem Pogoda na miłość


NTV Одного Meaning Дерева ("One Tree Hill")


FOX Srbija


Star World


La 2, Cosmopolitan TV and Disney Channel 29 June2006




UBC Series



United Kingdom

E4 and Channel 4

United States

The WB (2003-2006) and The CW (2006 +) 23 september2003

South Africa



Kanal 5


TSR2 and TSI1 Les Frères Scott (The Brothers Scott)

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