On The Buses  was a British comedy series, invented and written by Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney. They had previously been created for the BBC series. When this broadcaster showed no interest in the concept of On The Buses, the duo stepped over to ITV. There were between 1969 and1973 in 74 episodes filmed, spread over seven seasons with lengths of about half an hour each. Not all episodes were broadcast in Netherlands. The NOS sent between 4 October 1970 and 58 episodes from March 19, 1972. The VARA repeated the series in 1992. The series was also broadcast in the United StatesBelgium and even inEast Germany.

In the seventh, and final season Michael Robbins left the cast, because he focused more on his theatre work was about to collapse. At the start, episode olive's Divorce he finds himself therefore finally in the inevitable divorce with Olive, which he decides to leave the House.

Reg Varney, also adopted six episodes before the end, say goodbye to the series. With a plot twist that Stan to the South leaves at to work there in a factory that providesbuses , the episode Goodbye Stan included. As a result, the role of Stephen Lewis grew to a main share. With Blakey as a tenant, repealed by the family Butler, made the remaining part of all makers their portion off.

Robbins and Varney appeared still for their role in the last film Holiday On The Buses, which only later would be included.

The concept was, after the end in 1973, sold to us broadcaster NBC where it under the name Lotsa Luck again was presented. This time with actors including Dom DeLuise and Kathleen Freeman in the lead roles. Their characters had the same first name but a different surname = (Stan & No BelmontArthur & Olive Swann) completely changed the character of Jack in the role of Bummy Pfitzer Blakey and never came back. This attempt flopped and it was removed after only 24 parts of the tube.

Chesney and Wolfe then with only Stephen Lewis did an attempt to revive their idea with the follow-up series Don't Drink the Water in which Blakey and his sister Dorothy Blake (Pat Coombs) go and live in Spain . The series was not a success.

Actors and actresses[Edit]Edit

Bachelor, still lives at home. Works as a bus driver at The Luxton & District Traction Company. Is a thorn in the side for its superior chef Blakey he regularly takes on the heel. Good friends with Jack Harper, they often sit together behind the girls (usually conductrices; according to their so-called clip pies) to. Likes to make insulting jokes about the past, marriage, appearance of Olive & Arthur. Rather clunky with odd jobs and each project ends in disaster. His trademark is the cry "God Blimey!"

Mother of Stan and Olive, father-in-law of Arthur. Elderly housewife, but still oh so active. Loving widow, keeps an awful lot of the game of bingo, and her two children whereby they, occasionally, something goes insane too far in her behaviour, for the care. Shrill call.

Brother-in-law of Stan and husband of Olive. Has really no good word for her. Everything she says, or ask, savaged by him and their love is literally seems inexplicable. Is pretty lazy, greedy, mercenary, lives with the family in, has a sex surgery where he sometimes faces and is the owner of an old engine with side-car which more often than not to start.

Younger sister of Stan, unhappy wife of Arthur, although they all have confidence in him and believes he is deeply fond of her in his heart. Dom figure, overweight, high ringing voice, wears glasses consisting of two giant glass.

Bachelor, womanizer, point nose and Larijani. Best friend of Stan and conductor on his bus. Just like he an irritation for Blakey. Supports his mate through thick and thin, knows the complete rules of the bus out of his head, making him them with wisecracking comments from any stuffy situation can talk. Has a large teeth with whoppers of teeth and is thus always as first defined by the passengers.

Inspector of the remittance, archenemy of Stan and Jack. Both tries in every possible way to make life difficult, but it is the other way around also constantly victim of wisecracks and accidents. Pathetic bad luck bird, huge huge grumpy or joyful. He is full of enthusiasm with dismissal when he caught Stan & Jack on carelessness, arrive late or anti-social behaviour. Has a small black square mustache, double-headed canines, always runs this wooden and carries the nicknames Dracula, Frankenstein and Hitler. Famous statements by him are: "I ' ate you, Butler" (I hate you, Butler) "Yous two" (you two) and "It made my day" (my day is good again).

Bus driver, like Stan. A friend of Stan and Jack, but never played a large role in one episode Chalkey. Often Had only one or a few lines of text. Was also often mentioned, without to come into the picture. His performance was also not always on the end credits, so it's hard to say how many times he competed. Chalkey appeared not known in season 7. ' Chalkey ' was ironically a Negro.

Season & Episode[Edit]Edit

Feature films[Edit]Edit

Also popular were the feature-length feature films of Hammer Studios in between. Spin-offs titled On The Buses (1971Mutiny On The Buses (1972) and Holiday On The Buses (1973) amused the audience in the cinema. The first time the then newly hatched even knew short film by James BondDiamonds Are Forever from the first place to expel.

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