Old Trafford is an area in Manchester (England), and the name of two sports stadiums in that area, namely the football-and the cricket Stadium.

Since 1910 the football stadium is home to Manchester United, with the exception of the period 1941-1949. With a capacity of 76,000 persons is one of the largest stadiums in the United Kingdom. It is regularly host to one of the semi-finals in the FA Cup and for the English national football team (when Wembley is not available). In the beginning of the season 2006/2007, the renovation of two angles in the Stadium ready, making it now can accommodate 76,000 people. From 1910 to 1939 had even 80,000 stadium seats, but for security reasons, this number was reduced to 67,000 in 1939. The record number of spectators was in 1937: 76.962 saw when how Manchester United against arch rivals Manchester City FC played.

The cricket ground is used by Lancashire County Cricket since 1856.

On 11 March 1941 Old Trafford was hit by German bombs. Manchester United played its home games at Maine Road was restored to the damage.

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