Oeljana Larionovna Semjonova (Russian: Ульяна Ларионовна Семенова), (MedoemiDaugavpils districtSoviet Union, now Latvia9 March 1952) is a former Soviet and Latvian basketball player.

With her length of two metres is an imposing sight Semjonova was eleven in the world of basketball. Her shoe size was 58. Almost her entire career, she played for TTT Riga. With TTT, she won fifteen Soviet Championships and 12 European Cup titles. Semjonova was also very important for the national team of the Soviet Union. She won two Olympic gold medals and lost between 1976 and 1980 no official international competition.

In 1993 came the first non-American woman in the Basketball Hall of Fame. In 2007 she came also in the FIBA Hall of Fame.


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