Octopussy and The Living Daylights is the fourteenth James Bond Book by Ian Fleming, released in 1966. Fleming has not able to complete the book. He died in 1964.This is a collection of short stories with different stories about Bond, like the book For Your Eyes Only. The title of this book refers to the originally included two stories.The other stories were added in later editions.

The four stories in the bundle are:

  1. Octopussy -the Dutch title of this is the same. The film Octopussy tells a new story, but does include a reference to this short story.
  2. The Living Daylights -the Dutch title of this is lots of love from Berlin. There is also a film at this story created: The Living Daylights, although only the beginning of the film is based on this story..
  3. The Property of a Lady -the Dutch title of this is to hold a lady. This story was added to the bundle in 1967. The beginning of the film Octopussy contains elements of this story.
  4. 007 in New York -the Dutch title of this is the same. The story was originally in the book Thrilling Cities, and was added to this volume only in 2002. The name of the girl, Solange, is used in the movie Casino Royale. The end of the film Quantum of Solace exhibits single engagements with this story.


[hide]*1 Octopussy


War hero major Dexter Smythe lives for years in luxury on Jamaica, where he among other things deals with the capture of special fish and conducting an octopus, which he has given the pet name Octopussy. On a day James Bond comes along, and tells him that the corpse is found by the mountain guide Oberhauser. From a long flashback shows that Dexter Smythe years ago a stock had found Nazi-gold, and with Oberhauser has murdered for being able to go. However, the corpse came in a glacier, and is so after years found again. Before he departs he reveals to Bond the major why this personal tell came: Oberhauser was like a second father to him.

Dexter Smythe comes the next day to life, if he is stung by a poisonous fish, after which Octopussy drowns him. Bond gives this in the files as suicide.

The Living Daylights[Edit]Edit

Agent must escape from East Berlin 272, and tied should avoid Trigger, an unknown sniper of the KGB, 272 will be shooting down. In the end Trigger a young girl, that every day with a cello-case beyond came running, and where Bond had a crush on. Bond shoots her so not dead, but injured her ankle. His colleague Sender reprimanded him, because Bond had strict orders to Trigger to kill, but Bond cares not.

The Property of a Lady[Edit]Edit

An MI6-clerk, Maria Freudenstein, is suspected to be a double agent. Now they suddenly inherited a Fabergé-egg , thinks M that this is a trick of the KGB is to get her to pay out, as they are the egg immediately goes to auction. A high KGB agent will simply buy back the egg. Bond must ensure that he found out who of those present this man is, and does this by price. The one person who but continues to offer must so the KGB'er and is so soon after declared persona non grata.

007 in New York[Edit]Edit

Bond is in New York, to a female colleague to tell that her lover is an agent of the KGB. The story is mainly a comprehensive description of the city, and from Federal culinary preferences. In his natural thoughts of New York concludes Bond that the city has it all. If he goes to the Central Park Zoo's Reptile House, in order to meet, he discovers that his conclusion Solange about New York was premature: Central Park Zoo has no Reptile House.

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