Neighbours (better known as Neighborsin Flanders) is an Australian soap opera, started in March 1985 on Channel 7.


[hide]*1 Background


Neighbours is about the adventures of the inhabitants of 6 houses in Ramsay Street, Erinsborough, a dead-end street in a fictional suburb of Melbourne. Since the beginning the events play always in the same houses (numbers 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 and 32). That is a big difference with other soap operas where there is exchanged regularly from set. The series also has a unique style aimed at the whole family and is not comparable to the American soap operas. In addition to the usual dramas, accidents, feuds and Neighbours after all Weddings is also known for his bright, humorous story lines. In each episode are several stories by each other, but always there will be one more airy at its.

The indoor scenes happen in the Global Television studios in Forest Hill. For outdoor recordings draws the crew to Ramsay Street. Pin Oak Court is the real dead end street that serves as Ramsay Street since 1985. All houses to be found in the series sees, are real and the crew there may a few days a month on the streets and in the filming for gardens. The residents of the houses get in there besides a nice fee for it. Lassiter 's, the meeting place of the ' neighbors ', with a hotel, pub and coffeehouse is located behind the studios.

A number of well-known stars have played in Neighbours , such as Kylie MinogueJason DonovanNatalie ImbrugliaDelta GoodremAlan DaleJesse Spencer (House) and Guy Pearce. Also Russell Crowe has ever played in the series. Kylie and Jason formed in the late 1980s the most popular couple ever in Ramsay Street.


Even for Kylie and Jason Charlene and Scott appeared, the series by Australian Channel 7 of the tube is passed. In 1986, which Neighbours Network Ten about competitor better viewing figures followed. In Australia were Meanwhile more than 6100 episodes broadcast. The series is the last years in a (see figure) dip. In 2010, when Neighbours are 25th anniversary fourth, decided to banish the Network Ten series to the new digital channel Eleven. There is to see the series from the beginning of 2011. According to Australian fans this is the beginning of the end, but Neighbours is an important export product and chances are that the series, if they disappear from the Australian tube, specially in production continues for the foreign market. The ratings on Eleven are not bad (between 350,000 and 400,000 per episode), which Neighbours the most watched program on a digital channel in Australia.

Also the Belgian One brings the series daily. In Flanders they known as Neighbors. The first episode was broadcast on the then BRT on October 31, 1988. On november 1, 2011 episode 6000 on antenna at One.That episode revolves around the only character that keeps up with them starting from episode 1: Paul Robinson. The broadcast Feast was a success with a whopping 343.000 viewers.

The soap has been the longest-running program on the Flemish television on the Weather JournalPanorama and after. The VRT has extended the contract with FremantleMedia in 2008, allowing the series to see at least another five years will be in Belgium. In the early days was to see Neighbors in Flanders on primetime (initially at 8 p.m., later at 7 pm) and therefore also very popular, but nowadays may experience the Flemish soap operas more prominent and reaches the hour between 225,000 and 250,000 viewers set to 17.35 per day. This defeats the Beautiful and ruthless with well ahead on Five as the most popular foreign soap in Flanders. The VRT broadcast Neighbors want to continue as long as new episodes are made.

The Dutch public stations KRO and the VARA series together in the early nineties from sins, with varying degrees of success. Netherlands got further and further behind in the series because the episodes were brought only two or three times a week. As a result, more and more Dutch people went the soap on the Belgian TV1 follow, for KRO and VARA reason for quitting. Even today there are a lot of Dutch people who daily follow Neighbors on Belgian television. They have set up a Facebook page with news about the series.

Neighbours is broadcast from 1986 to 2007 on the BBC, but that channel lost the rights to the soap in the meantime to Five, because the English commercial channel Five more paid for an agreement with Fremantle/Grundy (which produces the soap). On February 8, 2008 was the last to see Neighbours on the BBC. Five closed the Monday insisted with the next episode so that the fans have to miss their favorite soap no day. Five pay much more money for the broadcasting rights, whereby the quality (decors, lighting) in recent years gone ahead is. But by the time of the popular BBC One to the lesser known (and not to receive throughout the country) Five went the ratings be backwards. Each episode of Neighbours in the United Kingdom reached an average of 2 million viewers.

Innovations in 2007[Edit]Edit

Neighbours is regularly refreshed. In the more than 25-year anniversary knew the series theme song and the dozens of openingscredits has been updated a few times. But the atmosphere of the intro (neighbors cosy together) and the famous words ' everybody needs good neighbours ' are preserved.

In 2007, the largest renovation in its history Neighbours by. By the arrival of HD (High Definition) were studio exposures and camera work adjusted. Also the sets were thoroughly adapted. Thereby sees the series there since then much more realistic and hedendaagser out. Yet, the typically cheerful and sunny character of Neighbours standing.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Neighbours is known for its constantly changing actors. Young actors, for whom Neighbours often see their breakthrough, the soap as a springboard and do not stay long in Erinsborough. Yet a lot of story lines run to the young people and their loves, feuds, happiness and unhappiness.

The older actors are slightly firmer. Characters as Lou, Paul, Karl and Susan run for years and provide a link with the earlier volumes of soap characters and disappeared. They are according to the fans the power ofNeighbours and are very popular, with Paul Robinson as outliers, which from the start played a part in the feuilleton in 1985 to 1993 and then after a lengthy absence again since 2004, and Susan Kennedy, the favorite "MOM" of the residents of Ramsay Street.

Current roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character Duration
Stefan Dennis Paul Robinson 1985-1992, 1993, 2004- (guest appearance)
Tom Oliver Lou Carpenter 1988 (guest role), 1992-
Alan Fletcher Karl Kennedy 1994-
Jackie Woodburne Susan Kennedy 1994-
Ryan Moloney Toadfish Rebecchi 1995 (guest role), 1996-
Morgan Baker Callum Jones 2008-
Scott Major Lucas Fitzgerald 2008-
Chris Milligan Kyle Canning 2008-
Ashleigh Brewer Kate Ramsay 2009-
Eve Morey Sonya Mitchell 2009-
James Mason Chris Pappas 2010-
Ben Barber Rhys Lawson 2011-
Sachin Jadhav Ajay Kapoor 2011-
Menik Gooneratne Priya Kapoor 2011-
Coco Cherian Rani Kapoor 2012-
Alin Sumarwata Vanessa Villante 2012-
Colette Mann Sheila Canning 2012-
Saskia Hampele Georgia Brooks 2012-

Former cast[Edit]Edit

A small selection of well-known actors who in the past were part of the series.

Actor Character Duration
Natalie Bassingthwaighte Isabelle Hoyland 2003-2006, 2007
Anne Charleston Madge Bishop 1986-1992, 1996-2001
Russell Crowe Kenny Larkin 1987
Alan Dale Jim Robinson 1985-1993
Jason Donovan Scott Robinson 1986-1989
Delta Goodrem Nina Tucker 2002-2003, 2004, 2005
Anne Haddy Helen Daniels 1985-1997
Natalie Imbruglia Beth Willis 1992-1993, 1994
Dichen Lachman Katya Kinski 2005-2007
Stephanie McIntosh Sky Mangel 2003-2007
Craig McLachlan Henry Ramsay 1987-1989
Kylie Minogue Charlene Robinson 1986-1988
Kym Valentine Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald 1994-2004, 2005 (guest role), 2007-2011
Radha Mitchell Catherine Kennedy 1996-1997
Guy Pearce Mike Young 1986-1989
Ian Smith Harold Bishop 1987-1991, 1996-2009
Jesse Spencer Billy Kennedy 1994-2000, 2005
Eliza Taylor-Cotter Trumpet Timmins 2005-2008
Holly Valance Felicity Scully 1999-2002, 2005
Pippa Black Elle Robinson 2005-2009
Brett Tucker Daniel Fitzgerald 1999-2000 (guest role), 2007-2009
Carla Bonner Stephanie Scully 1999-2010
Matthew Werkmeister Zeke Kinski 2005-2011
Sam Clark Ringo Brown 2007-2010
Jane Hall Rebecca Napier 2007-2011
James Sorensen Declan Napier 2007-2011
Janet Andrewarta Lyn Scully 1999-2006, 2008 (guest role), 2009-2011
Margot Robbie Donna Freedman 2008-2011


  • Neighbours is a long-running series and that has its consequences. So it's already occurred several times that one actor he portrayed different characters (admittedly never even within one episode or season).Examples of actors who played two roles: Ian Rawlings (guest star Marcus Stone, long-lasting role Philip Martin), Shane Connor (guest star Philip Hoffman, long-term role Joe Scully), Blair Venn (long-term role Brendan Bell, second long-term role Richard Aaronow). Andrew Larkins even played three roles: two short-lived (Dean Gardner and Adrian Pitt) and a long-lasting (Tom Scully).


The table below shows the broadcast episodes in Australia. Episodes in Belgium always come about a year later on tv.

Season First broadcast on At Episodes Number Of
1985 18 March 1985 – 8 november 1985 1-170 170
1986 20 January 1986-5 december 1986 171-400 230
1987 12 January 1987-december 8, 1987 401-637 237
1988 13 January 1988 – 12 december 1988 638-876 238
1989 17 January 1989-13 december 1989 877-1113 236
1990 11 January 1990-december 7, 1990 1114-1350 237
1991 21 January 1991-13 december 1991 1351-1585 235
1992 6 January 1992-december 4, 1992 1586-1825 240
1993 11 January 1993-17 december 1993 1826-2070 245
1994 24 January 1994-25 november 1994 2071-2290 220
1995 2 January 1995-1 december 1995 2291-2530 240
1996 22 January 1996-20 december 1996 2531-2770 240
1997 20 January 1997-28 november 1997 2771-2995 225
1998 19 January 1998-27 november 1998 2996-3220 225
1999 18 January 1999-26 november 1999 3221-3445 225
2000 17 January 2000-december 8, 2000 3446-3680 235
2001 15 January 2001-14 december 2001 3681-3920 240
2002 21 January 2002-13 december 2002 3921-4155 235
2003 20 January 2003-december 19, 2003 4156-4395 240
2004 19 January 2004-10 december 2004 4396-4630 235
2005 10 January 2005-16 december 2005 4631-4875 245
2006 9 January 2006-15 december 2006 4876-5120 245
2007 8 January 2007-14 december 2007 5121-5365 245
2008 January 14, 2008-december 12, 2008 5366-5605 240
2009 19 January 2009-4 december 2009 5605-5835 230
2010 11 January 2010-17 december 2010 5836-6070 235
2011 11 January 2011-9 december 2011 6071-6310 240
2012 9 January 2012-7 december 2012 6311-6550 240
2013 January 7, 2013-6 december 2013 6551-6790 240
2014 6 January 2014-present 6791-NB NB

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