Naomi Campbell (Streatham22 may 1970) is an English actress and fashion model. Campbell is of black Jamaican and also of Chinese-Jamaican-born by her grandmother by her father's side. Her grandmother had the family name Ming and was Hakka,.


Her very first public appearance was as a seven year old in 1978 in the video clip of ' Is This Love? "by Bob Marley, in which she played a part as a student. Also in 1982, she appeared in a music video, this time she played a tapdanseres in the song "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" by Culture Club.

She is also featured in the clip of Michael Jackson's number "In the Closet", directed by Herb Ritts, let see Michael Jackson, sensual dancing with Naomi Campbell. "In The Closet" is a song by singer Michael Jackson from his 1991 album Dangerous .

Campbell was Later by a scout from Elite Model at the age of 15 when she discovered with some girl friends through the neighborhood ran Covent Garden . The woman asked her if she wanted to make test shots.

In August 1988, she was the first black model on the cover of the French magazine Vogue. The following year, 1989, she was the same on the American edition of Vogue.Together with colleagues Cindy CrawfordChristy Turlington, Linda Evangelista and Claudia Schiffer she belongs to a select group of supermodels. She was the first (and so far only) top model ever made the cover of TIME Magazine .

Witness in Charles Taylor trial[Edit]Edit

In 2010 she was called to testify in the trial of the former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor, because they allegedly in 1997 a 'blood diamond' had gotten from him. [1when she was on August 5, after long resistance for the Sierra Leone Tribunal in the Dutch Leidschendam appeared in that year stated she indeed received diamonds in South Africa "men who knocked to my bedroom door at night", but she said not to have known their identity. [2]

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