Mr. Deeds is a 2002 American comedy film. It is a remake of Mr. Deeds Goes to Town from 1936.


As founder and owner of Blake Media-a large company that owns many radio and television stations with 50,000 employees-Preston Blake dies when climbing the Mount Everest begins a search for his heirs. That seem not to be first, but then becomes Longfellow Deeds found. Deeds is a simple boy from a small village with the heart in the right place. Preston Blake was his uncle and so he inherits his share of 49 percent in the company worth $ 40 billion. Blake Media CEO Chuck Cedar wants to redeem him for that amount and make Deeds to New York to work out the details of that agreement.

The legacy saga of Blake Media is now big news and all the media try to fish who has inherited the fortune. Journalist Babe Bennett gets into revealing life story ' if command Deeds. They may occur if the brave school nurse Pam Dawson and is allegedly raided so that Deeds can save her.

The two begin to go out and after a while is Bennett for Deeds ' charms. Then they unmasked on television by her boss. Betrayed and upset sells Deeds his shares to Chuck Cedar, donates the billions to charity and sets off back home. There he hears that the company will be wound up and that all workers will lose their jobs, but can Deeds now nothing more to fix it. Look up him, but Deeds also Bennett designates her off.

On the General meeting, where shareholders are to approve the liquidation comes suddenly Deeds inside and takes the floor, because that morning he had one share redeemed. He can convince shareholders to show their heart and not to sell their shares. Cedar, however, has 49 percent and has a power of Attorney on 2 percent of some French shareholders and approves only the liquidation good.

However, that is not Deeds, but then reveals Bennett Preston Blake's illegitimate son and butler Emilio is the rightful heir. As a result, Deeds ' sale void and Emilio can take control of the company. He first dismisses Cedar and then he gives Deeds as thank 1 billion. Deeds goes home again, and take Bennett along. There he goes, along with Bennett, back to work in the pizza business. Also he buys a red Corvette to everyone in the village. Finally he gets message from Hallmark greeting card producer who is one of his designs, Deeds ' hobby, wants to buy. It's the card that he previously wrote for Bennett.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character Comments
Adam Sandler Longfellow Deeds Simple country boy who inherits a fortune.
Winona Ryder Babe Bennett / Pam Dawson Journalist who deceives his story in Deeds to be able to publish first.
John Turturro Emilio Lopez Butler in Deeds ' new apartment.
Allen Covert Marty Colleague of Bennett.
Peter Gallagher Chuck Cedar Director of Blake Media.
Jared Harris Mac McGrath Bennetts boss.
Erick Avari Cecil Anderson Blake media's lawyer.
Peter Dante Murph A friend of Deeds in his home village.
Conchata Ferrell Jan Bazin of the pizza store where Deeds works.
Harve Presnell Preston Blake Founder of Blake Media and-by no one conscience-uncle of Deeds.
Steve Buscemi Crazy Eyes A friend of Deeds in his home village.
John McEnroe themselves Takes Deeds in tow in New York.

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