Mothra (モスラ, Mosura) is a 1961 Japanese film . The film was produced by Toho Studios, and directed by Ishirō Honda. The special effects were in the hands of Eiji Tsuburaya.

The film introduces the monster Mothra, which soon grew into a Toho's's best known and most popular kaiju.


[hide]*1 Story


The film begins with a expeditiecrew who travels to a remote island, where they meet a primitive tribe. When one of the crew members are to the outside, the deity of the tribe in order to expel them.

Meanwhile, in the waters around the island, Roliscaanse is a boat that had to carry out nuclear test surprised by a typhoon. A rescue mission is launched quickly, and four of the ship alive. All they seem to be in good health. They claim that this is due to a special juice that the Islanders have given them. The story is handled by Zenichiro journalist and photographer Michi Hanamura.

The Embassy of Rolisca proposes a partnership with the Japanese for to the island to investigate thoroughly. Led by the capitalist Clark Nelson travels another group to the island. Among them are anthropologist Shin'ichi Chūjō radiation expert Dr. Harada and Chūjō has studied the tribe on the island., and some of their ancient texts translated. He discovers it, among other things, the description of a being called "Mothra".The team discovered on the island a lot of mutated flora and fauna, due to the atomic tests that have been held around the island. They also come two small humanoid creatures that imagine if the Shobijin. They ask the expedition members to cease further nuclear tests. The team leaves and decides these discoveries to keep for itself.

Nelson, however, returns back to the island and kidnapped the Shobijin. As he plans to make the two to an attraction, as both the Shobijin the Islanders call the goddess Mothra to. Fukuda, Hanamura, and Chūjō communicate with the Shobijin via telepathy, and discover so that Mothra will come to Tokyo soon. On the island comes from a giant egg, and the giant crawler that comes out swims towards Japan. Fukuda is trying to liberate the Shobijin, but Nelson is supported by the Rolisican Embassy.

Mothra arrives in Tokyo and it appears insensitive to the weapons that the army against its commitment. Soon pupates in the ruins of Tokyo to her adult form. More and more people turn against Nelson and demands that he let go before the Shobijin Mothra everything destroyed. He flees away however to Rolisica, Mothra but follows him. She starts to destroy New Kirk City In Rolisica, while police are searching feverishly to Nelson. They find him, and it comes to a vuurgewecht where Nelson is shot. The Shobijin be released, after which they cease its destruction Mothra calls. Mothra leaves along with the Shobijin weather to the island.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character
Frankie Sakai Journalist Senichiro ' Sen-chan ' Fukuda (AKA: ' Bulldog ')
Hiroshi Koizumi Dr. Shin'ichi Chūjō
Kyoko Kagawa Photographer Michi Hanamura
Ken Uehara Dr. Harada
Emi Ito Shobijin
Yumi Ito Shobijin
Jerry Ito Clark Nelson
Takashi Shimura News Editor
Tetsu Nakamura Nelson's Henchman
Akihiro Tayama Shinji Chūjō
Obel Wyatt Dr. Roff
Akihiko Hirata Doctor
Seizaburo Kawazu General
Yoshifumi Tajima Military Advisor
Robert Dunham Rolisican Cop



Mothra was the first Kaiju film did that distance of the classic horror genre. In contrast to previous movies like Godzilla (1954), Godzilla Raids Again (1955), and Rodan (1956) Mothra had a much lighter undertone. It was released in Japan as the first in which not the sample, but one of the human characters has the role of the villain.

The fictional Rolisca nation, which plays a major role in the film, is clearly based on the United States and Russia. The city of New Kirk City shown influences from New York City.

American version[Edit]Edit

The film was also released in 1962 in Amerikan. The film received generally good reviews there, although some critics were less to talk about the movie.

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