Moonraker is the third James Bond Book written by Ian Fleming in 1955. In 1979 , the book was made into a film by EON Productions. The role of James Bond was played by Roger Moore and the film was directed by Lewis Gilbert. Because science fiction films were found to be very successful in this film Bond went to space, while in the original book Bond just hit the earth remains.


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As a Moonraker space shuttle is stolen during shipping to the United Kingdom on top of a transport aircraft, James Bond is sent by M on research. The introduction for the beginning title contains both the in flames of the plane during the theft of the Moonraker as South Africa tied it in from another plane is pushed without parachute by Jaws, an assassin who first appeared in The Spy Who Loved Me. After this to have survived (by the parachute to an opponent's packs) comes Bond back at the headquarters inLondon where he is informed by M over the current crisis: the shuttle was on loan from the US Government, and therefore have to be detected. Bond must begin his research by Sir Hugo Drax, whose information to look for when company is the supplier of the space shuttles for the u.s. Government. Bond tries to meet him on his estate and at its factory in California.

At Drax Industries is Bond apparently welcomed by Drax and his henchman Chang, which is sent out immediately, however, to ensure that Bond "something nasty happens to". Bond also meets Dr. Holly Goodhead, a scientist who for Drax works and which put him in a centrifuge , which allows him Chang in "something nasty" to let happen to run by him too fast around. As Bond has also survived this he realizes that Drax wants to have it out of the way. at night he sneaks with the help of Drax ' pilote Corrine Dufour Drax's Office inside and finds there blueprints for a glass bottle that is made in Venice . The next morning Bond leaves California and goes on his way to Venice, but not for getting back to escaped an assassination attempt. Drax has since learned of through Chang Corrines betrayal and let his hunting dogs on her loose.

In Venice is visiting Bond the glass factory of Drax, where he met Dr. Goodhead again and finds out that she is actually an agent for the CIA and spying on Drax. Bond discovered a secret laboratory and finds out that the glasses are manufactured there, be filled with a liquid. The glasses are stopped in a sphere. There is a broken bottle and the scientists die on the spot, while the test rats live. After this discovery falls Chang tied to. In battle with Chang discovered Bond that the bulbs are going to be shipped to Rio de Janeiro. After Chang sends Bond to have killed an alarm message to M and to defense minister Frederick Gray. However, upon entering the laboratory shows disappeared and Gray demands that Bond of the case is extracted; Bond, however, has a tube gif saved, which gives him "leave" M so he can continue the case.

In Rio de Janeiro will Bond with the local agent Manuela looking for Drax ' warehouse, Middle during the Carnival, where they are attacked by Jaws, who has since been adopted by Drax as Chang's replacement. The warehouse is virtually empty. Bond comes Dr. Goodhead again against the Sugar Loaf Mountain. If they go down with thecable car again falls Jaws again. Jaws captures bone and deposit with the cable car system in a building. There he meets a small blonde girl, Dolly-the two are prompt in love. Goodhead is still captured by Drax's men, but Bond escapes. Q has since discovered that the liquid is a nerve agent that only kills people and keep intact plants and animals. The gas is extracted from a rareOrchid that grows in the jungles of Amazon. Bond goes on research, is attacked by Jaws again at a large waterfall and finally discovered a secret base by Drax in an ancient Indian city. There he meets a lot of gorgeous women he rather as guests or employees of Drax has seen. Bond is captured and locked up in a room together with Dr. Goodhead. Drax launches its 6 Moonraker space shuttles: one had unforeseen defects, so was the theft of Moonraker 5, with Drax itself on board, it will scorch them. However, Bond and Goodhead escape via an air exhaust and to overpower the pilots know of Moonraker 6. Bond and Goodhead fly into space and discover that the space shuttle is filled with handsome, young men and women, which Bond compares with the Noah's Ark.

The Moonrakers Lakes with a large radar invisible, for the space station that Drax has built. Bond and Goodhead sabotaging the Anti-radar system but are captured by Jaws. Drax reveals that he wants to use the bulbs with nerve gas to wipe out mankind and to found a new world order, in which all people physically perfect. Bond points out that such an order will be no place for non-perfect, on which Jaws (also because of Dolly) choose the side of Bond. Meanwhile, the space station has become visible on the radar and the Americans launch a space shuttle with military to destroy the space station. It comes to a fight with laser guns in space, which the Americans penetrate into the space station. Bond know Drax in the Airlock with a poison pill in the chest to shoot, then the dying Drax in an airlock allows him and pushes the float. Bond and Goodhead in Moonraker 5 take and go behind the three spheres that Drax still launched in front of the station is destroyed. Jaws and Dolly escape also. Bond knows the Bakir to destroy with the laser on the Moonraker. At the end is there video made contact with the Moonraker, in which the images also in the White House and will be screened in Buckingham Palace . Much to the embarrassment of Minister Gray shows the camera how Bond and Goodhead making love in the shuttle, to Bond the camera notices and it disconnects.

Origin title[Edit]Edit

The title refers to the name of the Moonraker space shuttle type that Drax lets make.

Film Locations[Edit]Edit

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character
Roger Moore James Bond
Bernard Lee M
Lois Maxwell Miss Moneypenny
Desmond Llewelyn Q
Lois Chiles Dr. Holly Goodhead
Michael Lonsdale Sir Hugo Drax
Richard Kiel Jaws
Toshiro Suga Chang
Walter Gotell General Gogol
Geoffrey Keen Frederick Gray

Film Music[Edit]Edit

The title song of the film, Moonraker, was sung by Shirley Bassey. It is the third time a Bond film theme song that she sings. She also sang the title song of Goldfinger and Diamonds Are Forever. The music was again composed by John Barry.

  1. Moonraker (Main Title)
  2. Space Laser Battle
  3. Miss Goodhead Meets Bond
  4. Cable Car and Snake Fight
  5. Bond Lured to Pyramid
  6. Flight into Space
  7. Bond Arrives in Rio and Boat Chase
  8. Centrifuge and Corrine Put Down
  9. Bond Smells a Rat
  10. Moonraker (End Title)


  • This is the eleventh Bond film, the fourth with Roger Moore in the lead role.
  • Moonraker was made to the success of films such as Star Wars to be able to match.
  • The laboratory of Drax in Venice has an electronic lock that opens with the same tune as in the greeting of the spaceship in the film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)"
  • Jaws has also been seen in The Spy Who Loved Me.
  • Bernard Lee played the character M for the last time.
  • This is the second film in which Bond in the opening scene a parachute used. The valscène was recorded in very short shots, because the stunt men after a few seconds, their coats had to alter to their hidden parachutes to open quickly.
  • Moonraker is parodied in many television series and films, including The SimpsonsAustin Powers 2 and in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine .
  • Moonraker was taken up in FranceGreat BritainItalyUnited StatesBrazil and Argentina.
  • Christopher Wood wrote a book based on the movie Moonraker. Because a lot of the film differed from the original book by Ian Fleming, the book seems of Wood too little on that of Fleming.
  • Tom Mankiewicz has previously already written the script for Moonraker . This script was not used. Portions of that script are later used for other Bond films, including the messengooiende twins for Octopussy and for the Eiffel Tower scene for A View to a Kill .
  • Moonraker would originally be made after On Her Majesty's Secret Service .
  • Already in 1955 has sold the film rights for Moonraker Fleming to a UK company, namely, Rank Organisationfor £ 10,000. Four years later he bought the rights back again, without Rank had done what ever with the story.
  • Lois Chiles (Dr. Holly Goodhead) was been asked before to in The Spy Who Loved Me to play the role of Anya Amasova. She has then refused because they, for personal reasons, had temporarily halted her career.

Book and film[Edit]Edit

  • The story of the film has barely what to do with the novel. In the novel wished Drax with a rocket to bomb London, while he was in the movie from a space-station wants to destroy humanity.
  • Hugo Drax is a Naziin the novel while he was in the film dreams of a superras (though not on racist grounds, but rather on beauty ideals).
  • In the novel tries to kill Bond and Gala Drax Fire by them under the outlet of the taping: in the film Moonraker happens this also, though the Moonraker here no rocket but a space shuttle.
  • Even the name of the Bond girl does not match: in the movie is called them Holly Goodhead and Gala in the novel fire.

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