Monster House is an American animated movie from 2006, directed by Gil Kenan. The Executive producers of the film were Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg. This makes this their first cooperation project since Back to the Future Part III. The characters in the movie are made using motion capture .


[hide]*1 Story


A guy named D.J. holds regular the House of his neighbor across the street, Mr. Nebbercracker, into the holes. Mr. Nebbercracker is known as a grumpy old man who anyone who puts a foot on his property with violence drives out, and children's toys that ends up accidentally takes on his property. When the basketball of D.J. 's friend, Charles "Chowder", ends up on Mr. Nebbercrackers site and try to get him back D.J., he is confronted by Mr. Nebbercracker. Mr. Nebbercracker tries to scare, but then suddenly drops D.J. in each other as a result of a stroke. While he is taken away by an ambulance , there is a golden key out of his pocket.

D.J. soon discovers that the key fits Mr. Nebbercracker's House. Along with Chowder and his girlfriend Jenny, he explores the House. However, the three get the fright of their lives when they discover that the House is a living creature, which feeds people. They go to an arcade amusement arcade, and ask advice from a to video games addict nicknamed Skull man. According to him, the House called a "domus mactibilis", a home that is created when a human soul blends with the building materials of a House. Of course the three conclude that Mr. Nebbercracker died, and the House is now owned by his spirit. According to Skull may be a "domus mactibilis" can only be destroyed by destroying the heart of it.

The children make a doll filled with medications in the hope the House for drugging. Their plan works. Then they go to inside. In the House do they a new shocking discovery: they find the body of a huge woman, which is entirely in cement is poured. Then wake up the House again and the three are forced to flee.

They unexpectedly come out against Mr. Nebbercracker, who apparently still not has died of his stroke. He explains the situation from them: the woman in the cement is his wife, Constance. He found her years ago when she had to act against her will in a freak show. He helped her escape, and wanted to build a new life with her. Together they built the House. Constance, however, was constantly the butt of children away because of her huge figure. One day it ran horribly wrong when they tried to dislodge a number of children, but lost her balance and ended up in a concrete mixer . Mr. Nebbercracker couldn't get her on time release, and she died. He decided in memory of her out of the House yet to build, but when it was suddenly began to act like a living being. Constance's spirit apparently had taken possession of the House. Mr. Nebbercracker soon realizes that the House is fed with people. In order to protect the local residents against the House, he did everything to keep them there in the neighborhood would come. That is why he always so behaved to against everyone.

Then Mr. Nebbercracker reveals that he secretly what dynamite has taken around the House to blow up. The House, however, notice this, and breaks loose from his Foundation. It haunts the children and Mr. Nebbercracker to a construction site. Eventually the House D.J. succeeds there to blow up. After the explosion see D.J., Chowder and Jenny in the dust clouds as the spirit of Constance, who dances with Mr. Nebbercracker and then disappears. Mr. Nebbercracker thanks D.J. that he and Constance after 45 years has finally released. At the end of the film he gives back all the stuff that he has taken in recent years.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character
Mitchel Musso D.J.
Sam Lerner Chowder
Spencer Locke Jenny
Steve Buscemi Nebbercracker
Maggie Gyllenhaal Sea
Jason Lee Bones
Kevin James Landers
Nick Cannon Lister
Catherine O'Hara Mother
Fred Willard Father
Jon Heder Reginald ' Skull ' Skulinski
Kathleen Turner Constance



All the characters in the film are drawn on the basis of real actors using motion capture. This process, also called "performance capture" called, was previously applied by Robert Zemeckis in the film The Polar Express. However, as criticism that movie got there that the characters looked too realistic for an animated film, the producers decided to cartoonachtiger the characters to draw something for Monster House.

The trailer of the film includes music by the film Beetlejuice, but Monster House has no connections with that movie.


The film grossed $ 140.175.006 worldwide on.

The film was generally well received by critics. On Rotten Tomatoes the film 74% to positive reviews. Still, critics also believed that the film may be too scary for the target audience, and that was a "PG-13 rating" would be more appropriate for the film.

References to other films[Edit]Edit

  • The opening scene, in which a leaf of a tree is blown and ends up on the ground, is equal to the opening of the movie Forrest Gump, in which one sees in the same way a feather fall.
  • Another reference to Forrest Gump is the scene in which Chowder calls "Jenny, I've always loved you". This sentence is taken from Forrest Gump.
  • In the movie a face drawn on Chowders basketball. This is reminiscent of Wilson the volleyball from the movie Cast Away .

Awards and nominations[Edit]Edit

year price category nominated (n) rash
2006 CFCA Award Most Promising Director Gil Kenan nominated
FFCC Award Best animated feature - won
Sierra Award Best animated feature - won
World Soundtrack Award Discovery of the Year Douglas Pipes nominated
2007 Academy Award Best animated film of the year Gil Kenan nominated
Saturn Award Best animated feature - nominated
Best music Douglas Pipes
Best performance by a younger actor Mitchel Musso
Annie Award Best animated feature - nominated
Best Director for an animation movie Gil Kenan
Best voice actor for an animated film Maggie Gyllenhaal
Sam Lerner
Spencer Locke
Best script for an animated film Dan Harmon, Rob Schrab, Pamela Pettler
Critics Choice Award best animated feature - nominated
Golden Globe best animated feature - nominated
OFCS Award Best animation - nominated
Motion Picture Producer of the Year Award Animated film Steve Starkey, Jack Rapke nominated

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