Miranda is a British comedy television series by the BBC which was coined by Miranda Hart, who also plays the title role. The feuilleton is based partly on Miranda's biographical writings and the resulted Miranda Hart's Joke Shopradio series. The series has gotten a lot of positive criticism and Miranda Hart won the Royal Television Society in 2009 as best actress in the category ' comedy '.

The series has been running since 1 January 2011 on the Flemish channel one; in Netherlands is they since 17 June of that year broadcast by the NTR on Netherlands 3.


Miranda (Miranda Hart) is 1.85 m tall and pretty looking. As a result, many people speak her up with "Sir". Since the boarding school she has never really heard somewhere. She avoids social contacts and men. Her mother Penny is always disappointed in her and want her to a good job and man finds. Although Miranda has her own shop in fopartikelen, she is not competent. That is why her school girlfriend Stevie (Sarah Hadland) previously the manager of the case. The nearby restaurant is run by Chef Gary (Tom Ellis), who secretly has a crush on Miranda, and waiter Clive (James Holmes).


The mounting of the series takes place in two distinct parts. On the one hand there is the story that is shown as almost every other sitcom. In addition, there are Miranda's continuous thoughts. She says this during the story aloud and then speaks directly into the camera on a slightly different tone.

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