Midsomer Murders (for the first time broadcast by ITV in England on 23 March 1997) is a British detective series, set in the fictional County of Midsomer English . The first episodes are based on the novels of Caroline Graham. After original scripts were used.


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In the picturesque villages of Midsomer, reminiscent of Agatha Christies Miss Marple and her St. Mary Meadmurders regularly find place. The murders and a host of other crimes must be solved by the detectives Barnaby and Troy (Barnaby and Scott from series 7 and Barnaby and Jones from Series 9), that behind the facade of the idyllic village community diving on the eye and bring out things that do not tolerate daylight.

The screenplays in the early years were provided by Anthony Horowitz and among other things Douglas Watkinson, and it stars John Nettles and Daniel Casey (Barnaby) (Troy). Daniel Casey fulfilled that role from 1997 to 2003 in in 29 episodes of the series. He was then replaced by John Hopkins who would play the role of DS Than Scott in the episodes 30 to 43. Then it was the turn of Jason Hughes as DC Ben Jones starting from Episode 44 to date has become the regular contributor to Barnaby. Jane Wymark Joyce Barnaby – the wife plays Tom Barnaby-a role it plays as early as 1997. Laura Howard is also in the series-since 1997-Cully Barnaby the daughter of Tom Barnaby. The role of the pathologist Dr George Bullard is in almost the entire series played by Barry Jackson.

The rights to broadcast the series have been sold to more than 220 countries, among other things to the United StatesNetherlandsAustraliaBelgiumChinaFranceand Spain. Guest roles were played by Orlando BloomPrunella ScalesBruce AlexanderHaydn GwynneGeorge BakerJames CosmoTimothy WestPhilip Davis,Stephen Moyer and Jeroen Krabbé.

End 2010 keeps John Nettles after 81 episodes it, then turn the series continued without him. Its last episode was on display at the KRO in Netherlands on June 8, 2011.His role is taken over by Neil Dudgeon, known from the crime series Messiah. He's going to play as John Barnaby-a cousin of Tom Barnaby.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

  • Present:
    • Chiefinspector Detective John Barnaby- Neil Dudgeon (since 2010)
    • Sergeant Charlie Nelson-Gwilym Lee (since 2013)
    • Sarah Barnaby- Fiona Dolman (since 2011)
    • Dr. Kate Wilding-Tamzin Malleson (since 2011)
  • Former:


So far, ITV 100 episodes aired in the United Kingdom.

Original stories After more than twenty years has published the fountain the rights on Caroline Graham's books of Inspector Barnaby bought and will translate them into the Dutch. The first part, ' murder in Badger's Drift ', will be published on april 10, 2008, and so it seems that Midsomer Murders an even greater fame will acquire under Dutch/Flemish detective fans. The fountain also are counting on a large audience for the seven-part book series.

Dutch-language books:

Caroline Graham, murder at Badger's Drift, 2007 (ISBN 978 90 261 2363 4) English-language books:

Caroline Graham, The Killing at Badger's Drift, 1987 (ISBN 0-7472-3233-4) Caroline Graham, Death of a Hollow Man, 1989 (ISBN 0-7472-3350-0) Caroline Graham, Death in Disguise, 1993 (ISBN 0-7472-3974-6) Caroline Graham, Written in Blood, 1995 (ISBN 0-7472-4664-5) Caroline Graham, Faithful unto Death, 1998 (ISBN 0-7472-4970-9) Caroline Graham, A Place of Safety, 1999 (ISBN 0-312-24419-3) Caroline Graham, Ghost in the Machine, 2004 (ISBN 0-7553-0770-4) Jeff Evans and John Nettles, Midsomer Murders: The Making of An English Crime Classic, 2003 (ISBN 0-7134-8768-2) DVDs Since 2004 the series in Netherlands and Flanders also on dvd. Currently season 1-16 are available with subtitles and (sometimes) extras. They are being made available by a Belgian-Dutch publishing house, nl. Lime-Lights. Their goal is to bring out 2 seasons per year.

GE Fabbri Official since January 2008 also brings ' The Midsomer Murders DVD collection "checkbox. This is a magazine with info and facts about the series that accompanied an episode. This is still a great success in England and France.

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