Mariel Margaret Hamm ("Mia") (Selma (Alabama)17 March 1972) is a former American football player. She has a lot of respect earned from football experts and fans behind itself has a large runs and recharges in the USA. Hamm played there seventeen years in the national team. After she was stopped, she became the best female soccer player ever, because they had become player of the year twice (in 2001 and 2002). A year after they stopped, however, this record was broken by the GermanBirgit Prinz, who won in 20032004 and 2005.


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Hamm is one of four daughters of a air force pilot and was born in Alabama. She lived at several places before her family moved to Wichita Falls in Texas. Her parents later adopted two boys, including the older Garrett. He stimulated her athletic interests. Babu died in 1996 to a bone disease. Hamm is married to baseball player Nomar Garciaparra of the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Earlier years[Edit]Edit

When Hamm was twelve, she played football in the school team, but they played it not often. Later she moved to Nothern Virginia to close her high school to the Lake Braddock Secondary School. She lived there first at family, the rest of the family followed her a year later. She was the youngest player ever, at 15 years, on the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill. Here she was called, ' Jordan ' to another athlete of this Michael JordanUniversity. They helped the University's four victories in five years (they did not participate in 1991 to concentrate on the World Championships in China). She was elected best player of the last three years the female soccer players.

Later years[Edit]Edit

Hamm and her team members In 1991 won the FIFA Women's World Cup the first time with Hamm. They did this along with Michelle AkersBrandi ChastainJoy Fawcettand Kristine Lilly. Hamm became the youngest American who won the World Cup. She was only nineteen.

Hamm In 1993, was a member of the national school team. They lost against China in the final and got the silver medal. She was top scorer with six goals. When she left her school she had a record, with 103 goals and 72 assists and a total of 278 points.

She received numerous awards during her career as a football star. Among other things, she won five years in a row (1994-1998) the price of the best female footballer of the us. They also came for in the list of 50 most beautiful people by People Magazine in 1997. She won three times in a row a ESPY-price, once for footballer of the year and the other two for sports star of the year.

Hamm won In 1996, and the rest of the national team of the United States the gold medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics. The match was watched by 80,000 spectators in Athens in Georgia. That was when the record for most spectators at a women's match. Hamm and her teammates defeated China to win the gold medal.

Nike In 1999 called the largest building in their campus to Hamm. That same year Hamm and her team members won the World Cup. The game was viewed by more people than the Olympic final in Atlanta. More than 90,000 people viewed this game in the Rose Bowl.

Also the Mia Hamm Foundation, began In 1999 they gave money to botonderzoek and helped set up sports programs for women. She was inspired for sport by her adoptive brother Garrett. He died shortly after the Olympic Games in 1996 at a bone disease.

She married first with Christiaan Corry in 1994. However, they were both often absent, he was a Marinepiloot, they often had to play matches. They divorced in 2001. On 22 november 2003 Norman Garciaparra and Hamm were married baseball player in Santa Barbara in California. There were a few hundred guests. On 14 may 2004 , she made her stop known after the 2004 Summer Olympics. They wanted a family with Garciaparra. At the end of her career she enjoyed to meet many fans, mainly young girls.

In March 2004, Hamm and former teammate Michelle Akers were the only two women and the only two Americans who were on the FIFA 100, a list of the 125 greatest living soccer players selected by Pelé and assisted by the FIFA for their centenary.

In a friendly against Australia on June 21, Hamm scored her 150th international 2004 goal. She held this record long for each player, male or female. This contest was also her international 259ste come true, just her team member Kristine Lilly came out more often in an international competition.

She helped her team to the gold medal at the Olympics in 2004. She was also chosen to carry the American flag at the end of these games. After the Olympics, Hamm and her team members did a farewell tour, this was completed on december 8, 2004 against Mexico. In this match, which the u.s. won 5-0, Hamm made two assists. At half time, she exchanged her shirt, one with ' Hamm ' on the back became one with ' Garciaparra ' on the back. Hamm closed her career with 158 international goals, which was then more than fifty more than any other player (male or female). She made 276 assists, second behind Kristine Lilly.

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