Memphis Belle is a 1990 American film, directed by Michael Caton-Jones and written by Monte Merrick, starring Matthew ModineEric Stoltz and Harry Connick Jr. Also among other Billy ZaneSean Astin and John Lithgow played in the movie. For Harry Connick, Jr. was his film debut.

The film is based on the 1944out documentary , Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress by William Wyler, on the 25th and last mission of a- B-17bomber, theMemphis Belle, which was stationed in England during the Second World War. This film was created in 1990 by the daughter of Wyler and is dedicated to her father.

The film music of George Fenton was nominated for a BAFTA Award.


As their 25th and last mission Gets the crew of the Memphis Belle to bomb a factory in Bremen (Germany). First, the mission cancelled because there are clouds over hang out but then the mission started. Some people of the crew think that their luck is out and they will die during this last and dangerous mission.

The first time they fly over the target it is not visible by clouds that hang over it and fight if they have to throw the bombs now or not. Some crew members want this though so they are from there but the others will have to come back not because than other after their return has not destroyed the factory as the bommenbar. Eventually they drop the bombs so not and make them later turned back and at the second time is the target and drop the bombs so they can be visible.

During the return flight is Danny Daly (Eric Stoltz) hit by enemy fire and discovered. Val Kozlowski (Billy Zane) has to save him but have to admit that he is actually much less knows of medicine than he previously claimed. The crew are considering dropping him with a parachute in German area. Eventually Danny may still remain on board.

Also flies a engine on fire and they should quickly to extinguish the fire. At the last minute is the fire extinguished and they can pull up again to continue flying to England.

On the base in England everyone looks forward to the arrival of the Belle. One by one the bombers come to see inside without the Belle. Many fear that the Memphis Belleis lost and leave all while still looking back one last time and one person hear a sputtering engine. Everyone is happy to see the Memphis Belle and also the crew itself that they are almost at home. While the pilot the landing gear dropped one of the wheels. There is nothing but one wheel run there manually otherwise they may crash.The different crew members all run to the wheel that the aircraft wheel casts out. A few seconds before landing is pushed completely out the wheel right.

The complete crew eventually survives the last mission and get a lot of respect (also for each other). The film is dedicated to all the young men (both Allied and German) who flew and fought in the second world war.

Historical correctness[Edit]Edit

In reality it was the goal of the last mission of the Memphis Belle the German city of Kiel. The events in the film are based on occurrences of the real crew that happened during different missions.

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