Melissa & Joey is an American television series of the ABC Familychannel, starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joseph Lawrence. The series is broadcast in America since 2010 and follows the story of politician Mel Burke and her nanny Joe Longo. The first episode was In Netherlands on 5 september 2011 broadcast by Comedy Central.


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[1][2]From left to right: Melissa & Joey-creator David Kendall, Taylor Spreitlercast members,Joseph LawrenceMelissa Joan Hart and Nick Robinson and producer Paula Hart.

Mel is a member of the Board of the local municipality and comes from a political family. Thanks to a family scandal, Mel takes her niece nephew Lennox and Ryder in her home. Meanwhile, millions of Joe's company went bankrupt and he is looking for work. Mel takes him on as a babysitter.

Heart and Lawrence were in the 90 's in well-known series played: Lawrence in Blossom and heart in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In Melissa & Joey is a number of references to this series.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Leading Roles[Edit]Edit

  • Melissa ' Mel ' Burke (Melissa Joan Hart) is a city councillor in ToledoOhio. When she was young, she partied a lot and she was irresponsible, but now she cares for her niece and nephew because their mother (her sister Meredith) was arrested because of money laundering and their father disappeared in order not to be picked up for Ponzi scheme.
  • Joseph "Joe" P. Longo (Joseph Lawrence) is a former businessman who lost his job, money and marriage due to the Ponzi scheme of Mels brother-in-law. He applied eventually to Mel as sitters and domestic worker to go to work.
  • Lennox Elizabeth Scanlon (Taylor Spreitler) is a free-spirited, artistic girl.
  • Ryder Scanlon (Nick Robinson) is the youngest member of the family.

Supporting Roles[Edit]Edit

  • Stephanie Krause (Lucy DeVito) is Mels Assistant. She is hyperactive and very loyal and let often find that they have an eye on Joe.
  • Tiffany Longo (Megan Hilty) is Joe's ex-wife, who first appears in Episode 13. Occasionally come Joe and Tiffany back together.
  • Holly Rebeck (Rachel g. Fox) is aggressive, dominating Ryders girlfriend. She is often manipulative, jealous and vain and Ryder often does what they expected of him. In the beginning of the third season known Holly it with Ryder was part had come, after she found out that he had smoked cannabis during a school trip.


  • A year before the broadcast of the first episode of Melissa & Joey were lead actors Melissa Joan Hart and Joseph Lawrence to see together if the main characters in the romantic movie comedy My Fake Fiance .

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