Maureen Catherine Connolly Brinker (San Diego september 17, 1934 - DallasTexas June 21 1969) was an American tennis player. Her greatest achievement was winning the Grand Slam, all four grand slam tournaments in 1953, as the first female tennis player. They achieved this with just one lost set in all four tournaments.

On 20 July 1954 she got a round of horse riding times an accident with a truck, leaving her right leg was shattered. This made her tennis career ended abruptly at the age of 19. 12 years later, in 1966, was there with her cancer diagnosed. She died after a long fight against the disease at the age of 34 in Dallas.

In 1987 Connolly was inducted into the international Tennis Hall of Fame.

There is an American tennis tournament named after her, the Maureen Connolly Brinker Cup, an international tournament between the United States and Great Britain for girls under the age of 21.

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