Marathon Man is a paranoia thriller from Director John Schlesinger's 1976 . The film stars Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier. The film is based on the novel of the same name by writer William Goldman, which the book itself into a scenario.

Marathon Man was nominated for an Academy Award and two BAFTA's and won a Golden Globe.


[hide]*1 Story


In New York City is a series of mysterious murders take place. The members of the secret government organization The Division are killed one by one. Thomas "Babe"Levy is a final-year student, and also a very good runner, who sees how his brother Doc, who is a member of The Division, is killed. Babe gets swept up in the mystery and discovers that doctor Christian Szell is behind the murders.

Szell is a dentist and a former Nazi. During the Second World War he had stolen diamonds in the Auschwitz concentration camp by Jewish prisoners. Szell disappeared after the war and is now trying to sell his diamonds in the United States . When he kidnaps Babe and questions, he uses dental torture techniques to Babe.

Babe can happily escape, but notice that he can trust no one. Everyone seems to work in the service of Szell. Szell tries to sell his diamonds in the meantime. When he walk around in a Jewish neighborhood, seem to recognize some elderly former Nazi. Szell panicked and did everything as fast as possible from disappearing. When later he is himself kidnapped by Babe, who required to go to Central Park to go. The two men descend into a large pump installation. Babe required Szell to, as much as possible diamonds in to swallow. Szell hesitates and tries to kill Babe. It comes to a fight in which Babe raises the diamonds in the water eventually. Szell jumps Chase and ends up as hopeless the precious diamonds on his own knife. Szell dies and Babe runs away without looking back.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

[1][2]Dustin Hoffman scored well in 1976 at the box office with the movie Marathon Man and All the President's Men .*Dustin Hoffman - Babe


Golden Globes


Academy Awards


Golden Globes


  • After the movie, there were some rumors about the bad relationship between the two protagonists, Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier. This so-called bad relationship was a lie that, according to Hoffman, distributed by screenwriter William Goldman. The reason why he did this, was because Hoffman Director John Schlesinger had persuaded to not the end of the book that Goldman itself had written, but the end that Hoffman suggested to use.
  • After several test screenings was the torture scene was cut short because they are too nauseating.
  • The character Christian Szell is based on Josef Mengele.
  • Dustin Hoffman wanted the role so that he could work together again with John Schlesinger. The two previously worked together on even if Midnight Cowboy (1969).
  • Hoffman had to walk for his role a lot. In preparation for he ran some 6 à 7 km/day, making him about 6 kg of weight lost.
  • Jean-Pierre Aumont and George Cukor were considered for the role that eventually went to Laurence Olivier.
  • Al Pacino reportedly wanted to like to play the lead role.
  • Producer Robert Evans wanted Laurence Olivier bets, but who suffered from a serious illness. Olivier was nevertheless chosen and fought in the end even more than 10 years with the disease before dying in1989 .

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