Man about the house was a television series in the 1970s that in six seasons was broadcast by ITV . In Netherlands under the title ' Man on the floor '.


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The episodes more about Chrissy and Jo, two single girls of around twenty who rent a floor the couple George and Mildred Roper. They are looking for a replacement for their departed fellow rent star, to be able to pay the rent.

The ad comes a young man, Robin, af. In particular, George has serious problems that a guy (Robin) at two ladies are going to live. Jo and Chrissy see Robin after some consideration now be, also because he is studying for Cook-and so can cooking. To George to agree with the idea, they say that Robin homophile is. George kicks in it and agrees, but his wife does have by that a white lie is. However, she has no problem with that, because they will find a nice guy Robin and sneaky-completely non reciprocal-cherishes feelings for him.

George is the u, born unemployed person, he has no job, but a comrade, Jerry, a notorious European roller, who prefers at old demented ladies their grandfather clocks want to exchange it for another actress to play goldfish etc. for Larry, the Bachelor who inhabits the attic of the House.

Robin has a great interest in Chrissy, but it never gets what between the two. Chrissy is a serious girl, that Robin losbollig finds. The series ends with the episode that Chrissy calculated married the brother of Robin, Norman. Robin leaves than from the flat, only cohabitation with Jo is not. If he start his moped, look up once more to the window behind which they have experienced so much together, and then drive the street alone, is this, despite the comic character of the series, a striking wistful end.


' Man about the house ' exposed on the comic complications in this household. Complete with love adventures, troubles at work, at school, with parents, and so on. The homey scenes follow each other in fairly high pace. The contrasting household of George and Mildred Roper, one floor down and one generation older, provides extra depth to.

The stories of ' Man about the house in the then current 1970s ' play completely. Setting and dialogues come with it match. The theme of living together-with-three gold at the time as daring.

Actors and actresses[Edit]Edit

Fixed characters

Regularly recurring roles


' Man about the house ' is also the title of an English pocket book about this series. Describes many stories from the first two seasons almost literally retold.

Data: writer is Chris Barlas, published by Sphere Books Ltd., London; published in 1977; language: English; ISBN unknown.

Beginning and end[Edit]Edit

The series had two spin-offs: "Robin's Nest" (1977-1981) and "George & Mildred" (1976-1979).

In the first is Robin with a new girlfriend and runs his own bistro. The second series is completely centered on the couple Roper. The series ended in 1980 with a cinema film. A sequel is no longer made, because the actress who played the role of Mildred, Yootha Joyce, died suddenly. Brian Murphy decided out of respect for her (which George played) to stop.


All series are also broadcast in Netherlands. The original and "George and Mildred" are repeated several times.

The series Man about the House is the series which the Dutch series Sam Sam, including John JonesAnne-Mieke Ruyten and Elle van Rijn is based. John played the role of Jimmy (let's say the Dutch Robin), Chris played Anne Mieke (Chrissy) and Elle took over the role of Jo for her account. George & Mildred were called in the Dutch Nol & Straw Brouwer, roles of Jules Royaards and Bea Mad. Previously appeared there also an American remake of Man About the House, titled three's Company .


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