Mad Max is an Australian science fiction film from 1979 under the direction of George Miller. The lead role is played by Mel Gibsonwho, at the time of the premiere was virtually unknown as an actor yet.

The film is based on the western-genre, but takes place in a dystopian future. The film had a great impact on apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction.


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Film Description[Edit]Edit

Max Rockatansky is a policeman in a post-apocalyptic Australia. The power of police and Government breaks down slowly, and take the streets of the cities about motorcycle gangs. A motorcyclist called Crawford "Nightrider" Montizano has escaped the police and tries to escape the Main Force Patrol (MFP), the Federal Highway Police where Max belongs to. Max pursues a Chase that ends in a crash, in which Crawford perish.

Crawfords gang, led by the Toecutter and, is running roughshod over. Max and his fellow officer Jim ' The ' Goose ' fail in one of the members of this gang, Johnny the Boy, arrest. However, he is acquitted by the Court due to lack of witnesses. Jim and Johnny both swear revenge on each other. Johnny first to take revenge, and by his actions ends up Jim in the hospitalseriously injured. When Max sees this, he becomes more and more convinced that the police force no longer capable enough to take action against the motorcycle gangs and that private intervention.

Max decides to take vacations to decide whether he should leave the MFP. During the trip, his wife Jessie and their son are murdered by Toecutter and his gang. This is for Max the drop. He steals a black pursuit car ("black police Interceptor"-a devilish-looking Australian car with great ability) of the MFP to Toecutters gang to deal with his own hand. He urges the members of the gang, one by one and killed them. Max comes not unhurt; his arm is shattered and he is shot several times. Max is getting more violent in his personal war.

Max eventually kills all the members of the gang and sets off to the outback, never to return.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit


Idea and production[Edit]Edit

He worked for Director George Miller was as a medical doctor at a hospital in Victoria, Australia. There he saw many of the types of injuries and fatal accidents that occur in the film.

In 1971 he learned in Melbourne the amateur Filmmaker Byron Kennedy common. Together they made the short film Violence in the Cinema, Part 1, which was shown on a number of film festivals. Eight years later, the duo Mad Max, aided by screenwriter James McCausland. [1]

Miller was of the opinion that the public would find the violent story from the movie more realistic if it took place in a post-apocalyptic future. The film was shot in a period of 12 weeks, starting in december 1978 and ending in February 1979. The film was shot in and around Melbourne. Many of the pursuits with cars were included in Lara. Mad Max was the first Australian film that was shot in anamorphic widescreen. [2]

Mel Gibson, who at the time was virtually unknown as an actor, did together with his classmate Steve Bisley audition for the movie. He was in bad condition because he had had a party the night before where he had drunk too much. As a result, among other things he had bruises and a swollen nose. The producers, however, suitable for the film and found this appearance gave Gibson the role. [3]

Because of the low budget got Gibson for his role as only a coat and pants in real leather. The other characters were wearing vinyl-costumes.


[1][2]Mad Max Interceptor replica[3][4]Replica of the Mad Max Pursuit Special

The cars for the film were regularly reused by painting over them.

Max's yellow interceptor vehicle was a 1974 Ford Falcon 351ci Cleveland V8 , with engine and other modifications. [4The Big Bopper, Roop and Charlie 's, was also a Ford Falcon, equipped with a 302cid V8. [5The March Hare, by Sarse and Scuttle, was an in-line-six-powered Ford Falcon in 1972. [6]

The most famous car from the movie is Max's black pursuit vehicle, "The Last of The V8 Interceptors". This was a limited edition version of the Ford XB Falcon GT351-made Coupemet from 1973 ' weiand ' air cooler, front and back spoilers and sidepipes. [7]

Of the motorcycles that in the film, there were 14 donated by Kawasaki. All they were adapted for the film by La Parisienne. [8Against the eine of the recordings there were 14 vehicles destroyed.


When the film was first released in the United States, were all the votes at the urging of distributor American International Pictures dubbed. This because it was feared that the public would not accept actors with an Australian accent. The original Australian version was only released in America in 2000.

The film received generally good reviews. The film received 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. [9the film brought $ 100 million worldwide[10on.

Continue on the film[Edit]Edit

In 1981 came the first sequel to this film: Mad Max 2, also known as The Road WarriorMad Max Beyond Thunderdome In 1985 came from, also called called Mad Max 3 .There are plans for a fourth film, which Mad Max: Fury Road would come to be called and even though a 5th movie.

Influences and references[Edit]Edit

Mad Max found in part 1 of the Game "Fallout". For example, there may be in the beginning of the game a leather jacket with only one sleeve that resembles the coat of Mel Gibson in Mad Max 2 (sleeve there is cut off by a doctor, after an engine on his arm reed) be worn as chest protection. In addition, the player can add a dog to his travel companions in Junktown, called "DogMeat" resembling "DOG" (the dog of Max).

Awards and nominations[Edit]Edit

In 1979, "Mad Max" nominated for seven AFI Awards, three of which he won:

  • Best Achievement in Editing – won
  • Best Achievement in Sound – won
  • Best Original Music Score – won
  • Best supporting actor (Hugh Keays-Byrne)
  • Best Director (George Miller)
  • Best film
  • Best screenplay

In 1980 won the Special Jury Award at the Avoriaz Fantastic Film Festival.

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