Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie, stage name Lulu (Lennoxtown (East Dunbartonshire), november 3, 1948) is a Scottish singer.

With her version of Shout! , she had a big hit in 1964. Two years later, she toured Poland and became the first British singer who performed live behind the iron curtain.

In 1967 they starred in the film To Sir, with Love, with the title song from that movie, she scored a number one hit in the United States. In 1969 she performed for theUnited Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Boom bang-a-bang and achieved the 2nd victory for her homeland inside. She had to share that victory with FranceSpain and Netherlands that had as many points, the rules of procedure provided for nothing a tie so that there are multiple winners, the rules of procedure was changed to this in the future. This was followed by The man who sold the world and the title song from the James Bond film The Man with The Golden Gun (1974).

In 1969 , she married Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees; After 4 years ended this marriage childless. In 1977 , she married hairdresser John Frieda, this marriage ended in divorce in 1991. [1With Frieda she got one son, actor Jordan Frieda. [2]

Lulu still performs regularly. In the popular series Absolutely Fabulous , she appeared in several episodes as himself. In 2002 , she was with Ronan Keating in the charts with we've got tonight .


Single (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Top 40

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Boom Bang-a-Bang 1969 1969 19 5
The Man Who Sold The World 1974 1974 13 5
Take Your Mama For A Ride 1975 1975 15 9
Boy Meets Girl 1975 1975 25 4
Relight My Fire (Take That Ft. Lulu) 1993 1993 12 6
We've Got Tonight (Ronan Keating ft. Lulu) 2002 2002 11 10

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