Lois Joanne Lane-Kent is a fictional character from the Superman-comic books published by DC Comics. She was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, and made her debut in Action Comics # 1 (1938).

Lois is an important character in the Superman stories published there in every incarnation they supermans girlfriend is. In the current continuity are the two even married.She is also one of the few who know supermans true identity.


[hide]*1 Creation


Lois ' appearance was originally based on a model hired by Siegel and Shuster named Joanne Carter. Lois ' personality was based on Torchy Blane, a female journalist from a movie series in the 1930s. Lois ' name is submitted by Lola Lane, the actress who played this journalist. [1]


Lois ' appearance and personality are in the 70-year anniversary of Superman changed dramatically. Though she is always an important character in his comics. In the Silver Age , she got even her own comic book series entitled Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane.

Lois ' personality often differs by author, but in most incarnations, she is a tough and driven journalist that nothing or no one out of the way going for a good story. In the oldest comics she was even aggressive. She tries constantly to surpass her fellow journalists.

In the time that Lois didn't already know who Superman really was she had arranged a great rivalry with Clark Kent, although the two often had to work together. They also tried to persuade Superman in that time settled to a steady relationship and her suspicions that Clark and Superman are one and the same were to be confirmed. These topics were arranged the source of running gags in the comics.

In the older publications published wrong Lois settled in danger if plot for a story. Often she came in this situations during her work. This changed in the 60 's when women were given an ever-stronger position in the society. Lois changed then into a stronger person who best could save themselves and settled on solo missions went. In the current comics are only very rarely does it need to be saved.

Lois relationship with Superman has known many hurdles. During the Silver Age of comics got Lois competition of Lana Lang, who also supermans love wild. Superman was also for a long time against the marriage because he feared that this would jeopardise Lois life. Eventually the two are still married. Lois ' experience as a journalist comes Superman handy as they can come up with good excuses about why Clark becoming suddenly leave (like Superman once more is needed).


Lois is the daughter of Ellen and Sam Lane. In the oldest comics were her parents and farmers in town called Pittsdale. In the current continuity, Sam is a retired soldier. Lois in the current comics also has a younger sister named Lucy Lane. Lois is trained by her father in military battles and use of firearms.

In the Golden Age comics, Lois had a niece named Susie Tompkins.

Lois and Clark have after their marriage the adopted son of General Zod , and called him Christopher Kent.

In other media[Edit]Edit

There is a important character Lois Lane in the Superman stories, she plays a role in virtually every edit of Superman.


Lois Lane is a well known character that appears in publications published and also outside the media. Many TV series and films contain references to her. A street in the Metro Detroit area is called "Lois Lane", and also a street in Staten Island 's Corporate Park carries this name.

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