This is a list of Charmed evil beings in.

Charmed is a television series about three sisters who are good and powerful witches, known as the Charmed Ones. In Charmed, there are many bad beings where the sisters have to deal with. This is a list of all the villains, that the Charmed Ones are encountered in the series.


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The demons in the Charmed-mythology are categorized as the amoral, soulless, evil characters, with extremely magical possibilities and dark forces. They spread evil, sadness, fear, distrust, loss of hope and death in itself. The demons here appear in human form, but also have demonic forms. With a few exceptions, these are pure wickedness. The most prominent is the demon Belthazor, which had a soul , by his half-demon, half-man legacy. His alter ego , Cole Turnerwas good, by its coexistence with the Charmed Ones, the protectors of the innocent. The other and only known demon with a soul was the baby demon-beast, which appeared in the sixth season of the series. People can also lose their soul, demons are the main file of their conscience and mortality. There is a demonic training school led by a higher level of demon called: Kellerman. The graduates must immediately the source of evil. Just as people can be trained to lose their humanity, can also be good demons, especially if they remain in an environment surrounded by light and goodness. Just like what happened with Cole Turner.



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These are bad witches in the Charmed mythology. They differ from demons. They can be male or female, but be regarded as second-class citizens in the underworld. A Warlock is its primary objective killing good witches, to steal his or her forces. The first was the Warlock who sisters Piper [25 after] beleaguered fiance Jeremy Burns. No Warlocks are elected to be the source of all evil, because this title directly by origin,magic, or underworld struggle is elected. There has been Allhoewel mutiny by Warlocks as Devlin in ' Muse to my ears and Bacarra in A witch in Time

Main Enemies Per Season[Edit]Edit

Charmed has two or three big story lines per season, about half of these story lines is about a great evil. In Charmed are that:

  • Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster (first half of season 1)
  • The Council (council) (geintroduseert in half of the second season)
  • The triad (The Triad) & Belthazor (first half of season 3)
  • The source of all evil (The source of all evil) ( second half of season 3 & first half of season 4)
  • Cole Turner/Source/Seer (second half of season 4)
  • Coles third demonic life (first half of season 5)
  • Gideon (second half of season 6)
  • The Avatars (first half of season 7)
  • Z-world (second half of season 7)
  • Triad/Dumain/Christy (second half of season 8)

List of primary enemies Charmed[Edit]Edit

  • Avatars: Avatars first appeared in season 5 episode Sam I Am and returned in the 100th episode Centennial Charmed. The Avatars wanted Cole Turner joined them would fit, but it was too late when he was destroyed. Today it is a large reciprocal character in the series, after the Charmed Ones and Leo Wyatt the Avatars have overhauled to help change the world in Utopia, where all the Avatars in decide, were the Avatars do, undo their forced by the Charmed Ones (the power of the ultimate good) and Zankou (leader of the demons). The Avatars are indirectly responsible for the death of Cole Turner and Kyle Brody.
  • Barbas: the demon of fear. He would appear only to the 1,300 years, on Friday the 13th and he kills 13 female witches. When he appears in season 1, he is defeated by the Charmed Ones when turn it on several times to find a possibility to come back and take revenge. He appeared just about in every season but was not a main villain.
  • Belthazor: the demon with a soul and half of Cole Turner. A very strong, but not invincible demon. Belthazor has the ability to ' energy ' shimmeren ' balls ' to throw to, and many other opportunities he has learned or stolen by other demons. Blthazor has a red-black striped body, and was heavier and larger than his human half. He was a feared demon, known to every evil in the underworld. He was behind the Charmed Ones sent by the Triad, which later will be killed by Cole Turner.
  • Cole Turner: Belthazors human half.
  • Rex Buckland: a Warlock who for the Source works, appointed by the Council, in order to kill the Charmed Ones starting with the oldest sister Prue Halliwell. He and his companion Hannah Webster arose as the new owners of Buckland's auction house. And has the power of ' astral projection ' and ' morphing '. They have tried to steal the powers of the sisters, but that didn't work, there the sisters got their WhitelighterLeo Wyatt's help
  • Gideon: one of the most powerful forces Elsewhere with multiple including: invisibility, telekinesis, mind projection, telepathy, combustion, molucalar ' shape shifting ', molecular immobilization. Gideon is the founder of Magic School, and assigned as head of Magic School where young magical beings are trained how to make their forces must learn to use. Even supporter and advocate of the marriage of Leo Wyatt and Piper Halliwell changes its attitude drastically with the birth of Wyatt Halliwell. He harbored the fear that the forces that would make him corrupt and bad possession, Wyatt, why he conceived the plan to destroy Wyatt.
  • Saeed: a very strong higher level of demon and personal assassin of the Source, and therefore a very dangerous enemy. Saeed has the power to travel in a tornado with the strength to very strong energy to summon death he blasts his victims. He death roll back time after Prue Halliwell Tempus .
  • The Seer: a very wise demon of a higher level, which in the future can look. She has served many sources of evil and death not only if they are challenged.
  • Triad: a group of three high demons, they are high on the hierarchical ladder directly under the Source. When she knows of the existence of the Charmed Ones they started to send them to kill demons. The members of the triad consists of three men who look human but with black eyes and no eyes. They are disabled by Cole Turner. However, the Triad back In season 8.
  • the source: the name of the ruler of the underworld, named in episode 15, season 2. He is the boss of the underworld and all evil creatures, has a battered face with a tribal tattoo. He is the greatest enemy of theCharmed Ones and sends many demons to deal with the sisters. His biggest success is the death of Prue Halliwell. He is finally destroyed by the Charmed Ones. Cole turner is by a list just as his successor, and destroyed by the Charmed Ones in season 8 is the first Source called back to life by a demon, but again destroys by the Charmed Ones
  • Hannah Webster: Rex ' lover and companion in Buckland's. A lower level of Warlocks with the ability to change into a Panther , and to generate heat.
  • Z-world: a powerful demon, which was an enemy of the Source. The Source has him imprisoned, out of fear, because Zankou could defeat the Source into force. Zankou is trying to gain control of the Nexus.
  • Christy Jenkins: a very strong Witch and Billy's older sister. She was kidnapped by Scatter demons at the age of six. Trained by the triad, lures Chrissy her sister of the Charmed Ones way in an attempt to kill them.

List of smaller Charmed enemies[Edit]Edit


  • Abraxas: Is the demon of lies and deceit; Live in a parallel universe, and is known for destroying good witches, to demonize by their forces.
  • Andras: Demon of frenzied anger, use anger as a port to make his victims furious, until they commit a gross act of violence. The delirious fury leaves the victim only after that the Act is performed. Although the Act serves a greater purpose. The demon of frenzied anger is at the root of wars that take centuries, skew and landscapes. Andras is very hard to beat.
  • Antosis: a demon who collaborated with the Imp master, to good Samaritans to kill, and to destroy neighborhoods to territory expansion.
  • Arnon: a demon who is capable to force detection and control as the body that the power houses is destroyed.
  • Banshee: In Charmed to be stressed are witches that turn into Banshee demons that feed on souls in great pain and sorrow. They have white hair, vampire like teeth and wear torn clothes. They are attracted by the human inner shouting, driven to destroy them. They express a high tone of shouting, inaudible to people, and use it as a sonar to focus on human grief. When they have found their victim changes their cry in a shout causing the human blood vessels jump, with death.
  • Black Heart: a female demon who once collaborated with Paul Haas with his plan to the Charmed Ones to lure out of hiding. She lures teens through out their emotions and fears to confuse them and them to tap, with memory loss to send back to the streets.
  • Bosk: a sinister lower demon, attacks by light arrow to shoot his victims.
  • Bounty Hunters. These are hartloze lower demons, who will do anything to get their bounty. Usually they go looking for demons, but fled for the right price, they hunt AB, to get their bounty. They have the power to throw energy balls to throw lightning bolts to their goal to capture. They move by Shimmering
  • Brotherhood of the thorn: this is an elite club of demons, which are directly under the source of all evil, the source selects the members of the brotherhood itself. The members do a bloedeed of lifelong fidelity and loyalty. One of their main goals is to get in to invade the human world by multinationals to take over. Belthazor was a member of this club. Other famous members are Vornac, Klea, Tarkin. The great leader of the elite group was a thought reading demon called Raynor who assists the members and trains, before Cole killed it.
  • Brute Demon: a higher level of demon, with an overwhelming physical force. They work alone, usually by the shattering of the skull of their victim. Certain magic potions have an effect on this demon. These demons use camouflage, in their attack.
  • Burke: a demonic bounty hunter. He used magic crystals and cryogenetische containers. This demon has the power to instantly freeze, so as to preserve his prey as a trophy.
  • Celerity Demons: very powerful beings which move at the speed of light, and feed on the lowest demons. Pride, Cave, aggressive and with a speed onopmerkbaar by the human eye, it's hard to combat or find.
  • Chameleon Chameleon Demons: demons are of the Shape-Shifter race, they have the ability to each to take shape. They possess the power to see and hear while they mimic a piece of furniture, or in any other form. They have the power to instantly restore their form after they have been injured, in addition to these forces can also Shimmeren and demons they are Chameleon telekinetic
  • Earl Roget: Earl Roget was the owner of the Cabaret Fantome 106 years ago he made a contract with a demon. He was forced to declare bankruptcy, what was the underlying reason for the agreement. When the club burned down and everyone in the club died, died the good and the evil souls together. Still the good souls like the evil souls could further because they loved each other. They are more set in their respective life after death, ignorant of their fate. George, one of the souls, was able to occupy, Mike and an auxiliary to do cry.
  • The Council: a demonic Council representing the source serves and protects. Among the members there are two demons of the highest level, two black magic priests and fire starters. They were known and published in the second half of season two, when they hired a bottle of spirit to the Charmed Ones to trick. The Board protects the Grimoire the opponent of the book of Shadows. They appear back in season four but destroys by the unborn child of the visionary at her Coronation to source.
  • Creeper Demons: demons that Are in the shadow life.
  • Creo: a demon that Dumain and Chrissy Jenkins serves. He sacrifices himself along with the Goon so he can tell nothing about Dumain/Chrissy Jenkins/the triad, when the Charmed Ones a truth spell against him.
  • Crone: Is a highly respected and well-known Advisor of evil. The Crone can look into the future what makes her very important. She is demon of a high standard and offers strong demonic forces.
  • Cryto: the demon of the vanity. Cryto has the power to restore lost youth and beauty, with a sweep of his hand, as well as the opposite, people aging until they perish in substance, in seconds. In the 16th centuryDuchy Duchy after he travelled around, beauty and youth, promising at a high price. In Exchange for beauty, the souls of those who demanded Cryto made use of its service. A group of three witches were looking for a solution to destroy Cryto, she managed to separate the demon of his skin. He will be summoned by the aunt of the Charmed Ones
  • Damien: Damien is a darklighter who was sent by Gideon to kill Leo Wyatt.
  • Dantalian: Dantalian is a high priestess of the underworld, she donates large forces to those who she connects in marriages. By one of the Charmed Ones to kidnap and to marry to a Warlock (Zile), she has an influence on the Charmed Ones, and they can get to the book of shadows. She is destroyed by the Charmed Ones.
  • Black Knight: the Black Knight, is a powerful upper level demon, who are looking for the legendary sword Excalibur to the Montréal Olympics, but was betrayed by Mordaunt and destroyed by Piper Halliwell. His powers are those of teleportation, energy balls, telekinesis, summoning and molecular immobilization.
  • Black Priests: Black Priests lead on Earth and in the underworld ceremonies and connections of evil.
  • Demonic Children: Demonic children are the offspring of high level demons. These children can be extremely dangerous, as they grow in their forces. The only thing is The Nothingcan destroy them. After they had escaped from the ijswagen, they were poured back by Prue Halliwell and Victor Benett.
  • Demo natrix: Demonatrixen his deadly female assassins, which can Shimmeren and are known for their excellent fighting skills.
  • Dogan: Dogan is a higher level of demon, with telekinetic powers. He absorbs the spirit of other magical creatures, and steals their forces by killing them.
  • Drasi: Demon of hate, and archenemy of Cupid.
  • Dumain: a demon who served the Triad, and ally of Christy Jenkins. He was Christy's and Billy's imaginary boyfriend.
  • Elkin: a demon who can increase the anxiety in mortals, until they kill. He can also use super natural speed.
  • Enkol & Sokol: two rival clans who each other demons raw lusts. The Enkol demons can become invisible. The Enkol demons are led by Malvoc and Vassen that Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt fool yourself, so they destroy the entire Sokol-clan.
  • Execution Demons: Demon mercenaries, that serve a high leader, in the demonic world.
  • Fury's: Fury's are mythological demons, who as judgejury, and executioner act against anyone they consider to be an evil doer. Thus, they can equal an act of shoplifting from a small act of a serial killer. They derive a lot of pleasure to the killing of their evil doers. If they focus their thoughts, they require their victim to hear the cries of his victims. The smoke of the Fury's is fatal to good people, evil people, but when it opens a port on, unspoken anger. These feelings are piling up to the digested their humanity, and turns them into a Fury.
  • Gammil: also known as the collector. Gammil possesses a small quiver of energy beams, metal staff, who with two different levels and functions: a blue Jet, which reduces everything where it is aimed, and a red combustion Jet. He also owns enough forces to be able to create Golems. In the 1970s Gammil was cursed to be as ugly on the buitekant if he is on the inside. What prompted a Gammil Golem out of clay to build to its previous appearance, that lured young women, to reduce and subsequently in his house to bake in his oven. So he has clay figurines of real women.
  • A: a demon who can create parallel worlds.
  • The Goon: a demon who was an ally of Creo Creo so he sacrificed himself, and together with nothing about the Triad/Christy Jenkins/Dumain could say against the Charmed Ones after a truth spell.
  • Grimlocks: Grimlocks are demons who steal the sight of innocent children, and use their sight to see the aura of good people, they have to kill.
  • Guardians (Guardians): demons that protect criminals.
  • Hecate, Queen of the underworld (Charmed): a female demon called Jade D'mon who comes to earth once every 200 years, to an innocent and him under a spell to lead to the altar to marry. Should her husband to make her pregnant afterwards; so her child there as a normal person on the outside looks like. But inwardly and mentally the child would be purely demonic. Hecates spell can only be broken by a declaration of true love. Hecate and her demonic bridesmaid are destroys by a special Italian knife (a poignard) with the inscription: I will not rest until the demon is destroyed.
  • Harpies: a clan of terrifying female demons, with sharp nails in the form of a claw. They are immune to the powers of a witch.
  • Dealers Demons: these are demons that act in force, and the selling of magic goods on the black market.
  • Demon of illusion: his purpose is to spread violence in society. He does this by to step in in horror films. This demon can also film characters to life.
  • Javna: Javna feeds on one week a year, to steal by the life force of young people, by means of black magic that evokes the power of the evil eye, in order to obtain eternal youth.
  • Jeric & Isis: Jeric is a Egyptian demon, known for its ritual mummieficaties, he can dematrialiseren in sand, as well as created from sand. When magicians were unable to destroy him, they had him mummified.Isis an evil witch, released him through a spell. They fell in love, but Isis was killed by his enemies, since then he has been looking for a body to the spirit of Isis in houses.
  • Jinni: Is a female demon who was cursed to be a bottle of spirit. She was liberated by Phoebe Halliwell and used the army of Bosk to Zanzibar to find the lost city.
  • Julie: Julie was Assistant to the demonic Cole Turner. Julie was sent by the visionary to trick, to be his Queen to Cole, but failed. She was killed by Phoebe, because they sought to destroy their marriage.
  • KaiaKieran Is a demon, who worked for Cole Turner as Cole to the Halliwell sisters Phoebes doppelganger, which sent, so that would let him alone. Kaia was destroyed by Phoebe.
  • Katya: Katya is a Shapeshifter who once served has many Dark Lords. She went on a stand-alone statute further, and came up with the idea to destroy the world, by the plagues of Pandora's box's release. They had to get hold of the guardians of the box Pandora's box. She was destroyed by Paige Matthews.
  • Kazi Demons: basic level demons, which serve a Kazi-King, and with him are linked. If the k-King destroyed, is all of a sudden the whole K-clan destroys.
  • Keats: a higher level of demon, which Cole then served he was the source of all evil. And one of the only one who tried to obtain an alliance with the vampire demons. Its forces were Shimmeren and throwing "energy balls". He was destroyed by Cole.
  • Kelman: head of the demonic training Academy, and a demon that deadly metal balls with knives can evoke. These balls had no influence of gravity and could with a tremendous speed spinning around while they were under mental control of Kelman. Kelman is a higher level of demon and immune to temporal particle statistics. People In the world does Kelman himself as a businessman, looking for desperate customers, who he recruits for the Academy.
  • Are a lower level Krychek Demons: demons that serve their Lord in the underworld, they can be identified by the tattoo attributes that represents their clan.
  • Kurzon: an enemy of the source. He was expelled from the underworld for set up of a failed coup. Kurzon was the leader of a demonic faction, and was an extremely strong demon, with the power of resurrection,shimmering energy balls, none of these forces are strong enough for the "power of three spell" of the Charmed Ones
  • Lazarus Demon: rare, a higher level of demon, capable to raise up themselves after a destruction. Unless the remains to be buried within the Holy grounds of a cemetery. A fireball, particle acceleration, or the tip of a sword can destroy them all, and he is reduced to a pile of ash, but they will reform itself quickly back from the ashes. Lazarus demons look like people and have very strong telekinetic powers, they can alsoteleporthimself. They are common and unreliable even for a demon, the longer they are away from the cemetery, the stronger their forces are.
  • Libris: a race of demons who have the duty to ensure that no mortal can prove the existence of evil. They ensure this by to kill everyone that there is evidence of it. Libris demons appear as an older man, they have a greyish skin color. These demons have the power to make teleportatiepoorten, a Scythe to conjure up out of nowhere. Their preferred methods to kill is the use of beheading their victims their Scythe.
  • Lord Dyson: a demon that an evil land baron was, in Lady Godiva her time. It feeds on the pain of nationals, and arouses strength on from repressed emotions.
  • Litvak: a second level demon, which has many forces. Litvak used a version of telepathy that allows him to read minds, and to communicate telepathically, and retarded psychological thoughts to feel. That allows him to talk, and to seek out and with people through out to tap their essence in a location where it has been, and to find out which events have taken place there. He is immune to the Salon tricks of witches that is immune to the freezing power of Piper. It is not clear whether he is immune to all witches forces, although it does seem that this is the case. Litvak works directly with the source for the source, and can talk through a big ball of super natural fire.
  • Lucas: a former mortal, whose punishment for sin is to be digested by the Distributor and guard of the box with the 7 deadly sins balls after his death. His task is to infect innocent people with sin sin by the ' balls ', so that they would destroy themselves, and thus their soul at evil. Lucas has the ability to teleport, to destroy his demonic Courier if he feel like it has, a sixth sense to know what sin was more receptive to a man more, mental control over sin floating balls, possibility to do it and send it to whom he will, he's the only one who can get the Sin from man after it was infected. lucas can only be by himself to infect destroys Sin balls.
  • Ludlow: a higher level of demon, which trains children to personal servants of the source to be. He has the power of: telepathy, summons, energy balls, onzichtbaarhijd, molecular immobilization, the possibility of itself to convert into electricity to travel in that form, he comes and goes in a form of electric lightning, and he is resistant to fire.
  • Manticores: Manticores are very dangerous demons, with a super natural power and speed, they include poisonous claws, Shimmeren Z can have a reptile-like appearance and communicate through high screaming. Manticores live in a Pack, have yellow blood what makes them unique in the demons encyclopedia. Sometimes plants Manticores reproduce with humans, there arises than a hybrid sort of demon, they kill their partner after conception, and nourish the child as one of them.
  • Masselin: Masselin is a demon who makes appointments with mortals, in Exchange for the human sacrifices, and makes those who close the agreement with him rich and famous. The innocent people who shall be delivered up unto him, be devoured by Masselin, to the souls. One can not destroy this demon without first those to release, caught in him.
  • Mercury Demon: a demon that generates power from energy terminals.
  • Nanta: a demon who mix up children at birth, protects them, and place on high positions so that evil has an entry in the human world.
  • Necromancer: Armond the necromancer is in charge of the dead, and used his strength to absorb their spirit, so that he has a temporary body. Armond is the spirit of a demon which destroys was by Penny Halliwell. He has no more over own forces, but feeds on the souls of the magical creatures who are dead so that he is temporarily back alive, the duration of its life force depends on the strength of his magical prey.
  • Necron: Necron is a skeleton like creature that exists between life and death. This demon can be any living creature burning to ashes to nourish himself with his life force. These stolen life forces ensure that exists under the non-living for centuries Necron. He must for a infinite life force to prevent further concerns, he dies.
  • Nightmare Leo: an angry projection of Leo by Wyatt Halliwell are nightmares. He was sent to Wyatt to kidnap and take him to the exact place where Gideon was killed.
  • The order: a demonic cult that was once the most powerful force of evil, until their leader was destroys. It is believed that the leader of the order, is the reincarnation of Wyatt Halliwell.
  • Ordo Malorum: commands the demonic legions, and these generals fighting the good. To promote in the unholy hierarchy, they should catch and destroy the innocent protect the witches, and the good pursuit.The servants of these generals also known as level two demons one can identify to the weapons they use.
  • Odin & Cree: Odin is a demonic Gypsy HunterGypsy magic, which has the power to stand out from regular people. He has an only son Cree, who is also a Gypsy Hunter is. In an attempt to Orin to stop killing their people, did a group of Gypsies Shauvani a force pooling to make blind, Orin so he never more magical Gypsies would recognize. If revenge began to look up all Shauvani's and Cree kill, where he literally uitsneed their eyes, looking for the powerful evil eye that can take away the blindness of his father, and would provide him new powers. Cree was destroyed by the Charmed Ones and Orin was destroyed by the zigeuneres Shauvani Eva Niccolai.
  • Parasites: parasites suck other magical powers of magical creatures away. They suckle the forces of Paige Matthews when she wanted to know who is behind her nephew Wyatt was. Save Paige, Phoebe and Piper Halliwell and Piper everything blew up. Only after the Crone was there got a vision about a law voted in the demonic society that forbade to Wyatt Halliwell to hunt and kill him. Because this would lead to more damage than the benefits that it would.
  • Paul Haas: Is a higher level demon, which can throw energy balls.
  • Phinks: Is a demon who possesses Phantoms .
  • Occupier Demons: a demon who can occupy his victims, they keep their victims under complete control. The possessor demon is destroyed by a floating head, which later turns out to be an Avatar.
  • Forces brokers: Are demons that forces trade, and exchange it. Sometimes they use mortals to their forces in mountains, until they find a buyer for the power, and the power can be no stolen. People who are infected with a demonic force, are anxious, paranoid, aggressive, demonic and will eventually die if the strength is not removed. The power can be removed by a potion, or by the forces broker.
  • Rat Rat Demons: demons can change shape, in rats or in people. They make arrangements with people such as Andrew Wilks who witwaste money for the Rat demons. They can be a red energy band calls they use to strangle their victims, they are super fast.
  • Raynor: Raynor is the head of the Brotherhood of the Doren and Coles old mentor. He is looking for a very powerful amulet that witches protects. Only the most bad demon has the power to steal it from the witches. If both halves of the amulet together safeguard them magical powers and can make invincible the demon. To activate the power of the amulet must be merged and both halves are pronounced a spell.
  • Reinhard: a demon who has all-black eyes and a remarkable tattoo on his forehead. Fifteen years ago, he kidnapped Christy Jenkins, he was frozen by Burke.
  • Rodriguez: Rodriguez is a demon of season one. Who are subject to them in the human world as a police inspector. With the help of Tempus (the time demon), they turned back the time every day, trying to get all three Charmed Ones in a time to kill. On the first attempt he killed Phoebe, the second attempt he killed Phoebe and Piper, his attempts at Prue to kill failed each time. The Charmed Ones destroy eventually see through his plan, and Tempus and eventually Rodriguez. This comes at a high price: Andy Trudeau in the fight to life in an attempt to save the [25].
  • Saleel Saleel: is a serpent/reptile demon, from a lower level, and difficult to detect. He has the power of telekinesis and kills his victims by means of hose strangulation. He hatched the plan to seize power in the underworld by killing dwarves, to steal their pot of gold where they share good luck among people. With the luck would be able to seize power Saleel. He was destroyed by a falling Meteor.
  • Sargon: a zielhandelaar just like Zhan.
  • Sarpedon: Is a higher level of black priest, and the leader of the Infernal Council in the underworld. He has the power to communicate directly with the source, teleportation, fireballs, demons calls, Shapeshifting,Pyrokinesis. For the visionary he has destroyed the Infernal Council can escape before he was hit by more damaging.
  • Scabies Demons: Are demons that can spew a deadly acid. Scabies demons are immune to the forces of witches, and ordinary weapons like a gun. Only their own poison can destroy them.
  • Scavenger Demons: demons that feed on the remains of other demons. Scavenger demons are covered from head to toe with a shiny, black, hardened skin, they secrete a weblike green liquid from. In some cases they use this liquid to drop down from the ceiling, in order to surprise their prey, unexpectedly or to wrap the victims in their palms as they shoot it out. Far from a formidable villain Scavenger demons possess no specific forces, outside the doubling of physical strength, they can be destroyed by an energy ball, but are also prone to witches forces.
  • Sea witch: The sea witch is an old female demon, which checks the element water . They can imprison her victims in a column of water. She checks the natural environments and can be as rain storms calls,tornado's, and tidal waves. She is a fopster, as they usually have become tired of mermaids, which in sea life, and are sick and tired of their immortality... She tricks the mermaid by promising her legs so that can live on Earth, at a price. As the mermaid fails to find true love with a mortal, the sea witch her off her immortality. The sea witch was destroyed by Phoebe Halliwell through the use of a horned shell Auger Shell.
  • Seekers: Demonic cousin of the vampire demon. They can absorb knowledge by biting into the neck of the victim or brainstem. This talent makes them a very dangerous opponent for the Charmed Ones, besides being able to drain from the brain stem knowledge, they can also float across the floor and teleport from place to place. The Seekers where the Charmed Ones came into contact with it could also feel and follow Shimmers , equally as well as detect other demons.

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