This is a list of special episodes of the British television series Blackadder .


[hide]*The Pilot Episode 1

The Pilot Episode[Edit]Edit

This was the pilot episode of the original series, recorded in 1982. The episode was never broadcast in England. In this episode the role of Baldrick still played by Philip Fox.

The episode contains no outdoor recordings due to the limited budget. All recordings are made on internal sets, equal to the second set of the series.

The episode is circulating now among fans and on the internet. The script is later (re) used for the episode "Born to be king" and includes several other jokes. There are also jokes in for those in the final series in other episodes are used.

Blackadder: The Cavalier Years[Edit]Edit

These fifteen-minute special takes place in november 1648 and finds it chronologically seen place between "Black adder II" and "Blackadder the third". The episode was recorded in 1988.

The episode covers the last days of the English civil war. Sir Edmund BlackAdder and his servant Baldrick are the last two men who still are loyal to the defeated King Charles I of England (played by Stephen Fry).This because they see the King as their only way of survival. By a misunderstanding between Oliver Cromwell (Warren Clarke) and Baldrick is the King arrested and brought to the Tower of London . The rest of the episode revolves around BlackAdder and Baldrick who try to free the King.

Blackadder's Christmas Carol[Edit]Edit

This special was recorded in 1988, and is chronologically seen between "Blackadder the third" and "BlackAdder Goes Forth". The story is a parody on the famous story A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

The Ebenezer BlackAdder in this episode is unlike its ancestors a social, empathetic and, above all, generous man. However, everyone makes plenty of abuse of his goodness. On Christmas Eve he gets visited by a spirit (Robbie Coltrane). This let him see how bad his ancestors were and how good BlackAdder in fact. Blackadder is however very impressed by his bad for parents. Then makes the mind then convince the error to be BlackAdder to show the future of his descendants. Blackadder gets to see two possible futures: one that will take place if he remains as social as he is today, and one that will take place if he is as just as his ancestors. The second vision, in which his distant descendant ruler like BlackAdder about the universe, is so good that he promptly his life changes and behave themselves as his ancestors.

The Shakespeare Sketch[Edit]Edit

A sketch made in 1989. Blackadder is the impresario of Shakespeare (Hugh Laurie) who finds that the five-hour version of Hamlet is too long and so he deletes different passages. This will, among other things, "To be or not To be" created, because the original version contains the "its" and thereby far too long. This sketch is misclassified as a part of the Blackadderreeks. Because Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Laurie play a historical sketch, take up a lot of people that it is a Blackaddersketch is. The name of BlackAdder and Baldrick is also not mentioned, however, comes not in there for. Richard Curtis, the author, told later that it was not intended as Blackaddersketch. [1]

Blackadder and the King's Birthday[Edit]Edit

A short sketch with Stephen Fry as King Charles II of England.

Blackadder: Back and Forth[Edit]Edit

This is a 34-minute "millennium special", aired in 1999. This episode was shown in a room at the Millennium Dome in London, on different tv channels and eventually together with The Cavalier Years and a ' making of ', called "Baldrick's video diary" released on dvd.

The contemporary Edmund BlackAdder builds a time machine as part of a practical joke. By an error by Baldrick reveals the machine suddenly really work. Together they create a journey through time, where they among other things some of Black vipers for parents (from the four series of the series) meet. Blackadder and Baldrick are confused in the past with their ancestors. Blackadder decides to use this situation to his advantage to ensure that his family finally ruler of England.

Upon your return in the present is Baldrick, BlackAdder King and Prime Minister in a country whose Government is abolished.

Blackadder: The Army Years[Edit]Edit

A short sketch with the modern day BlackAdder (same as from BlackAdder Back and Forth). The sketch was staged at the Dominion Theatre for the Royal Variety Performance 2000.

Blackadder Rides Again[Edit]Edit

A 60-minute documentary, broadcast by the BBC on december 25, 2008 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the BlackAdder series. The documentary includes interviews with the primary cast members and other people who have contributed to the series, including Rowan Atkinson, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Richard Curtis, Ben Elton, Miranda Richardson, Tim McInnerny and Tony Robinson and some never-before-broadcast fragments.

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