Below is an overview and a brief description of the episodes of season 8 of Charmed .

Title Release date USA Afleveringnr.
Still Charmed & Kicking 25 september2005 8.01
The Charmed Ones are presumed dead by the outside world, and have changed their appearance through a spell. Although Piper and Phoebe enjoy their magic free life, Paige can not escape her vocation as light guide. There appears to be a new witch who needs her. At the same time trying to prove some demons that the Charmed Ones are still alive.
Malice in Wonderland 2 October2005 8.02
Hoping to lure the Charmed Ones from their tent, used a demon called Haas the tale of Alice in Wonderland on some young victims, including Paige ' new protégé Billie Jenkins :.
Run Piper, Run 9 October2005 8.03
Piper wants a new job and goes on a job interview. She is arrested, however, when it turns out that her new appearance strongly resembles that of a model that is wanted for murder. Paige and Phoebe discover that the model is innocent, and that her ex-boyfriend has pushed the murder her in the shoes.
Desperate Housewitches 16 October2005 8.04
Piper gets quarrel with the mother of another child on Wyatt's school. What she doesn't know is that this mother is a demon, that Wyatt wants to kidnap with his power the source back to life.
Rewitched 23 October2005 8.05
Billie brings the new life of the Charmed Ones in danger when agent Murphy, which has long been suspected that the Charmed Ones are not dead, her caught on supernatural activities.
Kill Billie vol. 1 30 October2005 8.06
Billie gets paralyzed with fear when she faces a demon called "The Demon". They used magic to overcome her fear. In its hunt for the demon revives them an event from her childhood, when her sister Christy was kidnapped by demons.
The Lost Picture Show 6 november2005 8.07
Paige wants her old job back as a social assistant. Her father Sam asks her help with protecting J.D., a future light guide that have been away to 50 years suddenly has popped up again.
Battle of the Hexes 13 november2005 8.08
The Charmed Ones help agent Murphy with a number of unsolved cases. Meanwhile, Billie finds a belt and makes him to, with dramatic consequences.
Hulkus Pocus 20 november2005 8.09
A strange disease spreads through the magical community. It soon becomes apparent that the Government has a demon trapped in a attempt to create super soldiers, but that is a dangerous virus arise accidentally. Also Billie gets infected.
Vaya Con Leos 27 november2005 8.10
The Angel of death appears on the Charmed Ones that the Leo's time to die. The Charmed Ones have yet to deliver a big fight, and the Angel of destiny hopes that Leo's death will motivate them more. The Charmed Ones make a deal with her to Leo in life. He will, however, until after the battle of the Charmed Ones are taken.
Mr. and Mrs. Witch 8 January2006 8.11
Billies parents are in the city. Billie accidentally turns them with her new forces in professional hit men.
Aida a Witch 15 January2006 8.12
Henry, Paige ' new loved one, want one of his staff give a loan. Once at the bank, the man everyone hostage. Paige should see him to calm down, and discovered a new light guide power. Meanwhile, Wyatt changed during his third birthday three of his toy dolls in real people.
Repo Manor 22 January2006 8.13
Phoebe wants a private life, and hires a private apartment. Meanwhile in doubt they should tell the truth or Paige Henry about the fact that she is a witch. A group of demons shrinks the sisters and stops them into a miniature version of the mansion in order to steal their powers.
12 Angry Zen 12 February2006 8.14
While they are looking for to Leo, Piper Gets a message from the monk Lo-Zen. He is the guardian of a powerful Buddhist staff that possesses the power of influence. Billie finds her sister Christy.
The Last Temptation of Christy 19 February2006 8: 15 am
Paige discovered the difficulties of going out with a normal man when Henry tries to understand her magical life. In the meantime, she is visited by a male light guide/witch who wants to marry her so that they together with the ultimate magical love pair.
Engaged and Confused 26 February2006 8.16
Piper prepared an engagement party for Paige and Henry for, but the two get their reservations about their relationship. Meanwhile, Phoebe followed by a man who later turns out to be a Cupid , sent by the elders.
Generation Hex 16 april2006 8.17
Two students of the magic school warn the Charmed Ones that demons that by Leo in the basement of the school were locked up have escaped, and now from his revenge. Paige goes on honeymoon, while trying to get at the sisters came from Christy Billie.
The Torn Identity 23 april2006 8.18
Christy is referred to by the demon Creo confident to Billie away from the Charmed Ones. According to him they have to fulfill their dark fate together.
The Jung and the Restless 30 april2006 8.19
Christy brings each of the Charmed Ones and Billie in a dream like State so that they can learn things about them and be able to use that against them.
Gone with the Witches 7 may2006 8.20
Convinced that the Charmed Ones are too much with themselves to the "greater good" protect, yokes Billie along with her sister to ruin the reputation of the Charmed Ones.
Kill Billie vol. 2 14 may2006 8.21
Billie and Christy take it home by the Charmed Ones, while the Charmed Ones have to take shelter in the underworld. Both groups absorb the Hollow and the ultimate showdown between them erupts. Piper and Billie alone survive this.
Forever Charmed 21 may2006 8.22
Billie realizes that Christy has misled her. Along with Piper she travels back in time to rescue Paige and Phoebe. Together they destroy Christy and the triad. The big fight is over and Leo returns again.

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