Below is an overview and a brief description of the episodes of Charmed season 7 of.

Title Release date USA Afleveringnr.
A Call To Arms 12 september2004 7.01
After the attack on Wyatt and Chris, the death of the future be Piper and Leo extra protective towards their children. During a Hindu wedding, the two acquired by the ultimate love pair from the Hindu Mythology:Shakti, the goddess of creation, and Shiva, the god of destruction. If the two give in to their passion, the world will be destroyed.
The Bare Witch Project 19 september2004 7.02
Paige tries to be the new head of the magic school to keep this open. A student accidentally calls Lady Godiva on, and disrupts so its legendary tour. He also calls a contemporary of her, Lord Dyson, to the future.These are looking for an unknown power contact with Leo.
Cheaper by the Coven 26 september2004 7.03
Paige and Phoebe want Chris are wiccaning is undergoing. Wyatt put Chris on the side now feels there is, and uses magic on him. This ensures that the sisters themselves accidentally as children start acting.
Charrrmed! 3 October2004 7.04
The Charmed Ones meet an ancient pirate named Black Jack Cutting, which has obtained eternal life by a curse but get older. He is looking for the source of eternal youth and infects Paige with old age in the hope that the Charmed Ones will bring him to the source. Meanwhile called an FBI agent Kyle Brody begins with an examination of the Charmed Ones.
Styx Feet Under 10 October2004 7.05
A who was refused from being called Sirk tries his whole human family murders in order to be a full-blooded demon. Paige tries to stop his murder practices with a spell, but to help ensure that no one can die. The Angel of death. Phoebe gets her power of visions back again.
Once in a Blue Moon 17 October2004 7.06
Find the Elders Leo's behaviour suspicious, and designate a new light guide to the Charmed Ones. This is almost killed by three monsters. The elders Leo suspect of the attack. When the Charmed Ones try to purge his name, they discover that they own the three monsters are. This is due to a rare natural phenomenon called the blue moon.
Someone to Witch Over Me 31 October2004 7.07
Kyle asks Paige ' help in investigating a series of accidents. They discover that a demon named Sarpedon the guardian angels of people to assist him in so she steals his fight with the Charmed Ones and the threat of the new power. This new force will make himself known to Leo. It turn out to be the Avatars. Leo is one of them.
Charmed Noir 14 november2004 7.08
While they investigate a murder in the magic school, Paige and Kyle end up in a book that was ever written by two students, but that has never been completed. So they end up in a world from a typical 1930s film noir. Piper and Phoebe must help them by the book finish.
There's Something About Leo 2 november2004 7.09
Leo reveals to Piper that he is an Avatar, despite warnings from Alpha and Beta. Also, Kyle discovers this and reacts wildly. He turns out to have a personal vendetta against the Avatars because they have murdered his parents according to him years ago.
Witchness Protection 28 november2004 7.10
The Avatars want protects Leo the Seer because she has information about how they can defeat the demons. The Seer shares with Phoebe a vision of the future, in which the Avatars have changed the world in a paradise.
Ordinary Witches 16 January2005 7.11
Piper would crater with Phoebe so that they also can see the vision of the Seer. At the hands of the demon Zanou goes something wrong, and the forces of Phoebe and Piper go about on a man and woman in their environment. These make direct abuse their new powers. Meanwhile, Kyle Paige takes on a journey to the past to show him that the Avatars were not behind the death of his parents.
Extreme Makeover: World Edition 23 January2005 7.12
The Avatars prepare to transform the world to their paradise. Kyle is still not convinced of their good intentions. He wants the elders ask for help, but is kidnapped by Zankou. He yokes along with Zankou to unleash a paranoïdespreuk on the Charmed Ones and so to stop the transformation. He also kills an Avatar using an ancient drink that he for years with him, but pays a high price.
Charmageddon 30 January2005 7.13
Although the Charmed Ones enjoy their conflict-free world, Leo discovers that the Avatars their paradise in maintaining by people who quarrel to kill cause. Realizing that everyone in this world is manipulated by the Avatars, Leo comes back on his decision. He manages to persuade their to reverse the transformation. Leo loses his Avatar status, while Kyle of the elders promotion gets to light guide.
Carpe Demon 13 February2005 7.14
Paige wants a new teacher hiring for the magic school. The candidate will report its State is an ex-demon who by a sorcerer has turned into a man. In the meantime, Leo sent on a quest by the Elders to his true destiny. Eventually he prefers a life with his family, and will be a mere mortal without any magical powers.
Show Ghouls 20 February2005 7.15
Daryll fears that his friend Mike is possessed by a spirit after he yells every night about one or other fire. Phoebe and Paige discover that Mike is indeed possessed. The spirit is that of a man who died in a fire in 1899 in a nightclub, along with hundreds of others. The spirits of all of these people are still stuck on Earth by a bad spirit in their company, and must relive the fire every night.
The Seven Year Witch 10 april2005 7.16
Piper ends up in a coma after an attack by demons. She finds herself in a phase between life and death. Here she meets to her surprise the spirit of Cole Turner. He wants to help her to awaken, and also try to Phoebes to restore faith in love.
Scry Hard 17 april2005 7.17
Z-world let a group of demons attacks the House of the Charmed Ones so that he can search the Nexus. Wyatt tries to protect his parents, but does this by making them shrink and to stop in a miniature version of the House.
Little Box of Horrors 24 april2005 7.18
The Charmed Ones must protect the legendary Pandora's box against a demon named Katya. They have to Hope, the protector of the box, to find since they see only the effects of the box can roll back.
Freaky Phoebe 1 may2005 7.19
Phoebe changing body with the demon Imara.
Imaginary Friends 8 may2005 7.20
Wyatt seems to have an imaginary friend, but what the Charmed Ones do not know is that this friend is actually the demon Vicus. He wants to win Wyatt's trust to entice him to the evil. Hoping to better understand the young Wyatt, Piper calls the adult Wyatt from the future to the present.
Death Becomes Them 15 may2005 7.21
Zankou is trying to weaken the Charmed Ones in order to steal the book of shadows. This succeeds when Phoebe sees how a classmate of her brutally is murdered, and his spirit then returns to give her the blame of his death. Paige discovers that her new protégé has died.
Something Wicca This Way Goes 22 may2005 7.22
Now he has the book of shadows, Zankou finally wants to absorb the Nexus. The sisters eventually on to sacrifice the Nexus to defeat evil demon Zankou. Then they put their own death scene to lead a reclusive existence.

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