Below is an overview and a brief description of the episodes of season 3 of Charmed .

Title Release date USA Episode Viewers (million)
The honeymoon's Over 5 October2000 45 3.01 7.7
While Leo, Piper has taken to deliver the heavens, Phoebe and Prue fight with demons who call themselves Guardians . These protect mortal killers trade-in for innocent souls.
Magic Hour 12 October2000 46 3.02 5.1
While the search for a solution [25] the dilemma of Piper, meet the sisters, Christopher and Brooke a couple, that is the victim of a warlock.
Once Upon a Time 19 October2000 47 3.03 5.4
The Charmed Ones meet Kate, a young girl who is terrorized by trolls. Phoebe and Prue thinking that the girl needs the help of the Charmed Ones. Piper goes on strike to send Elsewhere Leo back to her.
All Halliwell's Eve 26 October2000 48 3.04 6.5
The Charmed Ones are sucked by a tijdsvortex with Halloween, which made them back to Virginia, in the year 1670.
Sight Unseen 2 november2000 49 3.05 5.7
Cole is furious when he learns that the triad of another demon Belthazor (Troxa) has sent a nemesis to destroy the Charmed Ones.
Primrose Empath 9 november2000 50 3.06 6.1
After Prue has used a spell to save Vince , the empaat shows this to be a very strong demon.
Power Outage 16 november2000 51 3.07 5.7
In an attempt to destroy the Charmed ones, recruit Cole/Belthazor anger to the help of Andras, a demon, and he takes care of quarrels between the sisters.
Sleuthing With The Enemy 14 december2000 52 3.08 5.5
When the sisters discover that Cole is Phoebe, Belthazor must one of the most difficult decision of her life taking: Cole let live or him kill ...
Coyote Piper 11 January2001 53 3.09 5.1
Piper goes to the school party with Prue, but that takes out bad memories. Also because that Demon Piper holds her body.
We All Scream For Ice Scream 18 January2001 54 3.10 5.4
There, children are kidnapped, and Prue has once experienced the same thing but then with her dad, Victor, and for the liberation of children should the sisters the help of Victor calls ...
Blinded By The Whitelighter 25 January2001 55 3.11 5.4
There will be an Elder to help look up the demons to Leo, but they also need help of magical powers...
Wrestling With Demons 1 February2001 56 3.12 5.9
Prue knows a guy from the past that to the evil is switched, and Prue wants him free from evil, but to release him, the sisters fighting with the demons who are struggling can.
Bride And Gloom 8 February2001 57 3.13 5.4
There is a parish priest that the sisters want to take off and the book for evil, and would also like to take power and that does help them through Prue's, because she is enchanted by the pastor.
The Good, The Bad and The Cursed 15 February2001 58 3.14 5.1
Prue goes along with Cole to the past in order to save Phoebe already went the not easy ...
Just Harried 22 February2001 59 3.15 5.8
Today is the big day for Piper and Leo, but is still disturbed by Prue, rather the Astral Prue. Because she wants freedom. But all will be well, and the marriage goes through.
Death Takes a Halliwell 15 March2001 60 3.16 5.4
Prue learns a valuable lesson, as she learns that Angel of death not his fault about the death of his mother.
Pre-Witched 22 March2001 61 3.17 5.1
Piper wants to move, but is disturbed by a cat that has become a demon and has 9 lives. But it is also reminded of Grams and Patty, how Grams died ...
Sin Francisco 19 april2001 62 3.18 4.0
There is a demon free with 7 deadly sins. [25] and the need to stop him but is also infected by 1 of deadly sins.
The Demon Who Came In From The Cold 26 april2001 63 3.19 3.5
Cole goes undercover at fraternity. And ask forgiveness, but he has to prove that he is still a demon is ...
Exit Strategy 5 may2001 64 3.20 4.1
Phoebe is alarmed, because Cole is captured by one of the brother. But Cole runs through and kills the innocent.
Look who's Barking 10 may2001 65 3.21 4.7
Phoebe's heart is broken, something she shows through a Banshee to be. This will only bring shows they still undone by Cole please. At the same time changed Prue in a dog and it's up to Piper to resolve the situation.
All Hell Breaks Loose 17 may2001 66 3.22 5.6
Piper and Prue are submitted by the press exposes as witches. This creates huge problems. Phoebe is stuck in the underworld along with Cole. And at the time when Piper, Phoebe must deal with is the source shot in order to save the life of Piper. The demon Tempus, the time, the Source late time rollback to undo everything on 1 thing after: Phoebe is stuck in the underworld which makes them Prue and Piper can not help in their battle with the demon Saeed. Therefore, Prue killed by Saeed.

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