Below is an overview and a brief description of the episodes of season 1 of Charmed .

Title Release date USA Episode
Something Wicca This Way Comes 7 October1998 1 1.01
Phoebe returns to her sisters Prue and Piper and finds the Book of Shadows (book of shadows). She speaks the spell it contains, making the ladies be powerful witches. Together they are the Charmed Ones.
I've Got You Under My Skin 14 October1998 2 1.02
Andy and Darryl are investigating a series of kidnappings, including those of Brittany, a friend of the sisters. Phoebe attracts the attention of a photographer, with an interest in her that goes beyond just take her photo. Meanwhile, Piper by a personal crisis, she fears that her powers come from evil.
Thank You for Not Morphing 21 October1998 3 1.03
The father of the Charmed Ones comes for a surprise visit, after twenty years of absence. When an intrusion is in the House of the sisters Halliwell-with the aim to steal The Book Of Shadows-likes Prue her father responsible.
Dead Man Dating 28 October1998 4 1.04
When Mark, a young man, is killed on his mind are looking for Piper to help him. His body must be buried for his soul is claimed by a Chinese demon. For the birthday of Prue, Phoebe goes looking for work so they can buy a gift. She gets through a vision, a ungrateful man to save his life.
Dream Sorcerer 4 november1998 5 1.05
A guy has something figured out so he can come in other people's dreams. He used this invention to take revenge on the girls who reject him. This he does by to kill them in their sleep, making them also really die.Now he's behind Prue because they rejected him.
The Wedding from Hell 11 november1998 6 1.06
Grace Spencer has promised years ago that her son would marry with Hecate, Queen of the underworld in Exchange for wealth and success. On the eve of marriage comes Hecate claim her husband.
The Fourth Sister 18 november1998 7 1.07
Prue tries repeatedly to spend time together with Andy, while Phoebe and Piper fighting for the attention of Leo. The teen Aviva, becomes friends with Phoebe, but the teen is manipulated by Kali, a sorceress who appears in a mirror. Aviva its mission is to gain the confidence of the Halliwell sisters, so as to be able to steal their powers.
The Truth Is Out There ... and It Hurts 25 november1998 8 1.08
Prue used a truth spell to discover if Andy can live with her gift, but the spell also has effect on Phoebe and Piper. Therefore everyone will ask a question to whom they also have to say the truth, against each other.
The Witch Is Back 16 december1998 9 1.09
A seventeenth-century magician is back again. He's out on the powers of the Charmed Ones. To defeat him, they have to have those who defeated him last time: their about-about-about-about-great-grandmotherMelinda Warren.
Wicca Envy 13 January1999 10 1.10
Prue is trapped by Rex. He uses blackmail to a photo the sisters to leave their forces Prues, in Exchange for freedom.
Feats of Clay 20 January1999 11 1.11
Clay, an ex-boyfriend of Phoebe, Phoebe is in town and look up in San Francisco comes. His motive why he seeks out Phoebe is a stolen Egyptian URN, which is a carrier of a deadly curse.
The Wendigo 3 February1999 12 1.12
Piper is attacked in the park when she has a flat tire. She knows to escape, however, and is thereby the only one that has survived an attack by the Wendigo, a beast that the heart of his victims out of their body jerks. However, what they don't know is that surviving the attack means that they automatically own a Wendigo is.. Andy goes on surveillance with an FBI agent, which makes hunting on the being. Prue helps Phoebe to a summer job in the auction house.
From Fear to Eternity 10 February1999 13 1.13
To the 1,300 year there on Friday the thirteenth a demon to feed on the fear of thirteen witches. This he does by the realize their greatest fear. Now he's behind Prue to. It's up to Piper to save her, but then the roles are reversed and Prue help Piper.
Secrets and Guys 17 February1999 14 1.14
When Max Franklin, a young Wizard, is kidnapped by thieves who want to use the boy, to be guided by his forces he contact Prue to a ouijabord for help. Phoebe discovers that Leo (who has come back) is a whitelighter.
Is There A Woogy In The House? 24 February1999 15 1.15
Phoebe is plagued by Prue and Piper, which her childlike fear of the woogyman (bogeyman) still find amusing. However, if a shadow demon by a earthquake is released, [25], in the basement of the takes that Phoebe's body over.
Which Prue Is It, Anyway? 3 March1999 16 1.16
Gabriel, a emitted Lord of War, want to kill to his position back Prue requirements, after one of her ancestors who has taken away.
That ' 70s Episode 7 april1999 17 1.17
A powerful warlock claims he has made a deal with the mother of the Halliwell Sisters (Patricia Halliwell), where he would spare the life of the mother in return for the forces of the sisters. On the run from the three sisters Nicolas go back in time to the years 1970, where their mother is still alive, and there they try to stop the deal.
When Bad Warlocks Turn Good 28 april1999 18 1.18
Brendan Rowe wants to become a priest to escape from the completion of his fate: a warlock are. Prue tries to help Brendan to his dark side to resist and not give in to evil. Meanwhile tries to convince Piper Phoebe to go out with the somewhat snobbish Josh.
Out of Sight 5 may1999 19 1.19
When a young child is kidnapped by his birthday party, the forces of Prue observed by a unscrupulous journalist, who threatens to reveal her secret. Phoebe and Piper find out that kidnap the Grimlocks twenty years children to steal their sight.
The Power of Two 12 may1999 20 1.20
See Phoebe on Alcatraz the mind of a convicted murderer, and how that spirit the body of the deceased used to get out of his prison cell escape. Once they are looking for the free spirit blood revenge which it shares responsibility in his condemnation, and Prue and Phoebe to stop the murderous spirit.
Love Hurts 19 may1999 21 1.21
The holiday of the sisters is canceled when Leo injured show up by the poisoned arrow of a darklighter. Leo used to save Piper a spell that swaps its forces with those of Leo, but the spell also ensures that the forces of Phoebe and Prue are exchanged.
Deja Vu All Over Again 26 May1999 22 1.22
When a warlock (Rodriguez) plans to kill the Charmed Ones, he gets a visit from the demon Tempus. This tijdmanipuleerdemon guarantees Rodriguez that he get enough opportunities to succeed in his plan.

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